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  1. TXHoops/Shaka

    For the life of me I don't see whats perceived so magical about SS. Little Southland conference SFA bounced him and his so called "havoc" defense at VCU in the first round in 2014, and nondescript Nevada just bounced him out now. In his ten year career, his teams have finished ranked just twice, barely. VCU 2014 24th, and VCU 2015 25th. 
  2. Lamar defeats SFA 76-54!!!

    SFA is Southland Conference Champions once again!   NCAA tourney in 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018. Defeated West Virginia in 2016 and VCU in 2014. Led #3 Texas Tech until last 4 minutes of game this year.             
  3. Voicing that thought here is dangerous. Those who worship at the alter of Jerry Jones will rake you over the coals for daring to say that.  God help you. 
  4. Manvel/Seven Lakes/George Ranch

    I am sure you are right. With that said, I see BISD has released Bevil Oaks into the HJ district. Yes, I know Bevil Oaks is a wreck right now due to flooding, but in time families will refill that community. and H-J will collect some depth, at the least. Good luck to H-J.  . 
  5. Hamshire Fannett is open

    Mid county, LOL.

    I am aware the 6A game will be televised, and the others are available on a streaming basis from some site. Will FSSW air the 1A-5A Championship games later on a delayed basis? IIRC, they used to show them all, even if it was a week or two later.   
  7. Yeah their football is top notch. They hammered EC in the playoffs a few years ago. Crazy zebra uniforms and helmets!
  8. RIP Blain Padgett

    The dude was a BEAST! may God bless and comfort the family.
  9. Hamshire Fannett is open

    You are right about that. EC won 2 years ago (but no it was not a nail biter), but H-F won and broke something like a 10 year long losing streak in the Rice Bowl last year.  Really I don't think there is any issue here. I am sure our H-F neighbors can go at least 3-16 in the next two years regardless who is hired. Lets just wish him well.  
  10. Hamshire Fannett is open

    No one is mentioning Lance Dale except for those who keep asking why Lance is not being mentioned. If Lance wants to apply he should. If not, then he should not.  FWIW, I think H-F needs entirely new blood from out of the SETX region. Just my 2 cents.  Who knows, maybe they can hire Howes old coach, as long as he doesn't need to be near any doctors, LOL. .   
  11. Hamshire Fannett is open

    If someone just had to move away for "special medical needs", why would they move to a small town up in Grayson County near the TX-OK border? The logistics of this is dubious, at best. The Houston Medical community is globally known as one of the best, if not the very best in the entire world. Hamshire is about an hour east of Houston. Howe, up in Grayson County, is about an hour north of Dallas. Could he not find any world class medical care in Houston??  At 3-16, it was just time to go. The revolving door continues to spin.
  12. You are correct the meltdown was a team effort. With that said, anyone  knows with a 7 point lead and about 25 seconds to go, the one thing you DON'T do is force a quick shot, which leads to turnovers. Was that communicated? The meltdown started then, but multiple mistakes ensued in the next 25 secs. Stop just one of them and BH still wins. Sad to see this team go down. The star post and a good supporting cast had a real chance to be in the SC game  BH was ranked #2, but did not make the Regional finals. Judging by what I overheard the fan base say exiting into the parking lot, I am not alone in this opinion. Thats all. Time to move on. 
  13. BH had the ball with a 7 point lead with 27 seconds left. Epic meltdown. It started when the  BH small guard tried to score over a 6-1 defender in the lane. WHY? Had she just turned out she had ACRES of open real estate to dribble the time away. Then, instead of inbounding the ball high to your 6-5 post they threw away a hard pass with about 15 sec. left. BH severely out coached Friday night.