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  1. My impression of the these coaches is just an impression so don't read too much into that.  I don't know that guy personally.  I think WOS drops way off.  Athletes are great if they come out to play and I don't think they will.  I expect a lot of parity.  District champ won't be undefeated and Silsbee or HJ will lose to someone else in the district.  I'm not sold on Bridge City, but they did knock off Nederland last year.  There is some potential there.
  2. Top Players in Area

    Patrick Ewing and GEORGETOWN just offered Lofton from PA.  I've got him too low.
  3. Probably not.  More of wishful thinking.  I always find myself rooting for Lumberton coach and HJ coach is a little uppity.  I say Silsbee, HJ, Lumberton, LCM.  I don't think it will be a clear cut 1, 2, 3, 4.  
  4. I thought they were supposed to be loaded moving forward.  If that's, the case I like Lumberton to get second.  Every major contributor returns and add one that was kicked off last year, who may be the best player on the team.  Plus Josh Mitchell may be one of the best young coaches in the area.
  5. I've heard several knowledgeable people say that HJ is the district favorite next year.  They bring back some size, the coach's two kids, and have some really good young ones.
  6. Top Players in Area

    Those guys are more than good enough to be on the list.
  7. Top Players in Area

    I'll give it a shot... 1.  Hayden Hefner (Nederland) 2.  Valentine Catt (Orangefield) 3.  Kenneth Lofton (Memorial) 4.  Kasen Harrison (United) 5.  Braylon Bush (Silsbee) 6.  Jacob Harvey (Huffman) 7.  Earnest Caesar (EC) 8.  Nate Clover (Memorial) 9.  Justin Pleasant (United) 10.  Amaree Abram (Memorial) Honorable Mention: Tyler Jackson (Nederland), Jaystan Davis (HJ), Jesse Doucette (LCM), Kameron Smith (EC), Brock McClure (Lumberton) List is probably no good because I have no West Brook on there and probably not enough from United.  This was hard to do.    
  8. I'm bored at work and Hefner v Bush v Harrison debate got me interested.  Who are top ten players in SETX?
  9. Everyone has a chance to get there.  Keep in mind Silsbee graduated about 60 points a game from last year's team...that didn't make it to state.  I think the region as a whole is wide open with no clear favorite.
  10. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    From my understanding HF pays worse than anyone.  That could make any deal the one he can't refuse.  Also, this is a guy used to winning and losing games is hard for competitive people.  
  11. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Tigee will do great!  I hope for Hamshire Fannett's sake that he stays longer than a year. 
  12. Kirbyville Head Basketball Coach

    Good for Coach T!  High school basketball in Southeast Texas is better when he's a head coach on the boys side.