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  1. No. Is that reason to ignore it?
  2. The Democrat's Dream Ticket For 2020!

    He wasn’t exonerated on the obstruction charge.
  3. The Democrat's Dream Ticket For 2020!

    It wasn’t a witch hunt. The Russians interfered with our election process. Do you care? Or is it another case of ends justifying means?
  4. The Democrat's Dream Ticket For 2020!

  5. How tight is that noose?

    There are still nets in the water. SDNY is of more interest to me than Mueller report.
  6. It is very ironic that the Republican Party, which relentlessly paints the Democratic Party as the party of victim hood is being led by a man who plays the victim as effectively as anyone I remember.  The Russians attempted to influence our election. The summary leaves no doubt about that. Our leader refusing to call them out and warn them off is either an act of cowardice, or else his narcissism runs so deep that he cares more for himself than protecting the integrity of our election process. He sees reality through a prism that revolves the entire political and national security process around him and how he thinks it makes him look. The fact that he wasn’t charged doesn’t make him a leader. Without a top-down rebuke to the Russian government, they will be back in spades come 2020. They don’t want Trump. This board is a microcosm of what they hope to accomplish. Make us fight with and distrust each other and the institutions upon which our nation is built. If he repudiates Putin he’ll gain some respect from me. I’m not holding my breath ‘til he does, though.
  7. We must all be looking in mirrors, then.
  8. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    I don’t remember it quite the same, but whatever.
  9. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    Bill signed the bill.
  10. You’re confusing this one with Whitewater.
  11. Trump sent by God?

    The New York Post has as much credibility with me as the Times does with you. 
  12. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    And the last budget surplus was when who was president? President’s agenda can support access to healthcare and especially workforce training. 
  13. Trump Blames Union for Job Loss

    Free trade, healthy, educated well trained workforce and something approaching a balanced budget.
  14. Trump sent by God?

    What wound up in the platform? Freedom of belief and separation of church and state are legitimate points of view. God wasn’t booed. Policy disagreements were voiced. I reiterate, what wound up in the platform?