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    • Lion70

      Go Pirates BTHO Carthage
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    • TrojanMoJo

      My football threads won’t open up 
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    • Houstonphotog  »  WOSgrad

      The link on the Girls Basketball schedules/results must be broken. I click on it and nothing. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    • coach bear  »  BHFAN

      Just got off work on my post retirement pre back coaching job so am going to reliant to cheer on the hill.  Would love to meet the second funniest guy on set sports YOU, since I am the funniest. Text me   281-787-4534. See you tonight. Coach Bear. Joe Berezoski 
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    • Leon the Lion

      I have watched 21 quarters of Crockett Bulldog football; and they will not hit anyone; Unless, you are counting the fights they have between each other during the day on their campus. And for this reason, I am picking Anahuac to defeat Crockett by a score of 35 to 21.
      The one area of excellence that I have observed was how proficient the Crockett coaches are at keeping the players back; so that they might not stumble over themselves while moving up and down the sidelines and cursing the officials.
      Anahuac Panthers, remember who you are. Kick Bulldog Butt with all the PRIDE and Class that has been instilled in you.   
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