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  1. I would venture to say that lack of execution is playing a part as well. 
  2. I agree that fundamentals are key but shouldn't these fundamentals be taught in our extremely successful Lil Mustang league when these kids get their first taste of football and not at the varsity level? I understand reinforcing the fundamentals but to have no knowledge of them at this point says the coaching ball may have been dropped long before this season started for some. Or maybe some hard heads are just uncoachable...  JMO 
  3. They've become the one dimensional they've always talked about.
  4. Lack of an aerial attack is their downfall. 
  5. I hope they don't wait until after the half to decide to cover the PG receivers... goodness.
  6. Gotta have those extra points... unacceptable.
  7. Well, let's see how they respond to being punched in the mouth. Hopefully not a 3 and out.
  8. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    It all depends on which version of the offense/defense shows up. I won't pick a winner but I will pick a score. 42-13 
  9. Gotta be able to put points on the board when the opportunity arises..
  10. The passing game is lacking to say the least. Good thing the defense is solid.
  11. Better get right with these xp's!! No excuse at this point in the season.
  12. As usual.... when its all said and done there's a lot more said than done. BC had absolutely NOTHING for WOS!
  13. Bridge City vs WOS

    I believe there were two involved and both received a two game suspension. I was hoping someone would know for sure.