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    • So Little Racism In America, The Left Has To Manufacture It!
      When that subject was posted on this forum, the posters on here condemned that act. I guess you just read what you want to read. In fact, it sounds like your post was just a diatribe of self-reflection.
    • So Little Racism In America, The Left Has To Manufacture It!
      People around here & elsewhere see and hear what they want to.  If a presidential candidate they oppose says deplorable they latch onto it.  If the candidate of their choice mocks a physically challenged and disabled journalist they totally ignore it.   It is the same with terms like racism.
    • East Chambers vs Hempstead
      EC 30+ Hempstead remains true to its past and scores 55  plus or minus 3.  
    • Nederland Bond
      I'll respond to the young Mr Mosley in due time.  But I'll use his post to bring up a few interesting points for discussion and possible enlightenment:  It is my understanding, not verified yet, that there is talk of people in Austin who are questioning why the NISD board let this huge bond (tax increase) of 156,000,000 MILLION DOLLARS move forward to the voters.  Plus -- it was also stated, according to many in the "government-know" in Austin, the repayment cannot be sustained in the tax base.  Also, the President of the board, Suzanne Isom, stated this in a "Meet The Candidate" article: “I’m proud of the kids and how they’ve scored on tests,” she said. “Their grades and knowledge have increased. We have a very good superintendent who pushes teachers. I’m proud of the school district as a whole.”  Very interesting statements in bold letters!  And, Mr Jerry Albanese, I know him.  A very good man.  But he's been awful quite on the bond issue.  I think I know why.  But that'll be discussed later.  But, I think a lot of people at this point do not understand the WHOLE implications to the community of a 156,000,000 MILLION DOLLAR bond (tax increase) in a town of around 17,000 people!  But, that's why we have civil discussions to enlighten the folks in the community.  So, based on what Suzanne Isom stated,  educationally speaking -- is this massive tax increase really necessary? 
    • United's Kason Harrison last second steal and layup
      https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=324158911567617&id=123977004919143   The place went nuts!
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