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  1. Texas A&M @ UCLA

    All time low peroid for Texas college football....IMO.... embarrassing....

    Warren ISD closed until 9/5.
  3. Best of luck to both teams this season! Hopefully Warren and Deweyville will get back on each other's schedule soon... It's been a good series over the years...

    Best of luck Warriors!
  5. Got to love that mascot!
  6. Today (Saturday) at 11:00 in Winnie.
  7. Evadale 15 Woodville 3/FINAL

    That team was made up of kids from other Tyler County towns as well..Not solely Woodville... Besides I think most of those boys graduated over the last couple of years...
  8. Come on man you have over 11000+ posts on a mostly high school sports forum and you want to call out other adults for getting wrapped up in school sports!?! Look in the mirror... You're the one that started this thread...
  9. Tenaha 82 Sabine Pass 0/FINAL

    I agree Reb...I would like to see them go back to no more than 2 teams from each district but I don't think that happens...Good luck to the Rebels.
  10. Tenaha 82 Sabine Pass 0/FINAL

    Didn't you guys hang 83 on Colmesneil?  
  11. Woodville 60 Warren 0/FINAL

    No problem with last nights score...No quarter asked for..none given...We would have scored as much if roles were reversed...I've always said if you don't like getting blown out then do something  about it...and no there was no parade for beating the Eagles....See you next season...
  12. Hull-Daisetta 28 Warren 12/FINAL

    You mean go Warriors! LoL!
  13. West Hardin @ Evadale

    I've seen both teams..I believe the Rebs take this one. 
  14. Congrats to the Bucs! Best of luck in y'all's new district!