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  2. True. He is a very well known, and influential man. Don Lemon is just a man also.
  3. “That Ol’ Pope is gonna be the most hated demon in all of hell.” My grandfather, circa 1985. RIP, Pop-pop.
  4. The native Americans aren’t willing to give up that title of “most oppressed” to the blacks quite yet.
  5. I just asked if it was a possibility that the story isn’t true? I’m not Catholic, btw.
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  7. All kidding aside I find it ridiculous. Lot of tradition over at PNG. I hope they survive all that nonsense an keep their traditions going. It’s coming to everyone’s doorstep. Might as well stand up against it now.
  8. Yea, they may only play district games, but most districts have 8 teams. That’s still 7 games plus playoffs. I know a lot of schools use pre-district as glorified scrimmages and don’t concern themselves of winning or losing.
  9. So he proved you wrong...but you're doubling down?
  10. No. The current Pope says a lot of blasphemous things about Christ. They all do. To prove it all anyone has to do is pay attention.
  11. Yea your right. It's still a touchy subject. Just imagine how bad this one's gonna be for all those Purple fans. Ours was just a nickname. This is their everything. It's probably instilled in them from birth. Or at least 9 months?
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  13. But do you at least concede that your post about the Pope may not be true?
  14. Exactly! That’s what I was thinking of!
  15. We’re talking about folding on a name not a game! Come on Man learn how to laugh at yourself! If you’ve read any of my post over the years you’d know I have great respect for WOS an follow them when they’re in the playoffs every year. Matter of fact I graduated with your DB coach Mike Pierce.
  16. Who you with? I see you raised the stakes, but I still got some chips. I'll raise you 4 State Championship. Bet? You might have to fold...
  17. That sounds like a drink I used to get at the club back in the day.😁
  18. I can easily say the same about you and several others. You only see & hear what you want. to see and hear.
  19. Dang I wish I had come up with Purple Link. It’s funny on so many levels!
  20. Well ... I hope they stand their ground but if they fold like a tent then how bout the Purple Link 😂
  21. Hey, I understand your concern. I’m concerned too. Idk if you have a school aged child. I do. The most awesome, handsome, funny, athletic, perfectly imperfect boy you’ll ever meet. I genuinely feel he would be better served both physically and mentally by going back to the classroom. I respect your views, but many are saying the ostrich approach is not a smart approach. I agree. Good luck to all. Good health and prayers.
  22. 2nd wave? Hell i thought we were still in the first wave since ppl don't wanna listen & take precautions.
  23. And your proof of that is what? He’s been misquoted numerous times by an atheist that interviewed him, but you’re so excited to see the splinter in someone else’s eye, but not see the board in your own eye. Do you believe everything someone tells you, or you read on the internet? I found this, but I don’t believe it, do you?
  24. The current pope said the same thing about Jesus. Nobody here noticed or even batted an eye. Don Lemon maybe catholic and is following the popes' lead on this issue.
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