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  1. Giants@Texans

    Don't know the stats, but JJ Watt had an excellent game. Something like 6 tkls 2 sacks, after being double teamed all day.   
  2. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    Laughable. Buna won't stay within 50 points of EC. WV won't score a TD until the 4th quarter, and thats against our reserves. EC will have this game totally put away by halftime. AGAIN, this is not last year. EC will be playing football in December. WV will be long gone by then.   
  3. Giants@Texans

    With the exception of a meaningless garbage time TD with 1 sec. left, the QB put up a whopping 15 points on the board against the then 0-2 NYG's at home. Included was yet another pick in the endzone.  DW "might" be an excellent QB one day. Might. However, what would the fan base reaction be if Oswiller or Savage was the QB right now??? The picthforks would be out, carried by a very large very angry mob in the NRG parking lot.  DW, meanwhile gets a full pass. Its "BOB fault...JJ Watts fault...the Texans Cheerleaders fault...its the hot dog vendors fault!...ANYONE but DW!  ANYONE!      . 
  4. Allen and Katy are mega schools. Allen and Katy get lots of top transfers out of greater D-FW and Houston, respectively.  
  5. You are right. Justin Bieber could coach Newton to the State Championship this year, while Bill Belicheck could not coach several teams and win more than 1 or 2 games. 
  6. Its pretty clear paying a coach a high salary doesn't  automatically buy yourself a "great program". Athletes, transfers, tradition, numbers, coaching, community support, facilities. More or less in that order. JMO.  
  7. I guess with your definition, you would describe our Texas heros at the Alamo "losers" too. They fought valiently but were overwhelmingly outnumbered and finally fell in battle.  Pathetic. 

    Got to be impressed with Baker Mayfield! Here is an excerpt from ESPN: When Mayfield walked on the field late in the first half, the Browns were down 14-0. By game's end, Mayfield had erased the deficit and scored 21 points in just more than a half, giving the Browns a 21-17 win over the Jets and Cleveland celebrates the Browns' first win in 635 days.   He did this after replacing an ineffective Tyrod Taylor around half time. Dang! I sure wish Houston would have drafted Baker Mayfield!  
  9. Thats a horrible statement. You just attacked the young men who suited up and played for Sabine Pass, even as they were playing outnumbered and undermanned, and questioned their work ethic? Are you really calling out the young men as some kind of "slackers" on the team just there for getting a jacket? Really? Unbelievable. 
  10. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    Sorry, but EC's defense is almost inpenetrable. This is not last year. Woodville will be lucky to even reach double digits. I don't usually predict scores, but if I had to, EC 31, Woodville 9. Woodville scores a late TD on EC's reserves. 
  11. I disagree that there is 15 schools too many in SETX. Do you really want to consolidate SETX in to a few large to very large schools? This would ultimately limit the number of players on the feild on Friday nights. It might cut it clean in half, and that would be terrible. It would deny the Friday night experience to potentially hundreds of young men.       
  12. "Sabine Pass" may not, but some of the young men who pull the shoulder pads on sure do. Personally I care a lot more about them than "Sabine Pass'.   
  13. An early goodbye

    Best wishes, and good luck in the 'Zona!
  14. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    I think you are right. They make more than a lot of 4A and 5A coaches, IIRC. Maybe some one can dig up the list.