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  1. question for you lefties

    Iam not a lefty but I figured I would give you the pat answer!  
  2. question for you lefties

    your a racist nazi!  
  3. if it truly is the religion of peace wouldn't the middle east be the safest place on the planet?
  4. Trump is such a racist

    It appears to me all the race hustling reverends and black politicians loved Trump before he was a republican President but now they all see how he is trying to work for the betterment of the American citizen and hurting the amount of $$$ these folks use to line their pockets and they dont like it and that goes for the republicans too. Maybe they liked him so he would donate to them????
  5. Trump is such a racist

    he repeats it because thats his orders!
  6. http://www.breitbart.com/news/hundreds-abused-in-chicago-schools-after-systemic-failures-report/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
  7. Will TBS Fire Samantha Bee ?

    only works one way in these times!
  8. he should run as a democrat they all think alike!
  9. School Shooting

    i dont know but the sure dont send near enough nut cases there!  
  10. School Shooting

    we once had a great hospital in Rusk Tx and many more like it for people like these shooters. The liberal hug fest and everyone gets a trophy mentality has changed all that and mainstreamed these crazies so this it what you end up with!
  11. wait a minute obama traded a few terrorist from gitmo for that traitor dont forget. Bergdall i think was his name!
  12. Finally, A Judge With Common Sense!

    or maybe a judge who isn't bought and paid for or does not have  a serious hate problem.
  13. more caring/compassion

    only white men!  
  14. Iran Nuke Program!

    good ole Obama!