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  2. Dad, a Baptist preacher, always called Baylor - “Sodom on the Brazos.” He’s gone now, but that always cracked me up. The Christian principles that used to dominate the university are hard to find now days.
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  4. Anyone think that hamas, iran, russia and china are being this foolish?!
  5. You could view it that way. The real issue in this case was not guns though. The issue that was addressed was the warrantless entry into the home. The most sacred part of the Fourth Amendment is being secure in your home. These cases start out under the premise that all entries into a home are unlawful without a warrant unless with consent. Then there are exceptions all based on an emergency. This case in my opinion doesn’t deal with firearms but the entry. Let’s say that they unlawfully entered looking for the handguns but didn’t find them. Once inside they seized illegal drugs that the
  6. This is one of the no-brainer cases. It really does not set much of a precedent and just reaffirms previous court cases. They do that from time to time to remind the government/police what the rules are. In this case they changed nothing. They mention in the opinion that the police could still go into a home without a warrant but for many years there has been the requirement of an exigent or emergency circumstance. In prior court cases they use the explanation that an emergency is way you do not have to have to get a warrant. The police cannot go around the warrant requirement simply by
  7. I read every word of the case from SCOTUS and the article. I also read you limited comments. What did I miss?
  8. It's funny running back thru district threads like this. Hopefully 2021 is another fun season but with normalcy and no storms.
  9. No college degree is worth that much.
  10. Interesting read about Israel.
  12. That’s some big talk though I would like for that to happen i ll wait and see how the season starts off. the best thing that happened was kasen coming back ....all the other news is good but doesn’t top kasen.
  13. Matt Stepp @Matt_Stepp817 · 17m BREAKING Cleveland Tarkington HC Zach Bass has resigned his post to join the staff at Beaumont West Brook Tarkington is open #txhsfb @dctf
  14. Becomes o line and associate head coach at west brook
  15. From Matt Stepp: BREAKING Cleveland Tarkington HC Zach Bass has resigned his post to join the staff at Beaumont West Brook Tarkington is open #txhsfb @dctf
  16. Did you even read what said?.... no
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  18. I guess you’re gonna wait until the proper time to announce? Lol
  19. I will also note, I think the article you cited tried to imply that red flag laws were in play in this case. If you read down another paragraph or two they actually cite the SCOTUS ruling where it says this case does not have anything to do with red flag. Here is a quote from the article you posted... “Provisions of red flag laws may be challenged under the Fourth Amendment, and those cases may come before us. Our decision today does not address those issues.”
  20. I am tired of going thru the Whataburger Drive! I want to sit down an eat my burger and fries!
  21. That’s the scholarship amount, but it doesn’t cost that much. About $70,000 a year including room and board. Tuition alone for a 4 year degree is approximately $215,000.
  22. Guns was the reason for the illegal entry but not the reason for the ruling. It could have been anything like a prescription medicine in his name. It was a community caretaker case, not a gun case. It was not a red flag law case It was a SCOTUS ruling in Cady in the early 70’s (and other cases such as Brigham City) that ruled that the police did not only look to stop crimes but to “protect” and “serve” without the need to be solving a crime. Let’s say a cop sees a house on fire and runs in and finds a woman unconscious from smoke and he drags her out, saving her life. Illegal? After all
  23. The fraud just keeps getting Gooder & Gooder. Lol
  24. Out of my price range. 😳
  25. Under the guise of Consumer Fraud, NJ wants S&W to turn over all their material on marketing strategy. Why? To make it available to all the Left Wing gun control groups/lawyers. At a glance, it looks innocuous, but it could be just the hammer the Left is looking for to restrict/confiscate guns.
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