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  1. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    I think Dayton will be the "dark horse" in the new district this season. We return the best of our skill players on offense and on defense we have a backfield that will literally lay the wood on you - I heard there will be a defensive coach change so hoping for improvement. We were competitive last season-- (except for Crosby and even had them down two TD's in the 1st quarter )  came up short in a lot of games just by not playing smart football. We should of beat the Hill but a last second missed field goal spoiled that.  We had a ton of injuries last year  and I know thats part of football . Hoping our HC in his 3rd season has figured somethings out and finds a acorn this year.
  2. Very impressive win by a very impressive team - Congrats Newton !
  3. PN-G vs College Station

    Good luck PNG !!!
  4. PNG vs Texas City

    I had the same problem, second half was mostly uninterrupted. Good luck PNG !
  5. Dayton 27 Conoe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    Completely agree - and I will add that we need to start taking on the mentality  " play to win on every down instead of playing not to loose "    When the game / season is on the line and your down 10 on the 50 yard line and its 4th&1 you don't punt it you go for it - we lost a lot of close games because of coaching blunders this season and last season - we have to start playing smart football or we will never sniff the post season.
  6. Dayton 27 Conoe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    Last game of season and a good win for the seniors and it has been a pleasure watching this team leave it all on the field under Friday night lights. A shout out to #55 you are a awesome athlete your play on the defensive line will be missed.
  7. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    How about those Astro's ----
  8. Crosby 69 Dayton 27/FINAL

    Williams is a stud - He glides through space and everyone else is in slow motion - nice to have a RB that can produce instant offense.
  9. Dayton vs Crosby

    Your right on -
  10. Dayton vs Crosby

    I guess if one post merits eating crow then nuke my crow and hand me a fork -
  11. Crosby 69 Dayton 27/FINAL

    Crosby is the best team we played all year ! A complete domination by the  Cougars, kudos for your coach for calling off the dogs in the  4th ( little did it do) - good luck in the play-offs . Looks like Dayton will be playing round ball shortly.
  12. Dayton vs Crosby

    Why would we do that ?   You are the one beating your chest -
  13. Dayton vs Crosby

    What ever you think - you'll find out soon enough - 63-35  lol
  14. Dayton vs Crosby

     Dayton's junior  210 pound RB Santee has good speed and is not to shabby himself.