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  1. 22-3A All District Picks

    Eva’ body get an award!  
  2. Tough matchup for BH. Angleton is for real. Go BH!
  3. A game at a time! Go BH!
  4. RIP Coach W.T. Johnston

      WT never let the health issues define him. Tough as nails. RIP coach. 
  5. What a rally by DP! Movin’ on!
  6. BH overcome a very good Friendswood team.  Congrats to both!
  7. FW 1 BH 0. Mid 5th. In lightening delay.  
  8. Nope, now in Crosby at 11 am. I dunno anymore. P
  9. Dawson - Deer Park?  Madisonville or Clear Springs?
  10. I am hearing game is moved to Anahuac at 12 noon. Can anyone confirm?