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  1. I expect WOS to pull away after Halftime. But solid first half HJ
  2. I picked Lufkin in this one. Paying off so far.
  3. Newton 58 Garrison 0/FINAL

    Garrison 0 Newton 21 10:35 2nd
  4. Woodville 43 Buna 14/FINAL

    Woodville 0 Buna 0 end 1
  5. Newton 58 Garrison 0/FINAL

    Garrison 0 Newton 15 3:45 1st
  6. Newton 58 Garrison 0/FINAL

    Garrison 0 Newton 8 4:09 1st
  7. Lol what did you have a few drinks and finally come up with a response? 
  8. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    I don’t think either team is afraid of the matchup.
  9. PNG has a good team. IDK about them beating Kingwood Park though. But you never know. I wish Bellville was in the region with Tarkington and the other 4As from that area.
  10. Loaded without them? They must have vastly improved from last season then.
  11. What y’all think? I say Hardin, Huffman, and Tarkington will have the best shot.
  12. Newton looking for 2018 games

    I still think Newton finds their way on the schedule. Would probably benefit more from playing them then pretty much every team other than Nederland .