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  1. The lady  Titans  are looking for a  game this Friday  (at home or away). The rain  killed  or two  games this  week.  We can  travel or host our field has been  covered. If interested  please  contact us at 409- 548-9852.
  2. Yes, on the girls and  boys side. 
  3. My wife is the  new coach at  Memorial  call 409-365-6631 or email  her at 

  4. Port Arthur Bob Hope looking for 2019 games

    New coach at  Port Arthur Memorial  Is looking for  games.   
  5. Played down to the competition. 
  6. PAM vs Vince Young old HS school

    15 on jv
  7. Port Arthur Memorial 48 Deer Park 20/FINAL

    Yes, you're  exactly right! That  pass that Ladia  completed  between  those two defenders  was  crazy  AMAZING.  
  8. You do know  he was the special teams  coach  last season? 
  9. Memorial's new QB

    He was going to have to  wait a couple more years. This way he can get on the field  this season coming. 
  10. Memorial's new QB

    That's  a huge body split out wide.  Word is the coaches  thinks he has  some of the  best hands on the team. 
  11. Any teams in the golden triangle  looking for  scrimmages? If so contact me  at 409-548-9852.
  12. I'm all in! Let's get that person in, whomever it will be.