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  1. We lost 2 to EC and 3 to CS. EC better because of Sutherland!!! 
  2. Orangefield vs. Coldsprings

    CS is COLD!!! #30 can play!!! #20 on the backside is big!!! CS with the pressure!!! Good luck Cats!!!! Gonna have to be yall best game of the year!!!!
  3. EC by 25ish!!! CH would of been the 4 seed in our district!!!
  4. Buna 59 Hardin 43/FINAL

    Good luck HH in the playoffs!!!
  5. The Lighter Side

    This me at most games!!! Lmbo!!!
  6. Another instant classic!!! Kat is a shot blocking force!  Had 8 pts for the game w/o foul trouble! He was a very good sportsman the entire game!  Good kid!!!
  7. Hahaha. It’s embarrassing!!! Now the make up part at the end of the game!!! And had to put the first 8 back on the floor to get to 100!!! CLASSY!!!
  8. And the first 8 are VERY good. Not gonna take that from EC!!!
  9. It’s not the foul count. It’s the OBVIOUS uncounted fouls!!! These refs don’t follow out of the district!!! 
  10. This is SO bad!!! EC on Fire. All 8 of them!!!