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  1. Any idea who Sonny Donaldson is? Sonny also has a Golf tourney and the Aldine ISD AdMin building named after him. He has long since retired, but for an encore, he has served for years ministering to the prisoners at the TDC Hightower unit in Dayton. Sonny leads the Bible study every Wednesday night. Sonny is a remarkable man.       
  2. Where will they transfer to? Yates? Duncanville? Faith-n-Family?
  3. Argyle Sports Question

    The most (proportionately) talent overloaded team by far is Newton.    

    I sure wish Mr. Paine well, but I think they should have hired Peter Graves... 
  5. Faith Family vs Yates

    The UIL has shown nearly zero interest in (really) enforcing the rules. They have allowed this to fester. Might as well start openly paying the top recriuts so they can play for the highest bidder. Heck, lets let them transfer on a weekly basis. If their team happens to get knocked out in the 2nd round, they can hook up with another team that still alive.
  6. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    I am glad at least you see it. 
  7. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    MEN don't continue to insult and run their mouth spouting juvinile sarcasam while hiding behind a keyboard.  The VERY BEST thing you can do right now is to just shut up. I mean that sincerely. Otherwise, we can meet alone somewhere and continue this "discussion".  
  8. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    You just don't know when to quit, do you?  Again, either meet up or shut up. 
  9. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    OK there Keyboard commando, either meet up or shut up.  
  10. I did see it coming. Last year BH had a 100% legit chance to win state, but suffered an epic meltdown in the final minute of a mid round playoff game. This team simply did not have anywhere near the tools to advance very far.    
  11. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    The Rams go down as the worst team in the SB, proabably ever. They are a fraud, and were totally exposed. Even playing without their TE that was sidelined with a concussion (H to H hit by Rams, not called) Brees & Co. would have torched NE.  
  12. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    Two flagrant fouls. Blatant PI and Helmet to Helmet. Both ignored. "Except Saints fans"? Thats laughable. ESPN, Fox Sports, SI, ABC-NBC-CBS Sports, Bleacher Report, the list goes on and on, ALL called it probably "the worst call in NFL history".  I do not know what your problem with me is. Recently you seem to want to challenge and insult. Now you call me out for "feminine crying"? I would like to give you an opportunity to see for yourself. Lets meet in person and see if you want to reevaluate just how feminine you think I am.  
  13. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    The NFL wanted a west coast, LA team in the playoffs, just like the NBA wanted the Lakers in the NBA finals many times. New Orleans and Kansas City is just irrelevent "flyover country". 
  14. I hope (and trust) what DJ said above is correct. With that said, I would like to pause and send my best wishes to the innocent young man who was litterally beaten unconcious and within an inch of his life on the beach not too long ago, I hope his cranial fractures have healed up and there is no lingering cognitive issues.  May God bless your recovery.