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  1. Great year Mustangs , no one thought you would be here, 40 wins in a row. . Congrats to Pleasant Grove on their first State Championship. Next season starts tomorrow for the Stangs. 
  2. Awesome game Newton, Congrats, enjoyed sitting with the Newton fans . That’s how Southeast Texas does it.
  3. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    Did you just see what Newton did to that can’t be stopped Gunter Offense , And a liitle of that southeast Texas speed on offense .  Come on PG bring it on.
  4. Is Newton the Home team, just about to get into Dallas to watch the game 
  5. State Championships Update Thread

    Fox sports guys said that Tenaha knocked  Muenster out of the playoffs last year. How is that possible ? We’re they in same region last year and different this year?
  6. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    Yes that is correct  Chan 416 on Dish.
  7. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    I’ll will be televised live on Fox Sports Southwest,  different channel depending on your carrier. In fact Fox is carrying all of the games .
  8. AT&T Roll Call!!

    Only missed one state championship game and that was against Paris in ‘88. Would not miss this one , be there to see Newton win one on Thursday and then WOS for the 3-peat on Friday. Pulling for Kennendale to also. Might just stay and watch all games on Sat as well . 
  9. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    Haven’t seen PG , don’t really need to. I hear the noise, same noise we’ve heard for years. We’ve come out on top of some really well coached teams, even with the errors and penalty’s. The only thing that can stop this train is itself. We play an error free game Friday , no doubt about bringing home the 3-peat. So bring it PG.
  10. Yes, not able to make game , so trying to get up with this thread 
  11. 35 -7 PG 1 min left in 3rd
  12. 35 0 PG over Graham 3 min left 3 Qtr
  13. Graham announcers complaining about bad calls and no calls