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  1. I think he will have a lot more success on the track. IMO
  2. I seen the video . The guy was definitely out before the run scored. Sad 4 umpires couldn’t get that call right.
  3. BI-District Brazos Vs Hardin

    No because the score is to high for Hardin Football. Jkjkjk lol
  4. Last I saw on Twitter Silsbee was up 3-2. Not sure on the inning though 

    Please explain 

    Unless we are talking about basketball program success then this isn’t true. 
  7. Kirbyville 18 Kountze 6/FINAL

    I know Kirbyville has a good team, but looks like Kountze is going through a tough time.
  8. Hardin 3 Kirbyville 2/FINAL

    Nice win Hardin. 
  9. Possible QB for Silsbee next year

    Not only the QB position but also I’m wondering how the offensive line will be.
  10. Best 8th graders 2018

    Glad to see Buna getting some more talent. I think Kountze has a good one coming up as well.
  11. Hardin 14 Anahuac 0 5 innings   
  12. How many trips to state has he had before 2 years ago? Just curious 
  13. Silsbee vs Somerset

    I understand what they are playing for. But the odds are still definitely against them.