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  1. Titans-2 Humble-1  
  2. I have worked at Memorial Stadium for the past 5 or 6 years. I work in the press box right next door to the visiting coaches room and can tell you that this is a BOLD FACE LIE! I am usually at the stadium 3 hrs before the game starts going all over that place preparing cameras, referee mics etc. I distictly remember going back to the press box elevator, holding the door for your coaches (which was LATE mind you) and showing them their room. At NO TIME were there any "ARMED ESCORTS" with them. Please stop letting your distaste for ONE poster get the best of your mind and fingers. (Clouding your thinking and typing such nonsense) This is a perfect example of why I've chosen to just read post and not comment. People are just doing the most these days. 
  3. ALL STAR Games

     Oh I get it, PA wins a championship game on you. Then two years later kick you out of the PO's, so now you're going to FABRICATE something?  Not even about to do this back and forth. 
  4. ALL STAR Games

     Let's be realistic here, would it really be an "all-star" game with PA only having one team? 
  5. ALL STAR Games

    PA in a nail biter 
  6. PeeWee All Star Game

     That chicken hasn't hatched yet. 
  7. PeeWee All Star Game

    That's not up to me. I'm simply a "peewee super bowl champion's dad"
  8. PeeWee All Star Game

    No kid plays in multiple leagues. What I meant is that there are multiple teams in PA. Bring your best? If I remember correctly the Chiefs won the "Super Bowl" which actually makes them "THE BEST!"
  9. PeeWee All Star Game

    That I don't know about. I'm not sure where most kids go to school. 
  10. PeeWee All Star Game

     Ok I'll bite. Pa Chiefs peewee went 3-0 against Ned this year. Don't forget the fact that there's only one youth football league in Ned. Whereas there's the Chiefs, lil Titans and Bees here in PA. I just waiting for the day that all the teams combine and start running the same program as MHS. 
  11. Stjfl super bowl picks.

    That kid #26 for Ned was very impressive for a 7/8 year old. The kid knows the game at an early age. I'll be looking forward to see him play as he gets older. 
  12. Stjfl super bowl picks.

    Pee-wee PA:27 Ned:7
  13.  yep and we also beat Nederland "head to head"