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  1. In the 2nd quarter (I think) Elia broke away up the middle from the WB 20. Everybody in the stadium thought "he was gone", as he had a 3 yard lead on all Woodlands defenders. Shearer caught Elia from behind around TW 15, and while he did not make the tackle he dove and nudged Elia and got him off balance to slow him down enough enough for another Woodlands defender to catch up and drag him down. Shearer has blazing speed and great defensive radar.   
  2. Barbers Hill 34 Splendora 10/FINAL

    Not to be technical but it was a 40 yard FG by Splendora. It was teed up from the 30 yard line. 
  3. Great game for both teams last night. WB has improved by leaps and bounds. A potential playoff run is possible for WB this year. The dynamic L'Ravien Elia is without a doubt one of the best if not the best player in SETX. He will be a force on Saturdays for sure. Last night, however, belonged to to TW #7. MLB Jackson Shearer. It was hard to find a play he was NOT involved in. Shearer was the difference for TW. Just wicked good.      
  4. Kick in question was clearly NO GOOD. It never obtaied any good height. It went low and left. Both officials immeadiatly signaled no good. The point was erroneously posted on scoreboard then later removed. 4 min in 2nd. WB 13. TW 7. 
  5. West Brook @ The Woodlands

    Thursday, October 12, 2017 12-6A 7:00 pm – Beaumont West Brook (4-0, 2-0) at The Woodlands (2-1, 1-0), Woodforest Bank Stadium, Shenandoah
  6. Dang, hard choice between this game, and the Rice Festival... Oh well, I just can't miss the Rice Festival!  
  7. AP!!!  Congrats neighbors!
  8. District 11-3A 2017

    If I remember correctly, 12-3A swept 11-3A in the first round, right? Then 12-3A was swept in round 2?  
  9. Hardin vs Kipp Sunnyside

    I wonder where he went to school, LOL.  
  10. Hardin vs Kipp Sunnyside

    16 years?? Maybe it was one every 12.67 years?
  11. Kaepernick and the anthem

    Tim Tebow bent a knee to honor God and the NFL and the national media attacked him. Said he shouldn't bring his opinion to the game. They mocked him. Wanted him gone.  I am done with the NFL. No, I won't later change my mind. Good riddance to the America hating NFL trash.    
  12. DCTF Rankings - 9/25/17

    North Shore must be the best 0-2 team in the entire history of TX HS FB.  Seriously.   
  13. Silsbee # 23 cheap hit on Jasper QB

    Uh, yeah. The sentence is bit long but if you can focus on it its not too hard to understand.   
  14. Silsbee # 23 cheap hit on Jasper QB

    Thats probably about right.  Now, had a player from Celina stomped on an opponents foot, (which is dirty of course but MUCH less dangerous than a blind side, hard concussive shot to the head)  some here would be screaming for immediate removal from the team and all athletics. suspension from school, complete scholarship removal, heavy monetary fines, immediate imprisonment in the TDC, and execution by lethal injection at sundown.  Right?