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coach bear

Fishing Poster and Sindomar Ranch fundraiser

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Hi guys this is Coach Bear the retired for now southeast texas, but soon to come back in high school or college, and i have a couple of items. First, my son is going to A M which is a first cause me his mom his sister are all UT grads. My son is special (great athlete also but involved in band leadership, karate, and i am teaching him beach volleyball) and is a senior at Crosby. Well a hound dog caused problems in Crosby and they are out a lot of $$$$$. The two time state qualifying band also won a competition called Midwest where they were one of four hs bands in this country chosen along with 5 from Europe and Asia to compete in CHicago in December with professional symphonic bands. The school district was going to provide 30,000 to offset the 120,000 cost (have to send all instruments which is expensive because of safety restrictions. We would have been okay if the district would have told us in May about potential money problems. Anyway, since i am retired and scrambling to find another sales job cause i quit the other working for a &^%$# i have hit the streets and come up with a chance drawing (do not say raffle when referring to school districts). First place is 2 three thousand dollar hunts for ram, deer, and pig or turkey at Sindomar ranch in Del Rio. Second place is 4 man guided fishing trip in Galvesoton with Arnold guide service, and third is a lot of honey gifts which will total about $2000 from woodlands market square. One of my former players, SHaq George works at BASF  Total    Petrochemical  Lounge area.                                      Second about two years ago i was going to be fishing team teacher sponsor for RSS in baytown. BUt when i saw the time commitment i backed out cause of family obligations. Pissed off a few kids and i was sorry, but God, family, everyone else.  Anyway around 1999 i did two posters for soccer to spread the word. I have a fundraising company and i want to spread the love of Southeast Texas fishing and Deep East texas fishing by doing a combines calendar. I want to follow the same format i did with soccer which is each school will send 2 (seniors) to the picture on a day in the fall probably first saturday in December. Probably in a centralized stadium like Lumberton or PNG I'll talk to coaches later. Kids will be able to buy shirts reasonably priced stating they are part of the initial Southeast Texas High School Fishing Elite. Each school will hae to bring in ad money which will pay for everything. The calendars shoudl take a couple of weeks to print, then the students will get probably 3 each, and 1 for each school, and one for each sponsor. Ad prices will be given later once i figure it out. I will include a schedule for both groups fishing schedule. Excess posters can be bought by anyone. I want to be able to present 2 scholarships to deserving needed student/fisherman, amount determined by $ collected.  I will also have it available for businesses to donate for scholarships which may mean we can give out more. I LOVE REWARDING KIDS WHO DO MORE-which is why i love coaching football, working with band, teaching FFA. These are our future leaders and even though our country is run by a screwed up media who wants us to become communist (my great granddad and grandad escaped RUssian slavery by leaving the Ukraine in 1905 and i want to keep the entreprenurial and democratic spirit alive in our kids. More about this later-- I may do this the Saturday before kids are out for thanksgiving. i gotta start making calls.    If someone knows a business or wants to order a lot of the chance tickets, 100 or more great christmas gift, i can give you a better deal than the five for $100 or 25 each.    Let me know      Dont yall love football season and fishing.   Joe Berezoski Coach Bear   281-787-4534

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