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  1. 3AD1 Discussion -

    Two wins are two wins, and they were back to back. You might want to discount it, but I won't. How many other teams can readily say they got the same B2B  wins vs. Newton in that same time period? Not many I bet. Pretty short list. However you are right. Since then its been down hill. Things are definitely changing now.  The drought is over. This years squad is going to be tuff!  I would rather play Newton or similar than someone like Kountze anytime. Playing the best makes you stronger. JMO.  
  2. 3AD1 Discussion -

    I cannot either!
  3. 3AD1 Discussion -

    WV-Newton would be a great game. Glad you scheduled the game!
  4. 3AD1 Discussion -

    Seriously? Sorry you are so terrified of just the thought of playing Newton. Develop some courage! EC should not be afraid to play any 3A school in TX. Remember, it wasn't too long ago we beat Newton back to back. Playing stronger teams makes you stronger. EC has the talent, depth and staff to compete. NOT saying they would win!  Good programs should not curl up in the fetal position when faced with a challenge. Playing Newton now would pay off when facing Franklin, etc. later.      
  5. 3AD1 Discussion -

    I don't want to get into a "war of words" with anyone. Lets just say the drought EC has been in the past few years is OVER. EC will not miss the playoffs, EC will not lose the Rice Bowl this year. EC is poised to make a deep run. I think they win the district, maybe go 9-1, and then cruise easily at least to the third round. After that it would just depend.   
  6. 3AD1 Discussion -

    Well, you just said that "everyone is having their best team in a decade this year apparently", too, LOL.    
  7. Every Game will matter in 5A D2 - 12.

    100% correct!   
  8. Every Game will matter in 5A D2 - 12.

    Ned will be undergoing a coaching change. I am sure the new staff will be great but there will be an inevitible adjustment period. Wet field? Any team should be able to deal with it. Heck, back in the day we used to even play in the rain. I know thats unthinkable today, LOL.   
  9. 3AD1 Discussion -

    "Large margin"? "easily the favorite"? Sorry, not this year, LOL. This will likely be the best team EC has put on the feild in the past 10 years.   
  10. 3AD1 Discussion -

    Until proven differently, that statement is 100% correct.  With that in mind, this would have been an excellent year for Newton to play EC. Just sayin'.   
  11. I want to let everyone know Todd is doing great today. We just visited him and his wife (Wednesday AM) and Todd is progressing wonderfully. The Docs that come in and out are pretty much amazed how stong he is. So much so he will likely be up and walking this evening! Keep up all the prayers, SETX! They work!   
  12. 2018 World Cup

    If you don't like this years bracket, just wait til 2022.
  13. And Argentina is looking pretty bad right now. Too much reliance on Messi alone... Belgium rested some starters, and is loaded and ready for round 2. 
  14. 3AD1 Discussion -

    I have no idea who will win it all, but I do know EC is easily the team to beat in SETX. I cannot see EC even being challenged until the 3rd round, if that. 
  15. And the SETX community says AMEN!