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  1. Coldspring open

    I agree, but that was not the question.  BTW, Trivia Question: Who is the reigning 5A State Track Champions?  I'll give OS and Tiger2010 a hint..........It ain't the Highland Park Scots!"  
  2. Coldspring open

    Lets set up a track meet between Highland Park and Manvel, including field events. OK, wise guys, lets do this and place your bets.  I wonder how many Scots would place in the top ten 100 meter results? Maybe 1 or 2? If that?  FAIL.   ,   
  3. The Grandview Zebras are undefeated. Their record is 38-0. However, they have not played the Buna Cougars, yet! IMO, this is the SC game.  Go lady Coogs!
  4. Coldspring open

    Check out the replay of Dallas Highland Park beating the Manvel Mavericks in the SC game. Manvel was one of, if not THE most athletic teams in TX last year. Highland Park might have been the least athletic State Champion. It was not even close in athleticism. The Xs and Os beat the Jims and Joes.
  5. You sayin' "conservatives shoot up the place"? Thats a lot of gall to make that statement, but if you want to play, click on the following link: Or, this one: So, tell me, how many "conservatives" are involved in the eternal Chicago bloodbath?