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  2. Anything and everything. Syrup, rice, and the list goes on!!
  3. Maybe big girl is part of the 14%. She sure has been quiet as a church mouse. She can’t even attempt to try to these idiots she help put in office. Maybe her silence means she has seen the light about her party.
  4. Today
  5. To our liberal friends here: What say you?!
  6. Fully Vaccinated *And Boosted* Mark Milley Tests Positive For Covid-19 Four Days After Having Contact with JoeBama!
  7. When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Sillier!!
  8. Kinda wish we were flying low like last year. All a ranking does is put a big target on your back. This game might be closer than some think, too. LCM has some talent.
  9. There is obviously some kind of mental illness going on within the group. “White supremacist” seems to be the answer to any question that comes up. Is like some form of Tourette’s or OCD. Why does a Beaumont city councilman want to bring the Battleship Texas to Beaumont? White supremacy. Why does a substantial percentage of Americans not want to take the Covid vaccine? White supremacy. Why are Bidens poll numbers some of the lowest in history? White supremacy. Why did the Cowboys have about five penalties in the game that kept them from beating San Francisco? White supremacy. And so it goes…
  10. Previously #1 Kimball (16-6) now lost a district game to now #2 Lancaster(16-9) 73-65 Jan.11 Beaumont United is (21-3)(4-0) to pass them up as #1 would well no comment lol. Keep grinding BU.
  11. 🤦‍♂️
  12. Lotta love on Twitter for people that loved LP so much they left 🤐🤣
  13. And if the teachers are Marxist, which it appears many up there are, they decide the kids need to know how great Socialism/Marxism are. As LRF said, “I love it when they say what they think”. Normally they hide their true thoughts/feelings under some soft soap 🐂💩, but their true agenda comes out occasionally.
  14. Yeah he misspelled women’s soccer…
  15. The FBI now says that it is not only a terror attack but was targeting the Jewish community. It only took about 48 hours for what some people claim is the preeminent law-enforcement agency in this country, to figure out what everybody else took about 30 seconds to figure out. I completely understand that you don’t know something until you investigate it thoroughly. With the original statement that there is nothing to indicate the Jewish community was targeted seems rather disingenuous. If they did not want to commit out of political correctness, a better statement would seem to have been, we don’t know yet but it appears to have targeted the Jewish community.
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  17. Basically they will be brainwashed. I believe the parents are paying taxes that help fund these schools. Parents have every right to be involved in what is being taught.
  18. Really just which way the thread will go…..
  19. Carter tends to stumble down the back stretch.
  20. Sounds similar to the Gestapo or KGB. I hated to see the Media attach to the teat of the Democratic Party, but it’s scary as hell to see the DOJ/FBI attach to one.
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