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    • Hardin Jefferson vs Jack Yates
      Can’t say anything about height that’s not a variable.  We have a couple at 6’4 or so and that’s the extent of our height.  Yates may go 12 deep, but  they haven’t played the level of competition we have this year as a whole or that they have in past years.  When we have played this year we have gone as many as 12 maybe 14 in the rotation from the start of the game.  In those games with tough opponents it has ranged from 8 or 9 to maybe 10 or 11.  The fact is that in a game like between these 2 both benches may shrink.  A lot will depend on the foul situation as well as how tight 5he game is.  
    • Hardin Jefferson vs Jack Yates
      BADSANTA let’s be real both districts had pitiful teams but what district doesn’t.  Bridge City, Orangefield & Hampshire Fannett was just as BAD as Kashmere, Washington & Worthing. KIPP was only a fundraiser game at the school. Both sides of the playoff bracket (4A Region 3) is kindly weak this year, I believe a 4th Place Team is Still playing in the lower half of the bracket (Hillsboro) while the top bracket has all division winners in the Quarterfinals. Yates is focused on HJ then the winner of Navasota - LIberty Hill.  Silsbee good luck and we hope to see y’all in Huntsville Saturday 
    • East Chambers vs La Marque
      For $50.00 I will get on the La Marque train and that will secure an EC victory. 
    • Hamshire Fannett is open
      HF has plenty of athletes to build a program.  They would be smart to hire in house and leave some consistency for the kids.  There has been alot of grumbling about the current HC.  Chalk it up to a bad hire and move on. They have a few experienced good coaches in house.  Paine has been there 3 or 4 years, is well liked and was well liked at West Brook under Stump.  He s been a part of some great programs.  Good luck HF.  
    • Hardin Jefferson vs Jack Yates
      And maybe sig didn’t press north forest because they saw how yates presses them and figured that not pressing would be more effective, and I’m pretty sure last year wise seen how effective silsbee was guarding -#10 for NF and implemented this year  in his strategy vs NF 
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