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  1. Thats like active alcoholics protesting an AA meeting, why would anybody do that?  Tolerance as long as you agree with me. The lefty code!
  2. Congressmen to Be Packing?

    strongly agree follow the same laws the average Joe has to follow, they wanna pack in DC they need to make it available for everyone!
  3. More From The Hateful Left!

    I dont believe the media was dogging Gifford like these media types are doing Scalise!  
  4. Mars is going through climate change

    These folks cant tell me if its gonna rain two days from now why believe them about whats going on with Mars!
  5. Come Clean President Trump

    I agree about pharma companies and the high cost but my insurance and cost of my meds went up under previous admin. so i am ready to try a new direction.  
  6. Come Clean President Trump

    And the problem, you said it in your rant  you said Clinton has forgotten more about politics than Trump ever knew. That is the problem folks are sick of all these politicians playing their games and lining only their pockets and the pockets of their cronies and throwing hard earned tax dollars to their overseas cronies they are all afraid Trump is about to screw up their scam. I hope he does because I would like them to do their job and that job is not to spread the wealth worldwide with my money!
  7. Republican Scalise and Aide Shot

    Bernie did because he worked on his campaign.
  8. Republican Scalise and Aide Shot

    cant be Clinton or CNN would be reporting that these victims all had heat attacks!
  9. Republican Scalise and Aide Shot

    sounds like the dems. call for resistance is taking a foothold!
  10. More obama's Anti-Americanism!

    You need to get off obamas couch and clean yourself up. He is not the savior you and your peers think he is, but I know he's black and thats good  enough for you.
  11. More obama's Anti-Americanism!

    I knew obama was bad but I think he may have been worse than I realized!
  12. Comey just mad cause he got fired for being won of clinton and obamas flunkies!
  13. Well well,  your a racist, bigot, homophobe, islamaphobe , white privilege having  gun loving redneck  bully!