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    Riordan really got the word out about his disdain for the new supt and the kool aid drinkers fell for it....the supt making football decisions on the sidelines?  Thats funny.  Already threatening to go to Northshore?  What if folks had said this when the former coach(who was only OC as well) was hired?  The former coach inherited a very strong program....all of the posters on this forum could have won with the talent that guy had.  The community came together and that was HUGE- but now all the community wants to do is talk about CODE RED leaving....boo freaking hoo.  Support the new guy as you did the old guy.  Give him a chance, but quit trying to threaten leaving and already saying they will go 0-10

    New super actually listened to the community and saw many many problems with the ATHLETIC PROGRAM- not just the football team.  Besides, are you really gonna laud Keith Moore for the great job he did with the former coach?  Change is good and if the former coach wanted to be a power monger more power to him in Tyler

    Priorities seem to be misguided.  If it werent for the new supt, Crosby ISD might not exist and the head coaching vacancy would be a moot point.  Quit blaming the man who basically saved Crosby ISD Trust me, lots of Crosby people are beyond thrilled the last coach is gone.....more to life that football games- hence the title ATHLETIC DIRECTOR- 
  4. CROSBY vs. LEE

    Yes the staff at Lee has definitely proved their worth.  Not many folks would have predicted that Lee would have the most wins in Baytown this year
  5. CROSBY vs. LEE

    Change can be good and its time for a change.  He hasnt been anymore successful than Kevin Flanigan if you think about it....but it depends how you measure success.  Made it past the 2nd round 1 time- yes it was a deep run but if you measure success by playoffs, then he hasnt been successful getting past the 2nd round. Flanigan made it past the 2nd round 1 time- same as Riordan but was shown the door.   If you want to measure success by regular season, Riordan has been wildly successful.  However who would have thought Dayton would have this monumental collapse in their program because that was Flanigan's nemesis year after year. Regular season doesnt matter though in the big picture.
  6. CROSBY vs. LEE

    Riordan's last game?  I say Lee by 6.  Crosby cant stop anybody on defense and the Lee QB is on a roll right now
  7. Playoffs

    Crosby vs. Port Neches Groves.....details to come
  8. Standings

    Friendswood Santa Fe Crosby GCM Tx City Galveston Ball Baytown Lee Galena Park
  9. Crosby vs. Friendswood

    Friendswood wins in 4.  First set they have lost in district play. Crosby came out on fire, was up in the first set but a certain rotation just couldnt hold up and Friendswood took advantage.  Crosby won the 2nd set and seemed to lose energy as the match went on.  
  10. Nederland at PNG

    Nederland is tough but PNG is pretty good.  Crosby has split with them in 2 great matches.   COUld anybody in this district tell the standings so far/or places? In our district it is Friendswood/Crosby 4-0, Santa Fe, GCM, TX CIty, Ball, Galena Park, Lee   SInce we play each other 1st round just trying to find out things.  GOod luck to both teams
  11. Crosby vs. Friendswood

    The # 2 team takes on the #11 team as Crosby travels to Friendswood for a 1st place battle tonight.  Crosby is currently 21-5 on the season and 4-0 in district.  I will try to keep things updated as the game goes on.  
  12. The #1 4A team in Texas faces off against Crosby Cougars.  Huffman is off to a 16-0 start coming off a Leon County tourney championship.  Crosby is 8-3 and starting to figure things out....who you got?
  13. Crosby at Spring/Post updates here!

    Crosby wins a thriller in 5 sets!  18-25, 23-25, 25-7, 25-20, 15-10.  Crosby looking good led by a strong group of Seniors