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  1. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Let’s go WestBrook, bring that SC ring back to the 409, pulling for you 112%
  2. West Orange Stark Next Year

    Great post. Absolutely, we do tend to forget these are teenagers. We have been spoiled by haveing some outstanding individuals and teams. I know CT and crew are going to put them in the best position to be successful as a team. Already looking forward to next years group. 
  3. West Orange Stark Next Year

    My take is WOS will be very good next year. But need to get solid at QB. I believe if we had an effective QB this year we may have only lost one game and still be playing now.  Defense came along great. Running game was good enough to keep defenses pulled up, We had receivers open all year, just couldn’t get the ball to them. Wilson to slow pulling the trigger on the bubble. Hopefully they get some off season work in and develop. 
  4. West Orange Stark Next Year

    I’m pretty sure we lost to Wimbely when Beasley was a Senior , In Katy.
  5. Silsbee vs. Cuero, 4A State Semifinal

    I believe a lot of Cuero fans were wanting a Shot at beating WOS in a down year. But many others are really glad they don’t have that chance. It might not have turned out well for them. They know nothing about Silsbee, but they scouted them in a driving rain storm. Hopefully the big play offense will work, if not it’ll be trouble . The gobblers can sustain drives and eat up the clock. So the key for the Tigers will be getting defense stops . Can’t wait to watch this one. I’d like to say the the Mustang were beat by the State Champions in 2018, so let’s go Tigers bring it back to the 409. 
  6. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Final thoughts on this game, Congrats to Silsbee for getting it done. Congrats to WOS for a good season, tough start but great run to regional final.  Played in good weather conditions the game may have had a different outcome.  Doesnt look like the weather will be a factor in the upcoming game with Cuero. They are always tough, Tigers will need their A game. Go get that state championship, and bring it back to the 409. 
  7. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Ugly game , congrats Silsbee, best of luck going forward. 
  8. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    WOS wanted to play tomorrow Silsbee would not agree, looks like good decision for them . 
  9. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Exactly why they wanted to play in the rain. Just hope the ball bounces their way.
  10. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals audio feed, Texan Live Video
  11. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Silsbee would not agree to reschedule, the only chance they have is playing in the rain , hoping it slows down the game. Hope that backfires on them . Let’s go Mustangs, game time. 
  12. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Only need a safety or a field goal to win, just keep the opponent from scoring . 
  13. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    This game will be all about how these two matchup now, previous games or opponents do not really matter. Weather may play a roll , it’s who executes and can play clean , penalties and turn overs will tell the tale. 
  14. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Like I said , there is only this week , nothing matters if you don’t win This week.