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  1. Dallardsville Big Sandy 14 Evadale 0/FINAL

    Big Sandy has looked impressive all year
  2. Buna 3 Kountze 2/FINAL

    Kountze 2 Buna 3 F
  3. Hardin 8 Kountze 5/FINAL

    Hardin won 8-5
  4. Bridge City 12 Silsbee 2/FINAL

    Based off their record they may not be bad but they aren’t good. But I’m going merely off that. 
  5. Bridge City 12 Silsbee 2/FINAL

    Is Nederland good ?
  6. Bridge City 12 Silsbee 2/FINAL

    I’m not saying this to disrespect Silsbee or Kountze, but when Silsbee lost to Kountze earlier in the year that told me Silsbee was probably down a little bit. So that mixed with BC being good is probably the reason for this outcome 
  7. Kountze 12 Anahuac 2/FINAL

    Kountze 12 Anahuac 2 F 
  8. Kountze 12 Anahuac 2/FINAL

    Idk the score but Kountze won. Moves them to 3-0 in district 
  9. Kirbyville has dropped a few lately. 
  10. Silsbee Football 2019

    I look for the Arline kid to get more carries to. Silsbee should have another quality team. This 4A D2 Region is gonna be fun come playoffs, assuming all teams stay in good health.
  11. Jasper Invitational

    Needville sure traveled a ways for this one
  12. I mean they should’ve with the talent they had lol
  13. Silsbee just had an insane talent abundance and honestly shouldn’t have lost to Yates last weekend but I’m not gonna get on that subject.