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  1. BH vs. Dayton

    I’m not counting Dayton out in this game. Yes they have had a terrible last two games, but has had a much needed bye week to get things figured out. The Broncos know that there backs are against the wall and as 14.2 stated this game could be a playoff eliminator. Dayton and BH love to beat each other so they will both come out swinging. With both coming off a bye I exspect a slow start by both teams and it being close by halftime.
  2. BH vs. Dayton

    Game is at Dayton again this year. BH slipped out of there with a victory last year and it came down to the wire. Both teams were beat up with injuries last year and hope we are both healthier this year. BH stumbled out of the gate this year and Dayton is still looking for win #1. However both teams don’t care and District is here!!! Not sure what to expect this game but know both teams will come to play. Each game this year is a fight for a playoff spot in a tough district.BH by 14
  3. Nederland vs Santa Fe

    Ned takes this at home, but believe Sante Fe will make them earn it. District is finally here!
  4. Crosby at Vidor

    Crosby by 21. 
  5. Thanks that will help in pickem that week  
  6. Go back and look at BH vs Vidor . I’ll wait
  7. She’s at the snack bar right now
  8. This Is Crosby football. Spot the other team a Couple of TD’s then run over you in the 2 nd half leaving you to scratching your head. 
  9. Folks Crosby does this crap every game . If they ever figure out how to play in the 1st quarter of a game they would be dangerous. I eouldn’t Be surprised if that was WOS last score of the game.
  10. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    Lord, attitudes bubble pop will be heard throughout the golden triangle right around the end of the 1st quarter. WOS will be fine this year, but doubt they will turn it around the week, Crosby just took down Goliath and has been resting for a week. Crosby at home to top it off..goodluck
  11. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    When I saw this game on the schedule at the beginning of the year I thought it was going to be a great matchup. Now I see the Cougs having their way with the Stangs. Crosby all the way in this one.
  12. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    I wanted Stewart gone