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  1. Welcome back

    The real question is do I get unblocked on twitter lmao
  2. Wos jumbotron

    This is the real question 
  3. 4A D2 Region 3 predictions

    It’s possible. Idk anything about them so hopefully someone knows something. I know Bellville returns a 1st team all state DE and 2nd team all state DT. Along with their best RB who will be a Jr. and missed all last season to a injury. That’s all I have for now on them. Dave Campbell may have more when it comes out.
  4. If everyone stays healthy (which I hope happens) we should be in for some great football come playoffs. With that said, what are everyone’s predictions as far as favorites to win the region and sleeper picks ! My favorites are Silsbee, WOS, and Jasper in no particular order. My sleepers are Giddings, Bellville, and Sweeny. Am I missing anyone?
  5. Kountze- Grayland Arnold I’m guessing  Bellville- Emanuel Sanders 
  6. Wanted wish all the dads a Happy Father’s Day 
  7. dave campbell preseason 4a d1 & d2 top 10

    Guess we will see
  8. New Kountze HFC Todd Paine on the Texas football podcast
  9. 3a Division 2 rankings

    Yeah I’d say East Bernard or Canadian 

    Grandview is gonna be very solid
  11. dave campbell preseason 4a d1 & d2 top 10

    Curious to see if Cuero is as good without their superstar .
  12. 5a Top 10s

    I think New Caney will be flying under the radar going into the season 
  13. Honestly I wouldn’t mind a Bellville vs Franklin matchup either
  14. I’d imagine Jasper and Silsbee will be in the top 10. Honestly WOS should be to but for some reason to start the season I don’t think they will be. Will also probably see Giddings in the top 10 because I believe they return a lot as well. Bellville will probably be top 15. I can’t wait for the season to start.