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  1. First off Thank You Grad for the preview! I hope you are doing well. I'm not on here to much anymore, but read about your heath and you are in my prayers! Now about Hayden Johnson  Doesn anyone have any stats on him from his junior season? I watched some videos on Hudl and he looks pretty good.
  2. Tks grad i’m Keeping an eye on Twitter but nothing
  3. Tomorrow nights game 1 for BH has been moved to Premier Baseball of Texas. Still at 7:30. 
  4. BH Vs. Elgin

    Regional Finals vs Elgin, 6pm tonight @ Weimar HS.... If you can’t make it to the game, it’ll be on TexanLive or you can listen in at this link Game 1: Game 2:
  5. BH Vs. Elgin

    BH vs Elgin Softball Region 3 Finals G1 - Wednesday @ 6pm G2/G3 - Thursday @ 5pm/7pm (if necessary) All Games at Weimar Highschool 
  6. BH wins game 2 of Softball playoff series vs College Station 3-2!  Final game starts in 30 min.
  7. I love google  A fake tag is considered obstruction. A fake tag is when the fielder is at a base and takes an action that simulates an attempted tag, which causes the runner to slow down or slide. Faking a catch of a ball while not near a base or the basepath, is not a fake tag.
  8. No idea and don’t know if this helps , but they are calling it an Obstruction/Fake Tag call??? 
  9. All games at U of H Game 1 - Friday 7:00 PM Game 2 - Saturday 3:00 PM Game 3 - Saturday 5:00 PM
  10. Got this off of the Superintendent's Twitter. No dates or times just teams 1.) Magnolia 2.) Montgomery 3.) Kingwood Park 4.) Open 5.) @Dayton 6.) Nederland 7.) @ Lee 8.) Vidor 9.) @ Crosby 10.) PNG 11.) @ Santa Fe  
  11. From Twitter    Another GREAT TEAM WIN & a Regional Quarterfinal Championship!! 4-2 Victory over Splendora. Great pitching, defense & offensive execution! @hayfreudenberg3 with the big 2 out 2 RBI hit that was the game winner! #ST18 @BH_Athletics @BHISD @TXPrepSoftball
  12. BH wins not sure the score , but think it was 4-0
  13. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Hope Dayton does get it back together it will only make this district stronger. That game against BH yall definitely should have won and if your starting kicker didn't get knocked out of that game Dayton would have won. BH was eat up with injuries in that game and I can't believe they won. We just lost our QB the game or 2 before that and our starting RB was also out. Both teams were limping in that game. Hopefully we can both stay healthy this year. Both the QB and #1 RB for BH return this year, so I think BH can make things interesting if we stay healthy.
  14. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Oh Wow.. maybe just wishfull thinking on my part  doesn't change my order, but it does make the 1 spot a toss up now IMO.
  15. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    First off I'm excited about this district! Glad BH will be apart of it! There should be some awesome games this year. BH has a strong class coming through this year with help from the underclassman which are also good. If I had to pick today this is what I think. 1. Crosby (They will reload with talent they have) 2. PNG (Losing their stud play caller and play maker. only reason I put them above BH is because BH has never beat the Indians) 3. BH (A lot of their skill players return) 4. Nederland ( Not sure about what Ned returns , but BH hasn't lost to the dawgs) 5. Dayton (They will be improved this year, but not sure by how much) 6. Vidor ( I think Vidor will play spoiler for someone..hope it isn't us 7. Baytown Lee ( No comment) 8. Santa Fe  ( I think they will be overwhelmed by this district)
  16. BH vs. Porter

    KPFAN don't forget the only reason you are even in the conversation is due to knocking out the BH QB for your win over BH.  If that didn't happen no way KWP gets the win over BH. Now that's clear on to the Porter game IMO BH blows Porter out. BH now has the team together that I wish they could have started with. Starting RB (Long) has been back 3 games and really opening up the BH O! BH starting QB (Cauthen) that was knocked out during the KWP game is back and if nothing else gives us a back up in case the current #1(Holland) needs help. If they can get Cauthen some snaps in this game and get Holland back out at receiver with Long toting the rock this Eagle team could peak going into a rematch with PNG! I know Cauthen would love to get another shot at the Indians after beginning last years game with 3 picks then battling back to lose by 5 with a last second sack to end the BH drive. I think this BH team is on a mission now and ready to prove something.  Did I mention the Defense is playing like its possessed now?