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  1. BH Vs. Crosby

    Well let’s get this one started. For some it would seem like Crosby has caught the Sucks bug from Dayton, but I know better. BH has a hard time with Crosby and you bet i’m hoping to kick them while they are down  However this game is on the Jungle and Crosby as BH will be UP for this game. I exspect the stands to be full and the season forgotten as the kick off is sailing through the air. BH has to win one of their next three for any playoff hopes while Crosby is in desperate need of a win as well. Should be a great game who you got?
  2. BH Vs. Crosby

    Hell then I say throw the ball Crosby! You can save that running stuff for Nederland
  3. Must win game for both teams @ Eagle Stadium Friday night! BH coming off a victory, but gives up 49 points to Lee! Vidor coming off a loss to an overlooked Sante Fe team! Last meeting between BH and Vidor ended up being an early season blow out by the Eagles, but this is district! I’m definitely homer picking my Eagles, but it will depend on if Vidor can find their offense or if BH finds there Defense again.
  4. BH Vs. Crosby

    Yeah after Crosby beat Manvel I thought we would lose by 4 TD’s to Crosby. Crosby has had some tough breaks since then with thier QB going out and the fiasco of budget dollars missing. BH suffered with injuries last year, so we know how a promising season can be turned upside down. I still think Crosby is the favorite going into the game though. BH better come ready! letting the Nederland game get away has put us in a very tough position.
  5. Nederland @ Vidor

    Um BH. Pretty sure your starters were in when you were behind with 3 min left in the game:)
  6. Nederland @ Vidor

    Hey Ned keep this between you and me , but Vidor is going to run the ball. Just wanted to give y’all a heads up!
  7. Santa Fe 27 Crosby 20/FINAL

    Wow we have come a long way since the Manvel win!
  8. Nice game Vidor! I’m glad BH got it figured out in the second half because you guys had us on our heels. Long had a great night for the Eagles when the pass was just not clicking. Defense dominated the second half minus one play. Safe travels home.
  9. Lol sure you did. The hall went 10 yards in the air how did it get there?
  10. Forward Fumble the refs blew that call. Terrible 
  11. Baytown Lee @ Nederland

    Ned keeps rolling this week! They will be much more discipline than BH was last week on defense 
  12. Well I do hope Vidor comes into this with thier pirate swords dragging behind them, but BH has a lot of work to get the W this week. They could be sitting pretty, but let Nederland walk away with a win because of poor time management at the end of the game IMO. 
  13. PNG@Dayton

    I know there is a lot of purple love going on here, but this is not the Dayton of 5+ years ago. PNG will dominate from the opening whistle through the halftime show and yes even the 4th quarter. 
  14. I think that Vidor just let down thier guard against Sante Fe! I mean you guys took PNG and Crosby to the wire, so I know you have a good team. I see this as being another great game and both teams will be up for it!
  15. Yeah BH’s last coach ran what Vidor runs and it worked for 1 season then everyone figured how to stop it. Glad we are back in the spread at least I feel like we have a chance to win throughout the game Vs prior if we got down a couple of scores you could feel that it was over. Don’t get me wrong with the right talent and coaching it’s tough to stop, but you have to have a lights out defense to pair it with.
  16.   hudl video of BH Hayden Johnson against Lee. 325 yards
  17. PNG@Dayton

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say PNG.
  18. Santa Fe 28 Vidor 19/FINAL

    The fight for the 4 th playoff spot will be brutal in this district!
  19. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Keep on rolling Ned!  Dayton way to keep that perfect record going!
  20. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Best 4 th QB in the State coming up! should I feel bad for the enjoyment this brings me?
  21. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Yup Dayton still sucks
  22. BH Vs Lee

    Only thing good about this game is BH only has to travel 2 exits west on I-10 to get there. Looking forward to getting back into the meat of the district! Lee has been struggling for years, so I just hope for no injuries.  
  23. Dayton@Nederland

    94 doesn’t need logic he has Dayton smarts. Dayton goes 0-6 to continue thier road to the much anticipated Toliet Bowl against Lee where they are still the under dog.