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  1. Wow!!! Yay Ktz!!! What up HJ???
  2. Buna 67 Jasper 66/FINAL

    Good game Cougars!!!
  3. Rockdale 55 Woodville 30/FINAL

    The passing game for woodville is the Achilles heel!!! 
  4. East Chambers 35 Buna 12/FINAL

    Ummmm Teague u say........let' geaux C O U G A R S!!!! BUNA!!!
  5. Predictions E.C. V/S Buna

    Buna 26 EC 12
  6. Warren 46 Kountze 13/FINAL

    Y'all was. Up 14-8 for a moment. The halftime score was Buna 20 Ktz 14. And y'all have enough to compete every year. Good luck next year!
  7. Buna 38 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    That wasn't any fun!!! Geaux COUGARS!!! B U N A!!!
  8. Buna vs Kirbyville

    Buna 28 Kvl 18
  9. Woodville @ Coldspring GOTW

    The refs might keep it close for a while. Woodville by 18 when it's over!!! 
  10. Trinity 28 Kirbyville 14/FINAL

    Trinity vs Kvl
  11. Kirbyville @ Trinity

    Least TOS wins this one
  12. Kirbyville @ Trinity

    Trinity looks great getting off the bus!!!
  13. Coldspring-Oakhurst 18 Buna 14/FINAL

    Either way  that crew was BAD!!! MOVING ON TO NEXT WEEK!!!