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  1. Well I brought my Purple Cool aid to the game then spilt it all over me and left at the half. I mainly came to watch RJ because you don’t get to see a kid like that come through the area too often. Goodluck at UT I’ll definitely be following :).  For  PNG it always sucks to lose , but like most have said a lot of teams including mine would had loved to been there last night. 
  2. Oh I bet BH , Crosby ( if they can get the money) and Dayton ( if they still like football)  will be there. Heck Baytown may come to just to see how to play football   did I miss offending anyone?
  3. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Marshal just scored again!.....   just messing with ya Dogs! Great season ending with key injuries. That 4th quarter was tough to watch
  4. I drank some purple cool aid at NRG last night and I think PNG has more than a chance to knock off the Buffalos! Huntsville showed how good Manvel was last night. Stallworth will be rocking Friday night .. hell I might even do that chop crap with y’all.  goodluck to the Indians.
  5. Huntsville 34 Manvel 10/FINAL

    If Huntsville would start throwing post routs and quick slants they would eat Manvel up.Manvel has no secondary
  6. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    You don’t understand  this is getting me out of Black Friday shopping! If i’m sitting at home the wife will have me driving her around  
  7. Is the Huntsville game at noon or 1:00 I keep seeing both times
  8. Attend game (Area playoffs)

    Triple header at NRG Friday + 4 helpings of Nachos + 1 gallon of DP = happiness  Goodluck to MC!
  9. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Yes that was BH’s 3rd string Sophomore QB. He was the same QB that started for the PNG game. They later moved BH 2 nd string to QB during the Santa Fe game. I Aldo missed him going out in the beginning of the game and assumed that the coach just went with the Soph again. I hope Dalton is ok.
  10. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Ball Game! Manvel 62 BH 42.  Nice season BH losing your QB late and despite 3 very costly turnovers you still hung in there. 
  11. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    BH dives down and Scores with just about all back ups in with 5 seconds left in the game. Nothing but Sophomores and Juniors. Manvel 62 BH 42
  12. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Manvel scores TD. 62/35 Manvel
  13. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Manvel throwing looking to run the score up now
  14. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    BH punt..Manvel ball 5:13 left in the game