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  1. How bout them Broncos!

    Lots of teams had guys put up big numbers against Crosby  -------  trying to give the kid a few props  - and there you go trying to be  a buzz-kill, lol " after going 0 & 10 got to have something to look forward to. He will make a name for himself soon enough .
  2. How bout them Broncos!

    Yeah, it doesn't matter what position he plays he going to put up big numbers - last year as a sophomore he put up 272 yds and three TD's against Crosby at WR. ( last time we had a WR like that was a guy named AJ Dugat 1st teamParade All American) if he turns out to be half as good as AJ he will be a great asset to Bronco's .
  3. How bout them Broncos!

    2-8 would be an improvement - 
  4. How bout them Broncos!

    Really don't have the inside scoop on this team, but I know the best athlete on the team will be a potent dual-threat QB. Heard we got a new defensive coordinator? going 0 for ten last season there's nowhere else but up this year ( the Broncos could be the dark horse (pony) this year.)   
  5. RIP Coach W.T. Johnston

    God Bless the man and his family -
  6. Congrats Newton on winning a gut check game  -" State Champs !"
  7. Huntsville 35 Marshall 34/FINAL

    Didn't convert - Huntsville wins
  8. Huntsville 35 Marshall 34/FINAL

    31 secs left Mavs on 20
  9. Huntsville 35 Marshall 34/FINAL

    Mav breakout to the 30 yd line
  10. Huntsville 35 Marshall 34/FINAL

    Another pick - Huntsville will win - good game - Huntsville will move on - 1"44 min left - stil a chance for the Mavs  ?
  11. Huntsville 35 Marshall 34/FINAL

    Pick 6 Huntvelle - time running out for the Mavs 3;56 left in game
  12. Huntsville 35 Marshall 34/FINAL

    7:20 left in 4th tie game