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  1. New Uniforms??

    Exactly why I said "Don't quote me."
  2. New Uniforms??

    Grad don't quote me on it but, I think those red on red are good until 2018. 
  3. For the record, the band played before the game, at halftime and after the game. 
  4. PNG & PAM!!

    Good luck to my Titans and the Indians!
  5. Temple vs PAM

    GO YE MIGHTY TITANS! There's my "Titan War Cry" forthe thread. 
  6. 21-5A vs 22-5A

    We have a dual threat now, ask Porter and Elkins. 
  7. 21-5A vs 22-5A

    Let us focus on Temple first. Then will discuss Manvel when the time comes. 
  8. Some questionable shots too. Oh well, can't HELP always. 
  9. F.B.Elkins vs PAM

    Sounds like the outcome of the FB Marshall vs Crosby game. 
  10. F.B.Elkins vs PAM

    Hey man, our threads have taken turns that I have nothing to do with. I stay in my lane. 
  11. Question about PA Memorial

    All I have to say is...GO YE MIGHTY TITANS! 
  12. F.B.Elkins vs PAM

    That was for the bald "newspaper guy" that wants to be like me. 
  13. F.B.Elkins vs PAM

    Bald guy 
  14. F.B.Elkins vs PAM