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  1. The "Tolerant" Left!

  2. Ford Wants to Move On!

    she got paid thats  all she wanted hope she dont think of turning on the dems they will have her Clintonized!
  3. i think the biggest reason that most of the left hates him is because Trump nominated him. Most of the mob left has no  idea about those lower court judges they just accept their marching orders and hate as directed.    
  4. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    Drain the swamp!  
  5. The "Tolerant" Left!

    time to start crackin some skulls!  
  6. Well thats good hope the all have them on when the shootin starts!
  7. He is the silver spoon brat the left rail about as privileged and now they want him to take control of their future hard to understand.
  8. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Mustangs to young Newton gonna take it by a couple TD's should be fun to watch.
  9. True That!

  10. more proof that Obama and the other politicians on both sides were trying to take America down in global standing!
  11. typical nonsense when someone doesn't toe the line the far left and liberal minds think they should and they have the biggest stages.
  12. This is the folks the FBI should be after not trying to set up Trump and protect Clinton!
  13. More From The "Tolerant" Left!