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  1. This is the folks the FBI should be after not trying to set up Trump and protect Clinton!
  2. More From The "Tolerant" Left!

  3. Record Employed Under Trump!

    yep but..........  WINNING!!!!!!
  4. Hes not my first choice but he was the best choice in the end , couldn't vote for the criminal and old Trump has done more for all American races than Obama did for anyone except Iran. Check unemployment rates!
  5. Bear are you white? if not how could you know what white people want?
  6. Trump

  7. Trump-Putin meeting

    all he did was go around apologizing for America I wish he would have had the balls to talk to some of these leaders in stead of giving his brothers billions of our dollars ( Iran) but he was a coward and still is!
  8. Trump-Putin meeting

    brennan and obama didnt have the guts to deal with putin and their pissed because we got a president with balls enough to go talk to him!
  9. Brett Kavanaugh

    I remember a President not to long ago said "elections have consequences"   !!!
  10. stay armed my friends!  
  11. Bang Up Work, Clowns!

    dems love to love a criminal they dont care what the charge was!  
  12. If just half is true.......

    they would take to many repubs down with them. jmo  
  13. If just half is true.......

    after Weiner serves his time I look for him to commit suicide.