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  2. Man i miss played ole Reggie white year after year!!
  3. You are either mistaken or a liar... I’m not sure which. Somebody else brought it up and I addressed it. That street runs both ways, my thin-skinned friend. And thin-skinned isn’t a racist dig, either, Missy.
  4. That certainly doesn't account for "decades" as you proclaimed... when you talk decades of Liberty talent you best be talking about the Winters/White, Bua, Joiner, Chambers, Moss, Trahan, Douglas bloodlines... Freigas I remember playing with were linemen...and I only know the name Slack from the last couple of years...
  5. Agreed. East Chambers should win every game with ease in the District. Unless they took a huge step back and they return too much to not be "better".
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  7. What about that kid that ended up at Illinois? Chris something, I think he was at WOS, then Ozen, then back to WOS, I maybe wrong though.
  8. My apologies to all who feel I was out of line. I've been biting my tongue over here for too long. Sorry again.
  9. There is another topic that is now locked where he brought up race. And it has been an ongoing issue with him. I didn't start it. Believe me, I would finish it.
  10. DT was not. Shaw I think was but left one year in. Earl went to school in WO-C except for a couple of years at LC-M. Now, for transfers out of the district (that I can recall) Homer Rhodes (running back)- Left WO-S to go to LC-M Shane Dronett (defensive lineman)- Played for UT in college and in the NFL - Left WO-C to go to BC Howard Dobson (starting quarterback)- Left WO-S to go to BC Trey Baldwin (two way starter on WO-S 2014) - left WO-S to attend Cy-Falls high school - currently at Louisiana Tech Starrland Baldwin (cornerback)- left WO-S to attend Cy-Falls - currently at OU Dillon Sterling-Cole (starting quarterback) - left WO-S to attend Spring Westfield - currently at Arizona State Deonte Henson (cornerback) - went to school in WO-C, not sure about WO-S transferred to West Brook Tyrone Wilson (starting quarterback) - moved out of the district from WO-S
  11. I reckon those schools that excepted those transfers will probably not face GCM in their preferred sport (s)?
  12. If they have evidence, it is always okay to that the transfer is due to athletic purposes. Because here how the process works. 1. Before each season, each school fills out a "Team Sport Eligibility Form" which lists the name, date of birth, date of enrollment and the name and full address of the guardian of each player on a team. The link to that form is listed below: https://www.uiltexas.org/files/athletics/forms/varsity-team-sport-eligibility_2017-18.pdf 2. For each student that has transferred from another school district, the current school district must file a form called the "Previous Athletic Participation Form" or "PAPF." Part of this form in filled out by the parent, part of it by the school district that the player transferred from and part of it by the school district that the student transferred to. The link to the current form is below: https://www.uiltexas.org/files/athletics/forms/PAPF_17-18_revised.pdf You will note that the part that is fill out by the former school district (which requires two signatures, that of the super of the former school and either the principal or the coach of the former school) six questions are asked, with accompanying explanations requested if yes to any of these answers: 1. Was there any conflict between the student, his/her parents and the athletic/academic supervisors at the school? 2. Was the student recruited to attend another school of was any undue influence exerted upon this student to change schools? 3. Did this student quit an athletic activity or program while enrolled in your school? 4. Was this student ever suspended or removed from your athletic program. 5. Would this student be prohibited from athletics had they not changed schools. 6. Based upon your knowledge of the student and their circumstances, is this student changing schools for athletic purposes. 3. A yes answer to any of the 6 questions question requires a hearing in front of the district executive committee, which is made up of schools in the new school's UIL district. They decide yes or no at that hearing. If the district clears him, he is eligible for athletic varsity play (if his residence meets muster). 4. If not, then he either plays sub-varsity for a year or appeals to the UIL State Executive committee which holds a hearing which is pretty much the same process in which they either affirm or overturn the district executive committee's ruling. In fact, the state committee heard several such appeals today. Any coach who has evidence can answer "yes" which will trigger a hearing. It is just that very few do so, such as Coach Thompson or Coach John Snelson, current coach at Dickinson and former coach at Pasadena Memorial. Of course, that answer doesn't always mean that the student will be declared ineligible by the DEC, such as was the case for Trey Baldwin when he left WO-S.
  13. Is it right? IMHO no, but putting restrictions in place that would hurt the eligibility of an honest transfer would not be right either. In my day if you transferred you sat out of varsity play for one year no if, ands or buts. Yet that wasn't right for the kids to suffer because the move was made because a better job was found or mom and dad split and the one with custody left town. This isn't a perfect world and there will always be somebody try to cheat the system. It is up to each individual to make the right decision, it always is(the clerk gives you back too much change, do you tell her or pocket the windfall.) Honesty is the best policy. A mans word used to mean something, now a days it's hard for a mans written word to mean anything. No system will ever be perfect as long as people try to cheat it.
  14. Earl Thomas III, for starters. Everybody knows that he was a band man at LCM back in the day. Anybody else wanna guess why he went down to the Cove? (And he's a pretty good example of why transfers CAN turn out okay... I'll concede that point). I can't remember why, but I was always under the impression that DT and Johnny Shaw were transfers, too.... But that could be entirely my imagination. If I'm wrong, lemme know. Thanks!
  15. The kid Zack Simon only got one year in as starter at rob and got a full ride scholarship lol running Backs are a easy plug. And he got to school and quit after the summer session lol typical Crosby athletes
  16. Coker had the nerve to trash Crosby on Twitter last saying he’s happy to be around kids that are actual playmakers and then proceeded to post his stats from a scrimmage lol. The kids from Crosby were furious but were told not to say anything, well I was a parent to a kid on that team and I’m here to say Coker sucked. Baaaadddd lol
  17. Back on topic. So when is it ok for a school to say no this kid isnt cleared to transfer. For the past 6-7 years GCM has just let the kids walk out the door and go start for other schools not less then 20 miles away. Most if not all were for athletic purposes.
  18. No drummer, we ain't doing that. You may be accurate about CB's intentions, but we ain't making this racial, from either end of the spectrum. If that is a way you wish to go, take it to the political forum.
  19. I really don't mean to interject..but...what? When exactly was anything about race mentioned before you brought it up? I'm just trying to keep up.
  20. Well, I am still waiting for your answer as to students who have transferred to WO-S to play football and you have not yet answered that question. You just wish to bang on WO-S' academic record which by whatever equation the TEA uses, ended up a C with Bridge City High ending up a B. That was not done by the WO-S super, it was from the state authority on academic standards. People ain't losing their minds. They just want you to justify your answer by showing transfers that have been made to WO-S, which you said was happening, then backtracked and said WO-S was "just an example" to back to its happening. So, which one is it?
  21. You can have your opinion. Say whatever you want. But dont talk down on the kids because of race. I've been trying for months to it peaceful, out of respect for the site. No respect for a racist from the whitest city in Texas. Oh no wait, you dont rep BC either. Just another old angry white guy mad cuz you got trucked by WOS when u played?
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