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  2. No one knows for sure. wouldn't be surprised if less than 10 years.
  3. Poor Buddy Arkansas is losing 24-7 to San Jose State at half
  4. All that wind in Austin tonight is coming from Fowler and Herbstreit.
  5. Irish 7 Georgia 0 I guess the Bulldogs don’t want to be there!
  6. That’s why I’m on the couch where I do my best coaching!
  7. What a beautiful throw an dcatch for a Texas TD! Eagles gets hit right on the money. 21-13 Texas
  8. Then throw deep for the TD.. TEXAS MY TEAM lol
  9. When in doubt throw sideways, run out of bounds, stop the clock.
  10. Today
  11. SOS..leave points off the board..let receiver get behind you..don’t tackle when you need to..listen announcers kiss visitors backside
  12. Not quicker than I thought. Williams actually was the better throwing QB last yearas a sophomore. But he lacked confidence. By the end of District Play he may have reason to strut like a peacock. And let me say this now. They will be at the top of the heap next year as well. Having said that, they may not even win this game against Gilmer. But after watching the Gilmer , Carthage game on YouTube, I have even more confidence in Newton. But it will be all out War. Newton doesn't have down years, as per say. Cmon, if you call a regional Championship a down year. IMO, Newton is actually on their way up. They will continue to improve their program year after year JMO. Only advice I would offer, and nobody's asking me. But like every other genius on this site. I'm going to give it. Develope throwing, athletic quarterbacks. That's been my only knock on the program over the past 50 years. Very few throwing QB in Newton. Williams will prove to be by for the best and will be the measuring stick for Quarterback's in the future at Newton. I'll see all you Newton folks mid December at Jerry's. Have a great Day!!!
  13. Okie lite QB scrambles for a TD 14-13 Texas
  14. You're right. Sunday is not yet the mark of the beast. Right now it is just a false day of worship. In the very near future when they start forcing people to keep Sunday, then it will be the mark of the beast.
  15. What a great pass and catch. You can’t give anyone that much time to throw the ball.
  16. 😂🤣 Every player on the Silsbee Basketball team was from and is from Silsbee . So don't hate"" they beat just about anyone by 40-50 😁
  17. Mullet may want to stop trying to run around the edge on this defense.
  18. Impressive It is what it is. Got a game in. What gets me is beating up on a 2A school and not playing your bench more. Especially the seniors that won't get much playing time in district. And before someone comes to Babin defense, I know of some seniors who got 4 plays or less. Rediculous. Should've played them whole 2nd have. As he should've in Kville game. Guess big blowout more important than treating some kids right. And No...I do not have a kid playing..
  19. He's going to be fun to watch over the next few years on the 40 acres. Seems to mentally be ahead of everyone else on the field.
  20. You guys think conversations still go on in the Gundy household between Coach and his wife/kids about cutting off that mullet once and for all?
  21. So is National HS POY Jake Smith. Really liking that kid.
  22. The way I see it these kids have been through so much the last 6-8 years with the scandals, thefts, flooding, combining schools, and now flooding again. They deserve a break. My prayers to all of the students teachers and faculty of the BISD. I hope and pray it works out fast.
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