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  1. Aggie (2-0-2) @ Arkansas (1-3)

    Yes please!
  2. Sub Varsity Scores 09/27

    JV Warren 22 Hardin 14
  3. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    No PC card pulled here.. Calling a high school team bad is no issue.. calling a team toothless, no fight, no talent dogs is over the top in my opinion..Given your long track record of posting on here I'm sure you won't agree but whatever.. it's your opinion..I've said my piece .. 
  4. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Nope....I call it a group of 16 to 18 year old kids trying their best..Last reply I'll make on this...Go on trolling kids if it makes you feel good...
  5. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Such class...smh..
  6. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    There are a few Warren posters on this site. Not very vocal as we've been down for quite a while..I've pretty much moved away from making comments and now mostly just post scores...I think the reason you see folks bashing on Hardin more so than Warren and Anahuac is because a few Hardin folks like to claim playoff spots starting in July..They also claim automatic wins versus teams like Anahuac, Warren, Kountze etc. even though Hardin has a historically lower win percentage than these schools..I pull for underdogs so I hope Hardin, Warren and Anahuac someday turn things around and all become contenders at least. Those kids and towns could certainly use it! 
  7. West Hardin 22 Warren 20/FINAL

    WH wins 22 to 20.
  8. West Hardin 22 Warren 20/FINAL

    Warren up 12 to 0 at halftime..
  9. PNG fans and RJ

    All around classless and trashy post...smh...
  10. Sub Varsity Scores

    Warren JV wins over Huntington JV 6 to 0.
  11. Legacy @ Hardin

    I was in no way trying to come off as trash talking just stating that when teams look at upcoming season schedules they usually look at teams similar to themselves and think they have a solid shot at a win. Hopefully all teams can get through the year competitive and healthy..Good luck to Hardin... 
  12. Legacy @ Hardin

    I'm sure they look at Hardin as a "potential" win in 2018...why are we talking about 2017?
  13. Legacy @ Hardin

    All the teams you have listed as possible Hornet wins also has Hardin on their "should" win list as well.
  14. Saratoga West Hardin

    I agree with you...Very few people know how screwed up school funding is in Texas...It needs to be their #1 priority in the next Legislative session...but it won't.. They'll just keep kicking the can down the road ..
  15. Nederland ISD growing

    Oh no I knew exactly what you were getting at. If anything it was in support of your sentiments.  We're in violent agreement! LoL!