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One of the changes in the most recent change of message boards at has been the status message. This is where you go to another members profile and are prompted to "Leave a message on **** feed" and you type a status message to the other person  Having never dealt with this, we had assumed that these status messages had enjoyed the same privacy that a private message does.  We have discovered today that this IS NOT THE CASE.  It appears that recent status messages can be viewed by any logged in member of the board and could possibly be viewed even by those who enter the site as guests.

As a result, such status messages will be subject to all methods of moderation,  including but not limited to deletion, as if it were posted in one of our open forums and all such status reports will be subject to the rules of conduct of this board:


  Should you wish to communicate with another member and wish to have the privacy in that communication. Please make sure that you choose the message button (this is the button that has the picture of the envelope with the word "Message" to the right of it) before you send the message.

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