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  1. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    LJH can play now in the NFL. CJ could use another year. LJH has the WR swagger and toughness for the Show. CJ not so much, but he has loads of ability. 

    So to be clear, you actually were saying this in the original post.  Now that said, I had no idea a screenplay was ever developed based on 82 WB. 
  3. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    Whoever the top teams in district are in 2019 will have to go through basically the same FBM team from this year. The core of that team returns and I’m sure they get some added outside help slso. 
  4. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    1st of all PNG has made the playoffs ONCE as a 3 seed. 8 of 10 were 1st or 2nd, so PNG ain’t eeking their way in year in and year out.  The Aledo’s of the world are also getting something annually that we don’t in SETX...Move-in talent. Aledo gets some of the best in the FW area moving out to Aledo to play there. They draw from over 1 million folks in the FW area and 8 million in the DFW area proper. They are one of about 10 or so schools up there drawing in talent (Allen, DVille, Southlake, HP, Trinity, etc.).  Look at FBMarshall this year. Several recent “Move-ins” from area schools. Again millions of people in the area. A good program in a heavily populated area is bound to attract a hand full of 4 Star kids who want to be a part of something special. Making it more special.  The GT just doesn’t have the population to garner annual 4 star move-ins. Point in case a few years back PNG gained two good athletes who transfered as Freshmen from HF, but not 3 or 4 star athletes like Aledo, FBM, etc.  and I don’t consider anyone moving in before MS a move-in. 
  5. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    Like 9 out of 10 playoff appearances (8 of those as either DC or RunnerUp).  Yea. I’ll take my chances. 
  6. Aledo Does It Again!

    I agree. Dallas area 5A is head and shoulders above Houston Area right now.   Aledo, Frisco Reedy, Highland Park, Frisco Lone Star just to name a few.  But...Houston area 6A is right there with DFW. NS, Katy, CyFair, Cy Falls, Woodlands, Pearland, West Brook, Westfield, Atascosita...
  7. Port Neches-Groves 2019.

    PNG has had excellent offenses with QB’s like Doty, Miller, Walker, Morse and of course Shug and Bost will fit the bill and continue that string (skill set more like the first four mentioned of course).  WR’s like Deron, Jalali, Nelson, Rose, Sparks, Giblin, McZeal, Riggs, etc. Wenschuel returns as does Proenza and several Sophomores that saw time.  Been missing the backs like Harmon, Bertrand and Halfin, but Conner showed flashes last year in limited action and Deslate runs tuff when healthy.  I think the Barnett kid that played QB on JV when Bost was up could also be an option in backfield. He is stout and runs hard. Can also wing it if needed.  OLine returns and are big, but gotta be more physical and quicker. Another year of offseason work can bring it. Cohesiveness should be a plus.  Defense is where the 2019 Indians will be most improved. Sophomore group moving up from JV have been very good defensively. LB’s all return. 2019 Indians will once again compete for the DC. Do I see them getting past FBM with all they have returning...No, but a top two district finish and another run to round three is a real possibility.  
  8. Aledo Does It Again!

    If your superstar can’t crack the lineup at super power 6A Allen, you move to a P.O. Box in Southlake. If he can’t get on the field for 6A Carroll High, you move west to 5A D2 Aledo. And if your superstar is filthy rich you buy a million dollar mailbox in 5A D1 Highland Park (always the largest school in 5A, but ironically never over the 6A line...hmmmm). 
  9. 1. Most states don’t have the total number of teams we have.  2. Most states don’t send 4 tesms to playoffs.  3. Some states like California, only do sectional champions.  Thing I dislike about these “National Championship” rankings is that most of the schools on the list are private schools that recruit. That is one of the reasons for lack of interest in most states. Playing for your hometown on Friday nights still means something in Texas. Keeps alot of kids out of trouble and in school. 
  10. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Good Luck Bruins.  Make SETX football fans proud. 
  11. Friday State Championship Games

    Nederland didn’t play FB Marshall
  12. Early Signing Period

    Crazy ain’t it. I think it’s because he played at the 4A D2 level. Fact is he’d dominate at 6A. He is a freakish athlete indeed. 
  13. San Jacinto Baseball

    Wow. Should be a boost to Alvin CC. More Houston area players available. 
  14. I think the Ref stated it incorrectly. Flag was for lining up over the Center on FG. Newton lined up thinking Canadian was going for it, but Canadian ran out FG kicker quickly. Thus Newton was lined up over Center.  Ref said leverage.  Otherwise it was a BS call