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  1. I specifically put ATTEMPTING in all caps. Attempting does not equate to ""is", yet.  Now, I thought it would be evident to even the most casual observer of HS football, but let me illustrate with a few quick examples.  Easiest to see is FORT BEND MARSHALL. Four star Junior QB Malik Hornsby just "moved in" from woefully inept Houston Austin, along with others, and FBM made the state finals. Think they moved there for "acedemic reasons"? LOL KATY: Why is Katy Tigers are so resented by all the other programs in that district? Could it be many of the best athletes in the whole KATY ISD move around to end up as Katy Tigers?  LCM has complained for years some of their best end up at WOS. How many piney woods athletes have moved to live with "Aunti" to make a run at State?    Port Arthur constantly complains about losing kids to Ned and PN-G. Poor Hamshire Fannet has lost some of their best players to Ned, PN-G and EC.  BISD players have been inported to several surrounding schools immeadiatly boosting their programs.  BH just hired from ALLEN, who is the poster child for illegle recruiting in TX. See the recent 3 part Dallas Morning News expose'. Thats all I want to say here. This topic has been discussed enough. I know I am an exception, but I still have the audacity to think rules should be respected and complied with. The definition of integrity is "doing the right thing, even when no one is watching". It runs diametrically opposed to the "Its OK as long as we can get away with it" attitude today. How many "mail box" jokes have to be told? Heck, even Ken Purcell openly laughed about Aledos QB's parents mysteriously getting jobs in Aledo during the State Championship TV broadcasts. Thats just Sad.        
  2. James Harden

    Okie Dokie then. 
  3. James Harden

    Of course it didn't "work out for them". Duh. It was clearly an illustration how ridiculous the Harden patronizing in the NBA is. Its so comical if you even brethe on Harden he falls away 10 ft. back and collaspes on the floor drawing the imaginary foul. Clearly the NBA is going to push Harden and the Rockets into the NBA Finals. It happened with Magic and then Kobe many times in the past. The rigging was exposed by refrees that fessed up.   Don't be so naieve!
  4. No. I am referring to programs who build themselves up primarily by recruiting for athletic purposes. Take away Kyler Murry and the rest of the recruits from Allen and I don't think they win even one SC with purely home grown players.  Its insane how many top, 3, 4 and 5 Star recruits Allen has has in the last 10 years. Just check out the Dallas Morning News 3-part expose'. I don't want this illegal concept to spread wholesale across TX. Its ATTEMPTING to happen here in SETX, currently. Hence, my reference to the "Allen want-to-bes".   
  5. You are wrong. I Dont really care about TW either way. I guess he is an OK, but probably overpaid coach. ALLEN and Allen want-to-bes are the issue and will be the imputus for repetative discussion. TW will always be linked to Allen, so it just follows in the discussion.
  6. Kyler was certainly the highest profile recruit, but Allen got recruits en masse through the last 10 years or so. Their whole starting backfeild and most of the top recievers are move in recruits. The Dallas Morning News just produced a 3 part expose about Allens recruiting. Kyler was just the tip of the Westerber.., (I mean) tip of the ICEBERG.   
  7. James Harden

    Laker guard Harden with their hands literally behind their backs, LOL.       
  8. TW proved he could coach a team loaded with 3, 4, and 5 star imports and with future Heisman QB Kyler Murry, who moved from Lewisville to Allen for athletic purposes.   TW does not have the recruitment system at BH he had at Allen. In three years BH has not won a single playoff game and even finished 5th once.  You think BH will win state in 2 more years?    
  9. Ten years ago I posed the question here: What if Curtis Barbay had coached his whole career at Warren? What if Dan Hooks would have only coached at Huntington?  No one wanted to touch that. 
  10. James Harden

    Yes, the guy runs around the court smashing into opponents who are not even guarding him, then violently throws his arms in the air, flys backward 10 feet like a hand gernade just went off under him, does a double backflip, then shoots free throws.  I have seen really bad flopping through the years (like Vlade Divac) but Harden is so over the top it is comical to watch.    
  11. It will be very interesting to see where Nick Foles lands. 
  12. Better hope the Colts don't continue to improve. They (if Luck who is still in his 20's stays healthy) might own the AFC South in the years ahead. Regardless, right now I am pulling for KC. I think Mahomes will be the greatest NFL QB for the next 10-15 years after Brees and Brady the GOAT retires. I would have loved to have seen Mahomes a Texan!
  13. Reeling off 9 or 11 or whatever in a row does not do much good if you implode in the Wild Card game. Where was the call for patience when others (who actually WON Texan playoff games, BTW) needed more time?  
  14. Kountze

    Seriously, Kountze needs to recruit some players from BISD. It will immeadiatly boost their program.