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  1. If ya can't beat M stack a team!!!! It's the new style!!! Sad days ahead!!!
  2. Good showing Kats!!!
  3. Buna 36 Kountze 14/FINAL

    Prayers for #58 Bret Willis!!!
  4. Trinity 48 Kountze 0/FINAL

    48 in a half?
  5. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    The road trip CS trying to impress!!! Just a tht  They will try to show out against Kvl w the idea the Kats are down this year! I don't know if they're better or not then Wdv.  I would say probably not.  But we will find out....
  6. West Orange Stark vs Hamshire-Fannett

    Good luck Longhorns!!! Live to play next frriday!!! WOS by as many as they want!!!
  7. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    CS 42  Kats 6
  8. Kountze @ Trinity

    Bus trip game!!! Trinity wins at home!!!
  9. Buna 27 Hamshire-Fannett 7/FINAL

    Buna played OK   Too many penalties! !! Ball control  Buna had the ball most of the game   limits #24s touches!!! YAY COUGARS!!!! B U N A!!!!!
  10. Hardin vs Kipp Sunnyside

    Kipp Sunnyside???? Is that Steve Urkles cousin??? JK  good luck Hardin Hornets!!!!
  11. Congrats to all that made it!!! Super proud of Buna's Remington Connell. Hard work is recognized!!!! Geaux Cougars!!!!
  12. 3A region 3

    I don't know if Kountze can beat Teague but I'll take them over Lamarque !!!! 
  13. La Marque 69 Buna 49/FINAL

    Very good season Cougars!!!! B U N A!!!!
  14. Fts win championships!!! Give me the team w the better ft avg in this one...  
  15. Good luck to dem LIONS!!!!