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  1. Californians

    they created this utopia they should live with it are clean it all up! idiots are defiantly running Cali!  
  2. NRA- Dilly Dilly!  
  3. Does Rosie know she is a snowflake?

    it is a mental  illness obviously !
  4. again! I think we should consider fencing schools the way they fence plants and refineries with manned gates seems to work pretty good.
  5. I am perfectly okay with using restrooms with any color person out there but with the latest liberal attack called #metoo  and I am okay with that but I dont want a woman or girl in the mens restroom to accuse me of something .  Look in your pants and it is very easy to know which RR to use!
  6. Who's Colluding With Whom?

    that swamp is deep!  
  7. Attempted hit on Trump Jr?

    that Hillary!
  8. hope he's not as crooked as the rest of em I bet old Hillary is looking for her checkbook as we speak!
  9. Global Warming Update!

    I think Gods in control! jmo
  10. sounds like obama may have got caught in another lie, not that the media will care!
  11. State of the Union

    Nothing screams entitlement more than a trust fund Kennedy with drool running out the corner of his mouth giving the democratic rebuttal!
  12. #ReleaseTheMemo

    How can you write a counter memo when you have not read the original memo? If iam correct they said none of the dims read it.