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  1. Congrats Coach King (Longview HC) former Vidor coach in the 90's under HC Pat Murphy.
  2. Vidor @ Baytown Lee

    It's not always about winning and losing the game. It's about winning outside of sports. Coach Mathews sees the bigger picture and that picture being 99.9% of high school kids are not going to see the next level. So he tries to instill discipline and a belief that hard work pays off. Coach Mathews would do anything and I mean anything for those young men and trust me they would go to battle for Coach Mathews everyday all day!
  3. Crosby 42 Vidor 36/FINAL (3 OT)

    cougar14.2 are what's wrong with a lot of things going on today. You cannot accept the fact that little ol'Vidor gave big bad Crosby all they could handle and then some. That was an amazing game by both teams. Yes my Pirates came up short tonight and lost to a really good team. I tip my cap to a man! Maybe you should try being a man and not so simple minded. Pathetic is you not being able to enjoy a game between to really good teams that played their hearts out. Cougar14.2 is the definition of classless!!!  P4L!!!!  
  4. Crosby at Vidor

    Nah...its only disrespectful for people to talk about a town that they know nothing about and delusional for those same people to think people and town cannot change.  GO PIRATES!!! 
  5. Crosby at Vidor

    Since when did it become such a big deal to play a football game on a grass field, in the rain, and mud??  Football is game meant to be played in all weather elements.  Sick and tired of hearing the field was too muddy or the ball was too slick or our band couldn't're going to battle, WAR for 48 minutes...adapt and overcome!!!  P4L!!!!!!!!!! 
  6. Crosby at Vidor

    There have been a few teams that have walked in to Vidor Pirate Stadium thinking along the same lines as all Crosby fans "got this game in bag".  When it was all said and done they limped out with an "L"!!!  Vidor...29-27!
  7. Crosby at Vidor

    Everyone has a plan until you get hit in the mouth and Vidor will hit you in the mouth...repeatedly!