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  1. the media did their job for the DNC once again they are good solders if nothing else.
  2. Bulletproof Glass is Racist

    MORONS!!!!!  Another case of folks doing their job behind doors guarded by armed officers directing how the peons cannot defend themselves. 
  3. ANOTHER Democrat Exposed!

    Dems are interchangeable they never think for themselves they just do what they are told!
  4. Guns

    coming from you I find that a complement thanks. I also believe Obama was the most crooked and racist Pres. to ever hold the office as a matter of fact he didn't  do anything to help anyone but himself and his cronies by lining their pockets with tax payers money.
  5. ANOTHER Honor Killing!

    they commit crimes like this they need to be hung on the town square for an example! JMO
  6. the entire investigator is a sham folks better wake up the FBI or IRS may be used against them next go round!
  7. Illegal Found Not Guilty

    from the libs that push gun control the hardest, an illegal with felonies that murdered someone and they let him walk. So after this the gun grabbers need to shut up! JMO
  8. didnt Trump fire him for lying to the VP?  
  9. Roy Moore

    wonder how much the DNC paid this lady?  
  10. She Wants The White Males Dead!

    but i thought you had to be white to be racist?
  11. got it on camera!!!  
  12. Trump helped get these knuckleheads out of trouble but I thought he was a racist bigot I am surprised they accepted his help!  NOT!!!!  
  13. Slavery - Active in Lybia

    somebody needs to tell the NFL crybabies that this is oppression not making millions of dollars off of fans.