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  2. what makes a team southeast texas? geography says you are southeast texas ---- according to this map from the noaa
  3. Hope you feel better soon! My wife tested positive about two weeks ago, she was not vaccinated. I had my second shot of pfizer on April 1. I have been with her side by side and have not gotten sick. She tested negative yesterday and had a very mild case. She still can not taste or smell though.
  4. According to the clinical trials conducted, it has an effective rate of 90%. I think the efficacy rate was 95%
  5. Some experts state that a booster may be needed. I am going to take a test, provided by my employer, to see if I have the antibodies needed to fight COVID. I will let you know how it goes.
  6. Nah it's not false, he's talking about the hires they (the ISD) have made recently. (Gage, Westy, Abseck in a row)
  7. In an earlier post you stated that you received the vaccine in Jan. How long does the vaccine last? Will you or any other vaccinated person have to get another covid shot? Also, if a person has had covid and has the antibodies in their body, how long will the antibodies remain in their body?
  8. Just thought I’d put this here……never mind. Would not post.
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  10. Just another hypocritical Dimwit. Wouldn’t expect anything else!
  11. Joking aside, I’ve a feeling there’ll be a big improvement at BC. Of course my hunches have a low success rate. 😜🤣😜
  12. Two regional titles in the last 7 years sounds better to me but to each his own. You can reach all the way back to '57 if you need to but it still won't change the trajectory Crosby's on or the surrounding THSF landscape. We got a late start after Brown vs Board of Education and were hampered with Jimmy Dickey. Looks like we may have all that stuff figured out now.
  13. ALL? I don't think BH or anyone has ever claimed or said that, ever. False narrative.
  14. And neither should a member of of a radical group responsible for riots, attacks on bystanders & police, and many deaths. No way that guy needs to be a police officer. BTW BG, the officer died of natural causes. Only person killed was an unarmed female veteran, shot dead by an Unidentified alleged officer. Probably another BLM Activist that saw a chance to kill a white person.
  15. Their music videos were great and I wasn’t even a big MTV fan.
  16. I helped make them famous at the Knights of Columbus in Beaumont and the Townhouse in Groves. They played our junior/senior prom at Red Carpet Inn. Dusty Hill had his hair in a pony tail and a shaved head. Not sure what that’s called.
  17. Hate to hear that. I pray for God to bless you and watch over you.
  18. You’re probably right. My Dad and Mom always did. They were both Marines. He was a lifer for 30 years. I used to til the kneeling crap started. Now I wait til the game is underway, so I don’t have to witness that crap. I’ll bet a lot of people act differently in the privacy of their own home. I have yet to walk around in my drawers at a ballgame.
  19. Click on first video…… Tucker Carlson travels to Texas to witness the border crisis firsthand Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  20. I worked at a record store at Parkdale Mall when Eliminator came out. We sold the ZZ silver keychain like in the music video. Probably sold 100 a week for months.
  21. Hagar, the government/cdc is targeting the low information voter. More control, baby!!
  22. If you haven't seen where I said these same people who protest during a football game do not protest when the season is over. Can you explain why?
  23. Has the vaccine been in affect long enough to expound a "90% effective" statement?
  24. I bet the players who kneel don’t kneel at home either. What a stupid thing to say.
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