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  1. Your teams biggest strength/weakness so far

    I would add RB depth to the strengths list 
  2. PNG vs Tomball

    If you like good barbecue Tejas Chocolate Craftory in Tomball is pretty good
  3. Huntsville 31 Port Neches-Groves 14/FINAL

    That’s because it’s 24-7 Huntsville 
  4. Huntsville 31 Port Neches-Groves 14/FINAL

    It is Huntsville is up 7-0
  5. Nederland 33 Beaumont United 14/FINAL

    7:30 pm kickoff tonight 
  6. Actually that game has been rescheduled for Prather Field on Nederland High School Campus
  7. The QB is Grant Gunnell he’s committed to Arizona 
  8. Sub Varsity Scores

    Anyone have the score for Bridge City vs Nederland freshman?
  9. Nederland ISD growing

    This website comes in handy http://www.jcad.org/data/_uploaded/pdf/Reports/Tax%20Rates%202017%20for%20Website.pdf Actually Nederland ISD might have the lower school tax rate but PNG actually has the lower school taxes because their homestead exemption includes a 20% exemption PLUS 25,000 so using 100,000 dollar home as an example PNG's taxes would be 794.43 vs. Nederland at 862.50.
  10. Baytown Sterling is Open

    If I'm not mistaken he lives in Baytown 
  11. Cleveland Getting a New Stadium?

  12. Nederland Vs. Galena Park

    It's confirmed now Game 1 Friday @ Crosby 5pm Field 2 Game 2 Saturday @1 pm @Barbers Hil 
  13. Nederland Vs. Galena Park

    No confirmation yet but the rumor is Crosby on Friday for game 1 and Barbers Hill for game 2/game 3 (if necessary) on Saturday
  14. Angleton Open

    Jason Brittain the Defensive Coordinator has been promoted to Head Coach 
  15. Manvel/Seven Lakes/George Ranch

    Most of the time Stepp gets it right. This time not so much.