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  1. Diboll 31 Buna 26/FINAL

    Yep Buna played well in this one and had Diboll on the ropes a few times. The former Diboll OC is now on the Buna coaching staff which brought a little extra emotion to the game. This was a really good 1st round game. 
  2. Franklin 34 Diboll 20/FINAL

    Franklin is a very solid team and it will take a good balanced game plan to beat them in the playoffs. Congrats to them on the win tonight. 
  3. #8 Franklin (4-0) @ Diboll (4-0)

    I agree with you here. McMillan is a beast but he will need some help in this game. Diboll has shown that they can throw it to keep the defense honest so I expect them to mix it up this week.
  4. #8 Franklin (4-0) @ Diboll (4-0)

    Herbert could definitely take over a game on offense and defense. I really hate it for the young man that he missed this season. Herbert in the backfield with his brother and McMillan is almost unstoppable. Hopefully we get to see it next season as all of them return. 
  5. No joke on the rain. Diboll has a grass field and to be honest..we have not been very good on wet grass ( Liberty and Coldspring ). 
  6. Huntington 21 Tarkington 14/FINAL

    Man I am kicking myself right now. I almost went and covered this game just in case they pulled it off. I would have loved to have captured the reactions on film. That moment can never be recreated. Congrats Huntington!!!
  7. Wow...144-0 between the District’s top two teams. Man it sure would be nice to see a low scoring defensive game next week...but I don’t think that will happen. 
  8. Diboll 39 Crockett 28/FINAL

    Diboll dominated the majority of the first half. This game was a good test for the Diboll secondary as Crockett threw the ball 43 times for 253 yards and 4 TDs. Diboll DBs had trouble holding contain on busted and extend plays. Crockett has some athletes with big play ability that will give teams trouble. I do think a solid safety would hold their big plays in check though as Diboll dropped several picks. 
  9. Elkhart has to feel good about the W over Westwood but unfortunately they will more than likely get it handed to them Friday night. Franklin will score early and often. 
  10. Good for Huntington, but I do feel bad for Coach V. I have seen coach Vanover build a program so Livingston is certainly not done long term. 
  11. Buna 30 Orangefield 14/FINAL

    Good matchups in this District tonight. The OF/Buna and Woodville/EC matchups could have playoff seeding implications because I believe these are the 4 teams that will represent the District. 
  12. Diboll 42 Cleveland 0/FINAL

    42-0 Final