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  2. Where’s Shapiro when you need him?
  3. KP lost one of their starters about 3/4 thru the season. They only play 6 girls and honestly, CS was the better team. I have been to a handful of games and wasn't really sold on the #2 ranking. They have a solid post player coming back and she is a good ball handler. A sophomore that is good, just needs to develop more.
  5. Folks get what they vote do the rest of us that knew better, sadly.
  6. The left line has gone so far to the extreme that it makes the tea party look extreme because of the distance between them.....but it’s not the tea party that’s moved their s the left. the constitution has been here since the beginning........ so again who has moved away from it.
  7. 4-3 Nederland Ned scores 4 on a hit and 3 errors
  8. Today
  9. And Joebama wants massive, unfiltered entry. SICK!
  10. If its the same player that was hitting 89 Saturday in Ned/Vidor scrimmage i believe his last name is Weiblinger.
  11. 2:00 Port Arthur Memorial vs Hardin 4:30 Hamshire Fannett vs Silsbee 7:00 Kountze vs Hamshire Fannett
  12. Vidor 3-0 over Nederland in the 5th Vidor’s starter is legit. Working 88-89 with good off speed. Nederland doesn’t have a hit. Anyone got a name?
  13. My dying rear. I do believe we’ve made an interesting medical discovery. There’s a new strain of insanity, and it’s contagious. Thank goodness there are a few of us immune to it. Wish Trump was back in office. He could have the drug companies working on a vaccine for this malady.
  14. Were it not the leader of the world’s greatest country/superpower, it would be a hilarious joke. I’m at a loss to find words to explain it. Inexplicable will have to do but superinexplicable or outrageouslyinexplicable would be closer to clarifying this cluster fudge.
  15. 🤦‍♂️
  16. I hear the UIL will be flooded with calls about this today... By a whole senior class..! And parents
  17. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
  18. I'm going with Gary and Tenaha, but you're right gonna be great games.
  19. Heard the dale was down this year, doesn't look to be the case or is pineland bad?
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