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  1. This was the first game back for Kountze’s Dallion Edwards 
  2. Yeah I agree. Not because of lack of numbers because I’m pretty sure there is a freshman and JV team. They are still a decent team and should compete for a district title and a good run at the Regional Tournament IMO
  3. Nope not happening lol. Still have a lack of talent.
  4. I think it’s probably more of HF not being good
  5. Jimbo fisher is now an Aggie

    If your talking about Coach Brewster.. guess who is joining Jimbo in Aggieland ?
  6. Yeah your right. Should be a good game. I hope the Stangs win their 3rd title in a row this year.
  7. I believe Newton will win the state championship. WOS.... I’ve watched Bellville and kept up WOS all season. Bellville lost to a Salado team in a game that shouldn’t have been close. Bellville played terrible and lost in OT. As much as I support Bellville I’m a realist. We weren’t that good of a team this year. WOS has a pretty good defense but their offense honestly isn’t great. I just don’t think they make it to jerry world. I think they lose to Wimberly this week. I hope I’m wrong . Now I’m sure people will get on my case because I think WOS will lose.
  8. My rankings for this week

    Those look good mike.
  9. Tournament Updates

    Kountze won the Zavala tournament 
  10. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Pulling for you WOS. But I think the gas runs out here.
  11. Kountze beat them. If you weren’t aware lol . Sorry I had to lol
  12. 5A #13 Sulpher Springs 71 Kountze 49 F
  13. This tournament looks to be down a little this year. Usually several state ranked teams. But overall still a good tournament.
  14. Kountze 72 Pine Tree 71F Kountze 58 Jefferson 57 F