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  1. Updates  this tourney? 
  2. No, coach Matthews  did that when decided to warm up at another stadium.  Who's  ever heard of or done  that?
  3. Temple vs PAM... the revenge

    My Titans  will be at full  strength this time around.  We must get pressure on that  qb. He likes to  stand in the pocket  and  throw it  around.   Give them a heavy  dose of hines  spinkled with Jones, Hull and Francis. Regional finals  here we come! 
  4. Grasping for straws here! 
  5. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    Will the games be streamed? 
  6. Is PAM overrated?

    His helmet  was ripped off.  Don't  go complaining about  officiating  now.
  7. Jones is THAT GUY for the Titans.  Everyone  is in trouble! 
  8. Temple or whom ever it is will a lot of Hines  which they  missed  last seaon. Not to mention Hull.
  9. Those  guys  also  said Jones  should be the  qb over Harrison  the last two seasons.  
  10. I say no, his ability  to run is  nice to have. Plus  his passing has gotten better  as the season has gone on.  He has more zip than ever on the ball and his a load to tackle. 
  11. Is PAM overrated?

    He lost to katy and lamar with Brandon  Lafell and Brian  Arakpo
  12. 29 pt win and Wesley  didn't play!  33 pts  from J Jones.
  13. Go BALL Go!!!

    This is comical!