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  4. Anybody seen the comparison map.... Gonna try to post it
  5. Personally, I don't consider MV a high school basketball team. I also don't consider any school that brings in players from around the nation a high school team.
  6. I've been hearing the same thing by UIL board members lately but then again you know how the UIL do so I'm really not buying it right now
  7. Yes good thing we did get to compete but the whole process seemed rushed
  8. Not just only them but out district was represented very well this year with fantastic players
  9. I think Vidor will make some noise in the new district if they can stay healthy. They’ll have a couple of sophomore stud running backs that will be on Varsity next year in conjunction with some other good running backs coming back.
  10. Congrats to Bishop from Coldspring well deserved
  11. Yesterday
  12. Would have enjoyed watching this Montverde team play. Trying to remember the best high school Team that saw. Maybe the elite Yates team or the Willowridge team of 2001 with Daniel Ewing and TJ Ford and co. Probably forgetting some more. But I’m thinking Montverde is a different animal.
  13. baddog


    Why are we constantly bombarded by comments and suggestions from the dipstick squad? Anything they say makes the news.
  14. He’s definitely an elite shooter. Big shooting guard (6-6 with a nice frame) who can also score on all 3 levels. Also is really good on the defensive end. Mr. BG is going to be a big fan.
  15. Reagan

  16. Reagan

    Swine Flu!

    The difference is, is who the was back then. The lame stream media had a vested interest in making a bad President look good as possible!
  17. This ain't golf, you don't win it with the lowest score. 😆
  18. More than likely I contracted it at work. I work in a busy dps driver license. They were one of the last institutions to close their doors to the public. Up to not long ago they were crowded with people from the four corners of the world.
  19. Sorry to hear that. I have a family member in Spring that has self quarantined from 2nd hand exposure. She has no symptoms and can't get tested. Just waiting for results from the person she was in contact with. Can't be too cautious. Any idea how you caught it?
  20. Haven’t watched MV much. But judging by the MV vs IMG video you posted Moody’s shooting is really special
  21. The Bruins start the season with three scrimmages against PAM, PNG, and United. lol...
  22. LCM will probably be 2nd or 3rd
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