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  1. Lee looked good. I know it was Pasadena, but Lee and Pasadena have probably been equals the last five years. Kiki Davis, the sophomore running back for Lee is going to be a handful this year. He had two long touchdown runs. The QB for Lee, Wooley, has improved the passing a bit. He wasn't able to run much due to being a scrimmage but that's still his best ability. Receiver, montrell Morton, had two long touchdowns  All told, Lee had 6 tds to zero for Pasadena I believe it was. The gander defense looked pretty good for the first little bit then they took out davis, who doubles as an inside linebacker. And it was more of a bend but don't break defense. This will turn into a bend and break quickly against better teams. If they can get any blocking at all, Davis is going to be fun to watch this year and the next two.
  2. Baytown Mega Scool

    Going down a classification means you have lost the proportionate number of kids that were causing you to be in 6a in the first place. It's not like they get to go down to 5a and keep all the same number of athletes.    
  3. 1/3 21-5A Scores

    Ganders with a  51-44 win over Kingwood park.
  4. If the UIL were to Realign FBS Football

    Ags would likely have lost to tcu, Baylor, Texas, smu and Houston this year. 
  5. Stepp's Mock Realignment

    Oh man. Who do I need to pay off to ensure that Baytown Lee district?
  6. Never forget Sam proctor doing this against North shore in the playoffs.
  7. What happened to D-FW this year?

    This isn't peewee league soccer. There are no participation trophies in adult conversations. Only merit based points, not how many bolded words you can make, carry weight. Using circular logic and pretending to misunderstand the gist of the discussion have no merit. I will give you one more chance to have a real conversation or you can remain at the kiddie table and continue with your silly dicsussion devoid of substance.
  8. What happened to D-FW this year?

    If you're going to be disingenuous then no need to have a conversation. I said 5a. Dallas has a majority in two regions. Houston is mostly in one region with one district in another region.
  9. Manvel vs Angleton

    Manvel has played the tougher schedule no doubt. Angleton has absolutely destroyed everyone on their schedule though. They have only had less than a 21 point lead at the half three times all year. Both times against Foster and against flour bluff. Foster was a really good team and they beat them twice by 27 or more. Manvel will not have seen a team as explosive on offense as angleton is.
  10. What happened to D-FW this year?

    Dallas has two regions in 5a while Houston has only one. It would be astonishing if Dallas didn't have two representatives each year in that classification. Dallas is landlocked and forgot to annex all of the land surrounding it, so they have many more small communities that play at smaller classifications and have one school towns. Any other questions?    
  11. What happened to D-FW this year?

    It's no coincidence that the Houston teams whipped that Dallas ass like a rented mule the year it was played at NRG a few years back.
  12. Manvel vs Angleton

    I don't think anyone is blowing out this angleton team. They are fast and talented.
  13. Lets TalkLocal 5A Div 1

    As a gander fan....whatever keeps us from being in the same district as manvel.
  14. Carthage 64 Silsbee 36/FINAL

    Didn't little cypress mauriceville score 44 on silsbee in the first half? Whatever stuff Carthage got figured out, gilmer would have also gotten figured out at the same clip, meaning the game would likely end up similar to the first one. Maybe silsbee just isn't very good. LCM laid half a hundred on them in one half nearly. Kilgore beat LCM by 50.