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  1. Crosby 69 Dayton 27/FINAL

    Williams is a stud - He glides through space and everyone else is in slow motion - nice to have a RB that can produce instant offense.
  2. Dayton vs Crosby

    Your right on -
  3. Dayton vs Crosby

    I guess if one post merits eating crow then nuke my crow and hand me a fork -
  4. Crosby 69 Dayton 27/FINAL

    Crosby is the best team we played all year ! A complete domination by the  Cougars, kudos for your coach for calling off the dogs in the  4th ( little did it do) - good luck in the play-offs . Looks like Dayton will be playing round ball shortly.
  5. Dayton vs Crosby

    Why would we do that ?   You are the one beating your chest -
  6. Dayton vs Crosby

    What ever you think - you'll find out soon enough - 63-35  lol
  7. Dayton vs Crosby

     Dayton's junior  210 pound RB Santee has good speed and is not to shabby himself.
  8. Porter 42 Dayton 36/FINAL

    Not really - we still have the players to compete with anybody in the district but like Bronco Pride says we just find a way to loose. We can't play smart football for  4 quarters.
  9. The 22-5a what if scenarios

    This is a 22-5a thread ?  My bad !  " well bye " lol
  10. The 22-5a what if scenarios

    Nichols is a good hard-nose RB I agree they won't compete with out him.
  11. The 22-5a what if scenarios

    A loss to Dayton leaves them with 4 loses and if they struggle against Splendora  like NC did could be 5 loses.  NC could easily go 0/3 their last 3 games.
  12. Barbers Hill 28 Dayton 26/FINAL

    Buddy of mine says they only start 5 SR's ( they have a lot of sophomores) -  if it weren't for the"holding"  they wouldn't of got that TD and 200 yard of offense -
  13. Barbers Hill 28 Dayton 26/FINAL

    Congrats to BH on the win it was a nail biter to the end, Dayton had a chance to win it twice and couldn't make it happen. Hats off to Dayton's RB Santee played a hill of a game and also for our recievers that made some spectacular  catches the bronco's have nothing to hang their head about in this game they are a scrappy little team that was under sized against the Eagles ( BH has some big kids) Good luck to Hill the rest of the way. 
  14. Dayton vs Barbers Hill

    Everybody counting their eggs before they're hatched I see -  21 5a  is still up for grabs we are weak and I don't see any world beaters. BH beat a formable Friendswood and now everyone is discounting them with the loss of their QB. Dayton is young and has shown some promise and actually out played NC the 2nd half if it weren't for play calling blunders their might of been a different outcome. If Crosby looses their RB they become a mediocre team like the rest of us. A loss by BH or Dayton doesn't mean squat a lot of football still to be played. 
  15. Dayton vs Barbers Hill

    We must of posted at the same time I would delete mine if I knew how ?