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  1. No one from Kountze is lol and I agree they shouldn’t 
  2. 2018 Willie Ray Smith Finalists

    Barlow for offenseive   
  3. Being from Kountze I’ve seen us on the other end of games like this frequently. It is what it is lol Part of the game!
  4. I’ll take Orangefield by 13
  5. Warren 51 Hardin 60/FINAL

    This year I might. 
  6. Are you joking? You seem serious jk lol
  7. I don’t believe they will be back. But if they were playing Kountze would be in contention for 2nd
  8. So has Kountze basically all year
  9. Buna 83 Kountze 42/FINAL

    I think one of the best 7th graders Kountze would’ve had this year moved to Lumberton.
  10. Buna 83 Kountze 42/FINAL

    Maybe he was talking about Devin Bray years ago? But he was originally in Kountze before that
  11. Buna 83 Kountze 42/FINAL

    I really don’t see Hardin beating Orangefield 
  12. Buna 83 Kountze 42/FINAL

    EC Orangefield/Buna Orangefield/Buna Everyone else
  13. Early Signing Period

    I agree. I wanna say there was one other FSU flip somewhere