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  2. @RaiderGirl2010 you told me Lumberton was open enrollment few years ago. 👀
  3. At Northwestern State if I remember correctly. Not sure why.
  4. Okay it’s set up like LCM. Thanks for the information.
  5. If you two really want to believe the UIL will treat the high dollar mega schools the exact same way they would treat a tiny Elysian Fields, then have at it. Personally, I am not nearly that gullible. I have a brain.
  6. Silsbee is open enrollment but fees do apply to make up for providing for a student without receiving taxpayer money for that particular child.
  7. I believe Lumberton is not. But just wondering what schools in Hardin County were open.
  8. Sort of. I think just about every school district has gone to open enrollment.
  9. Not football. But is Silsbee open enrollment?
  10. Exactly. I actually know of two schools that received warnings but it was not made public.
  11. That's correct. Most times tiebreakers are used involves 3 teams and the point totals will only be the two games that each of the three play against each other. In this case, Overton will not be in any kind of playoff scenario as they are the worst team in the district. Like the one poster stated, WS would have beaten Overton by 40+. I believe 11-4A DII point max is 18. Several districts are prepared to play two games in a week to make up any lost district games since the UIL waived the 5 day rule.
  12. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t affect them. HF had a positive pop up after they played East Chambers. HF quarantined 70 football players for a required 5 days and got tested. Players were cleared after negative tests. They didn’t miss a game. EC didn’t get quarantined. Different districts and different health departments are handling COVID in much different ways.
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  14. So in a tiebreaker situation, they will reward a team that doesn't play a actual game with 17 pts. Over a team that may have played a great game and won by 1 point. What's the max for 11-4A-II?
  15. A lot goes into the UIL sending a letter like that and typically its not the first incident...just because something hasn't come out publicly on a Sunday doesn't mean someone wasn't warned etc....Elysian Fields put their notice out publicly...some are warned and the notice isn't ever made public...
  16. All forfeits in district play has to be by the max point total a DEC has in their tiebreaker policies. Obviously this district has a max of 17 points.
  17. LCM program is under achieving.
  18. How is this a completion? His foot lands out of bounds.
  19. I’m going to go with never again...
  20. nor did you say that we advanced. but I said it. good thing you don't care(so really why are here?) cause it's liable to be a hundred years before Lcm wins again (vs. Jasper) 😋
  21. I didn’t say y’all didn’t win on penetrations. I said it must have been a good game.I don’t care if it’s been a 100years😂
  22. Was that the game held in Louisiana for some odd reason?
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