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  1. 2017 Houston Texans

    Watt and Hopkins were impressive today. Clowney and Cushing did not participate. Reader can be a beast in the middle if he will focus! Tom Savage pssses were accurate. Watson has wheels but is still learning the offense. Patriots looked well oiled.     Left a bit early and had a good ( but expensive ) lunch.  The Greenbriar gave all fans a voucher for a $5 "free spin" in their casino. I won 50 bucks, LOL.  
  2. I just saw Brady at the Texans scrimmage. Brady is quick and sharp. He moves like a 30 year old. Barring injury Brady can play for years still. 
  3. 2017 Houston Texans

    Watched 2.5 hours. Left early due to rain. Eating lunch at the Greenbriar. Will share some thoughts later...
  4. 2017 Houston Texans

    Yes we really wanted to tour the Greenbriar bunker but its sold out that day for a private event. So we will just walk around the hotel and see as much as we can.  
  5. 2017 Houston Texans

    Monday night I am in Wyethville VA. Early tomorrow I am driving to the Texans camp in West Virgina. I will see a dual Texans - Patriots practice from 10 til 2. Will get a personal look. 
  6. Lufkin Little League baseball

    The Lufkin coach said after the game how surprised he was that the pitching shut down both teams bats. 
  7. 2017 Houston Texans

    At most Savage has had "spot duty" only, appearing in just 3 or 4 games. Who can say what Savages upside potential is? The "band aid" had over 80% completion rate, and was ignored. Had Watson had gone 9 for 11, he would be supplanting Tom Brady for the GOAT in the medias eyes. I fell bad for Savage, He wont be give credit no matter what he does. Watson is already the Texan SuperStar without ever having to earn anything. Thas how popularity contests work.   .  . 
  8. 2017 Houston Texans

    What your definition of "the future"? You didn't even mention "the future". If you look, you will see the title of this thread is 2017 Houston Texans.    Lets face it. ESPN and social media has absolutely FLIPPED over Watson, before he even took a snap. He wins the popularity contest in a landslide over Tom Savage. I see all the over-the-top glowing articles about Watson's 60% completion rate, while the 82% completion rate of Tom Savage is completely ignored.  If you think the public and the media is going to be fair to Tom Savage this year, you are crazy.   
  9. Lufkin Little League baseball

    When Lufkin and McAllister Park first met, the pitching staffs were relatively fresh. Despite that, Lufkin won a dramatic 11-10 game. 21 total runs were much more than I expected. Then, after McAllister had to get past New Orleans East Bank, that score was 19-13. So, I thought with depleted pitching staffs, the Lufkin - McAllister Park final would REALLY light up the scoreboard. Final: Lufkin, 2-1. Ain't that crazy? 
  10. It always amazes me that when a school is the smallest in a classification, its fans say: "It is unfair! We are not playing opponents our own size". Then, when things swing the other way, and a team is the largest in a class, no one ever says "Its unfair! We are beating up on people smaller than us!". Not aiming this at PAM, just observing how almost every one will do this. IMO, you "are where you are". Period.     
  11. 2017 Houston Texans

    Fer sure. Savage, meanwhile, was absolutely PATHETIC. Savage played a quarter. Went 9 of 11, for 82% completion ratio. (Watson was 15 for 25, for 60%). Savage needs to be burned in effigy outside NRG Stadium, unless the fan base can abduct him and burn him to death in person. Time to rid ourselves once and for all of the pathetic no good bum Tom Savage.        
  12. 2017 Houston Texans

    Tom Savage has been named the starter for preseason game one. The fan base, by all indications, have already deemed Savage a colossal failure, before even throwing a single pass and DeShaun Watson must start. Unless Savage somehow goes 25 for 25, with 500+ yards and 5 td's, he will get the hook.  .  
  13. I am tired of Bremond. I have a gut feeling their best days are behind them. I hope someone, maybe Teneha, smacks the crap out of 'em.    
  14. I noticed Thompson stated "Bridge City wound up with with a 21-day gap between a non-district loss to Newton and its district opener against Cleveland." So, how did BC do against Cleveland in the district opener? Why did the writer mention a non district loss if a more important district result is left omitted? BTW, BC 42, Cleveland 3.   
  15. Heath was a great one. He took a 2010 Oiler team who everyone and his brother thought had zero chance against ultra athletic Euless Trinity, and upset them in Arlington to win the SC. I was privileged to see that great Championship game in person. Heath had Dustin Garrison & Co. playing above their heads to pull it out. The team motto was "Who says it can't be done?"