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  1. Buna at Warren

    Buna left the DEFENSE at home and half the O!!!
  2. Wow. So all the EC starters were in double digits???
  3. Woden/Joaquin

    Woden is tough and physical in their style!!! I wanted to fight them in Huntington!!! I remember one particular trip we had 3 players knocked down by "hips", "checks" and an "incidental"  I can see someone playing them frequently wanting to fight!!! JMO
  4. Hardin gonna need a major hwy, interstate and refinery!!!
  5. Hardin 68 Anahuac 34/FINAL

    #5 for OF is the other weapon, OF by 15ish
  6. Good WIN Buna!!!
  7. Coach Sutherland does a great job!!! Well coached team!!! 
  8. Warren 51 Hardin 60/FINAL

    The coach for Hardin does a good job  I'm not a fan of their scheduling  but 20 yrs from now the Srs can say they won 20 games!!! 
  9. Buna 78 Anahuac 26/FINAL

    43-10 Buna at the half
  10. It did work for the football team
  11. Buna 72 Kirbyville 33/FINAL

    Buna 63 Kvl 33 some thg like that
  12. Buna 83 Kountze 42/FINAL

    Kountze and Hardin will split the home games... Kountze wins the play in game at neutral site HJ!!!