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  1. Interesting Shug fact

    He played most of the Huntsville game 
  2. Interesting Shug fact

    Same here Marshall is the most talented team in the bottom half of the bracket If Marshall advances Shug will have to go beast mode to beat them 
  3. Interesting Shug fact

    A&M Consolidated gets their shot first and they’re not going to roll over and play dead. Marshall has the talent advantage but A&M has the coaching advantage should be a good game in Tomball
  4. Fairclothe Going off at someone in stands

    I can’t imagine what this guy had to say in order to get thrown out of the building it must have been really bad 
  5. Area Round Dates, Places and Times

    Class 4A Division 2 West Orange-Stark vs Sweeny Friday 1PM Texas Drive Stadium Porter 
  6. Willowridge @ Nederland

    No offense but Shug has owned many teams in the last 3 years 
  7. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I think most of the board likes Shug even Nederland fans admire his effort the only thing I’ve ever seen associated with hate with him was the whole Legend Killer gimmick that got put to bed after last years Mid County Madness 
  8. Playoffs game attend?

    The first one was back in 1998 the second one was 1999 at Bulldog Stadium  that’s the game where Brad Sullivan got hurt near the end of the game and Kevin Barbay had to come in at QB
  9. Playoffs game attend?

    The last time was 1999 vs Ozen
  10. Port Neches-Groves 34 Nederland 21/FINAL

    No mention of when by that’s what they were talking about 
  11. Port Neches-Groves 34 Nederland 21/FINAL

  12. Port Neches-Groves 34 Nederland 21/FINAL

    Ask Dayton fans how well that talent translates to the Varsity level 
  13. Bi-District Dates, Places and Times

    PNG vs Houston Northside Friday 7:30 @ The Reservation Port Neches 
  14. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    Looks like Nederland vs Willowridge PNG vs Northside 
  15. Shug

    I think PNG has a chance to make a good run in the playoffs keeping Roschon healthy is the key the defense is much improved from 2017