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  2. That's it. The vaccine doesn't work. I'm going to trust in God and horse dewormer that I smear on my gums every two weeks regardless if I have any symptoms.
  3. Yep. On the offensive side we got two lineman who are seniors everyone else is a sophomore or junior.
  4. That was mean. Glad you dropped in though.
  5. Gives me chills everytime I hear it!
  6. All I hoped for this year was the opportunity to be in the hunt for the playoffs. Being as on any given Friday, a 1/3 to 1/2 of our starters are sophomores. I don’t think people really realize how young we are.
  7. Echo chamber.. is one way to put it
  8. I'm pretty sure that everybody (including the property owner) will be going to prison if the mob has their way.
  9. Was the point that this board is made up of primarily closed-minded “Trumpites” that think if anything is anti-Trump or anti-conservative then it’s wrong?
  10. And on this deal, I do not know what happened. I am not saying that the officer it right or wrong because I don’t know the circumstances. The news headlines like most times are sensationalism even if not true. I doubt the officer told her you were under arrest for not violating hospital policy. I would have to look at the laws in that state however…. Knowing that each state has different laws but many are similar. Texas has a law called implied consent. That means if the police want to draw your blood after a DWI or an accident where someone may be killed, they can take your blood withou
  11. I told the good folks of Foster and Angleton on the Football Friday App over the weekend I'll be paying special attention to their game this week.
  12. It would behoove Crosby to get up by as many points as it can before halftime at The Rez. Too much weird stuff happens in the 2nd half there lately, well the last 2 seasons to include this one, trust me I know. We went thru it last yr there.
  13. Well, luckily the only time the defense from the BH game showed up is against BH. Defense really just played two bad quarters in that game though, they held them to 13 points in the second half. The defensive starters for Crosby are probably only allowing somewhere around 20ppg. I agree keeping Myles upright is a must. As for the game the only reason I think it might not be a blowout is because it's on the Reservation. Otherwise I think the score would be worse than it was last year in Crosby. Being on the road in that type of environment against a team playing with house money is a dang
  14. It's better than Watermelon Crawl? Cmon now! 😂
  15. It really does suck but the sad part is it still beats Clay Walker and Tracy Byrds music. We need to petition to get these talented artist names on the Vidor Walk of Fame😂
  16. It's Monday, I'll admit... it did trigger me, pot meet kettle.😅
  17. I prefer it to the " Oh My God, He gotz a knife" video
  18. 1. North Shore 2. Baytown Sterling 3. La Porte 4. Nederland 5. Crosby 6. Texas City 7. Huffman 8. LC-M 9. Vidor 10. Center 11 WO-S 12. Orangefield 13. Silsbee 14. Crockett 15. Anahuac 16. East Chambers 17. Woodville 18. Corrigan-Camden 19. Hemphill 20. Kountze 21. Garrison 22. Shelbyville 23. West Sabine 24. Deweyville 25. Burkeville
  19. There is so much irony in that video. Freakin hilarious.
  20. ✌️ ✌️ I want to throw a shout out to by bois DJ Santana and Lenny-C for reppin' and puttin' Viduh on tha map. Much Love R.I.P. Pirates Cove Carwash
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