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  1. Huntington 21 Tarkington 14/FINAL

    Congrats on making the get to play WOS.
  2. Livingston is Open

    Livingston hires Finis Vanover
  3. Area round playoff game with 4 umpire split crew (2 umpires for each team).  In the top of the 7th inning with a runner on third base, the third base ump calls an illegal pitch allowing what turned out to be the winning run score.  I hear after the game that one of the umps (not his crew member) tells third base ump he should not have made that call in that situation.  Third base ump gets upset and the two have to be separated. Anyone every hear of umps almost coming to blows?   Also, should umpires be from neutral associations not associated with either team?  I guess the scheduling could be a scheduling problem.  
  4. That makes sense.  In my history, Splendora softball has ever been average.
  5. That was a 1 vs 4 matchup wasn't it?  Livingston was well thought of this year in softball but I know Splendora is always good. 
  6. East Chambers vs Jarrell

    I was impressed with the way EC blocked out in the Central game.  They are strong in that area in my opinion.  If they continue to do that the height of Jarrell should not be a problem.  
  7. Central just could not shoot.  I have read a lot about them in the paper and the points they could score.  They maybe hit 2 threes in the first half that I can remember and one of those was from a sub. I did not really understand their coaches decision to let EC set up their press each time. Seemed even when they had a chance to push the ball up the court they would hold up and let everyone get set.  Even with  that I thought they handled the press very well they simply could not hit an open shot.
  8. Jasper 63 Diboll 60/FINAL

    What was Jasper thinking....I believe runner up in this district gets Yates in 2nd round.
  9. Left before game was over but Center was winning by 15 or so with about 2 minutes to go.  The few times PW pressed Center had trouble with it.  From what I have heard Silsbee will press almost all game long and I am sure has better athletes than PW.  Surprised that Center was able to beat Silsbee's pressure.  
  10. Center's visitor's section might hold 100 folks and that will have to include the freshman and JV teams if they are playing as well.  Poor excuse for a fairly new facility.
  11. Lufkin Hudson must be down this year; had the soft side of the bracket and still went 0-2.
  12. Question ?

    I was wondering about this the other day.  If the slapper's foot is in the air out of the box are they out. 
  13. District 24 has lost by a combined score of 69-0 so far.
  14. I don't think I have ever seen a 56 point win and say, "it really wasn't that close."