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  1. Best 8th graders 2018

    Glad to see Buna getting some more talent. I think Kountze has a good one coming up as well.
  2. Hardin 14 Anahuac 0 5 innings   
  3. How many trips to state has he had before 2 years ago? Just curious 
  4. Silsbee vs Somerset

    I understand what they are playing for. But the odds are still definitely against them.
  5. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Go get the W Silsbee. That way I can make the trip tomorrow!
  6. Silsbee vs Somerset

    If Silsbee doesn’t win by at least 15 then Silsbee must have played a bad game 
  7. Manvel/Seven Lakes/George Ranch

    Curious to see who this is
  8. Kirbyville @ Lufkin Hudson 3-6-17

    Well Woodville did beat Lufkin Hudson. I think this is a game Kirbyville should win
  9. Evadale Tourney

    Ouch lol
  10. Grandview beat Jarrell 47 44
  11. A few years ago they had that stud QB that started for Baylor last year
  12. Kirbyville 10 Newton 6/FINAL


    You can throw out the regular season. None of that matters