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  1. been bought and paid for by the clintons just like so many others!
  2. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    I experienced the same thing when I was young. Did your son get arrested for anything , if not I would think he handled it very well!
  3. Tobie, lets try an experiment

    if you teach your son to obey the police officer and treat him with respect I do believe your son will be fine , oh and dont break the law!
  4. I Agree!

    yep drain the swamp both sides!  
  5. Bump stocks

    you can ban it and I can assure you  any machine shop can build it and sell it on the side! We dont enforce laws on the books and no laws will stop these sickos!
  6. California pays gang bangers!

    Cali has gone full loony tunes!  
  7. https://bluelivesmatter.blue/sacramento-pay-gang-members-kill/
  8. Bump stocks

    So Obamas ATF didnt act on it glad we can agree!
  9. Bob Corker

    bob corker is a member of the swamp just like so many others!  
  10. Anybody 2020

    nope but anyone that  opposed Obama was called a racist and a bigot, see its not true!
  11. Anybody 2020

    I think a few on this board calling our President bad names is only due to one thing, he is a white man and they cant stand white people. They must be racist!
  12. Mass shooting in Vegas

    just my thoughts on the info we have been fed via the media, no conspiracy here hope they prove me wrong not that it matters wont bring any of those folks back. Oh and I never said a word about a burger king dont know anything about it!  
  13. Mass shooting in Vegas

    there is a lot they are not telling us about these killings , there was more than one man involved I bet and I also bet that the first shot killed Paddock! JMO
  14. Mass shooting in Vegas

    sick sick sick!