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  1. BH Vs. Elgin

    BH vs Elgin Softball Region 3 Finals G1 - Wednesday @ 6pm G2/G3 - Thursday @ 5pm/7pm (if necessary) All Games at Weimar Highschool 
  2. I love google  A fake tag is considered obstruction. A fake tag is when the fielder is at a base and takes an action that simulates an attempted tag, which causes the runner to slow down or slide. Faking a catch of a ball while not near a base or the basepath, is not a fake tag.
  3. No idea and don’t know if this helps , but they are calling it an Obstruction/Fake Tag call??? 
  4. All games at U of H Game 1 - Friday 7:00 PM Game 2 - Saturday 3:00 PM Game 3 - Saturday 5:00 PM
  5. From Twitter    Another GREAT TEAM WIN & a Regional Quarterfinal Championship!! 4-2 Victory over Splendora. Great pitching, defense & offensive execution! @hayfreudenberg3 with the big 2 out 2 RBI hit that was the game winner! #ST18 @BH_Athletics @BHISD @TXPrepSoftball
  6. BH wins not sure the score , but think it was 4-0
  7. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Hope Dayton does get it back together it will only make this district stronger. That game against BH yall definitely should have won and if your starting kicker didn't get knocked out of that game Dayton would have won. BH was eat up with injuries in that game and I can't believe they won. We just lost our QB the game or 2 before that and our starting RB was also out. Both teams were limping in that game. Hopefully we can both stay healthy this year. Both the QB and #1 RB for BH return this year, so I think BH can make things interesting if we stay healthy.