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  2. Colorado legalizes weed, now football is being replaced with soccer and ultimate frisbee... Just sayin...
  3. Sorry y'all, I had to post this. It is an interesting article though!
  4. This Board Needs....

    Reb, maybe it's just me, but all the women in my life only want 3 things.... 1) They want it all 2) They want it now 3) They want me to get it for them!
  5. This scandal could have HUGE ramications! Yet almost ignored by mainstream media...
  6. With all that talent, the BEST the Ags have done in the SEC West lately, is 4-4. How do you underachieve with that much talent? Don't  you dare say coaching! I better stop before I piss off the Ags. They can take a joke, but a dose of reality sets them on fire!
  7. Cam Robinson manhandled him in the Bama game. I agree with Sapp here. Garrett may turn into a stud, but he's no Von Miller. I guess we will see what happens this evening. The Browns will mess things up as always...
  8. ESPN layoffs

    Y'all are right on here. When ESPN flaunted the Caitlyn Jenner mess, I realized that I am not their target audience. I'm not a big protest guy, but I  do vote with my pocketbook, so it pleases me when I see that like-minded individuals feel the same way. Good posts.
  9. The "Trump supporters" were a white supremist group. I wouldn't care if they and the Antifa crowd wiped each other out.
  10. These Baptist Are Out Of Control!

    Because it destroys their "peace loving Muslim" narrative. 
  11. Bill O'Reilly out at Fox News

    Tucker Carlson to take over O'Reillys spot. An upgrade in my opinion. 
  12. Amazing, A Democrat Who Has A Clue

    Quite an interesting post Reb! While the author of this article gets it, I can't believe any others in the Democratic party do. With the election of Perez as the DNC chief kinda proves it. Perez is a better choice than Ellison, but not by much. As long as guys like these run the party, I may never vote for another Democrat again. The pendulum has swung way too far...
  13. Trump's Speech to Congress

    PAMFAM is right as far as each side sitting while the other side wildly applauds. But...To not stand for the widow of the fallen hero is flat un-American. I'm not a Trump fan, but he delivered a helluva speech. The Democrats wound up looking foolish in the end.
  14. SETXSPORTS User Names

    Mine is not nearly as interesting as y'alls! In the infancy of the internet, I joined a usenet tractor forum. I didn't have a cool tractor, but I have an old Harley shovelhead. I am a creature of habit, so the handle remains.