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  1. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    Simple math brother, 2 is larger than 1. 2 loss Georgia vs 2 Loss Oklahoma.....Most years, GA is gonna get the nod. Obviously, it depends on who beat them, but I think most would agree (especially the folks who make the decisions) that if you take the last 15 years of college football as a WHOLE, the SEC would get that nod 75-80% of the time over ANY other conference. You may not like it, you may think it's unfair, hell even I think it may be a bit unfair, but you simply cannot argue with HISTORY and the facts that support a decisive advantage of playing in the SEC. Problem is, as most in SEC teams will attest to, it's a nightmare to even get to the point where you can get the "benefit of the doubt" from the committee (As someone said in earlier post, teams are kept at "arms length")You can argue "conspiracy" all you want or "SEC bias" or ESPN is in "bed with the SEC", but until another conference wins almost 70% of the national championships in a 15 year period, it is not going to change. To change that dynamic in our current system, a conference like the big 10 or big 12 is going to have to reel off 3 or 4 of the next 5 or 6 championships, much like the SEC did from 2006 to 2012 when 3 different teams won NC's from the SEC for 7 years straight. The SEC is STILL benefiting from that run of dominance and as long as Bama keeps carrying that torch, it's not likely to change. 
  2. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

  3. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    No one wants to deal with Texas Inc....You make my point with "neighbors". Deloss Dodds, as much as I hate that dude, was a revolutionary and was one HELL of an AD and should be mailed a check for every stinkin teasip t shirt and hat sold in this country (or is he dead, I cant remember, maybe that was the President of tu). As for the SEC gettin into Texas, I think that is a bit over reported personally as the SEC (LSU mainly) already had their hands in Tx pie. But yes, I see your point, it certainly did not hurt the SEC's agenda. As for the PAC 12..etc..see my first line because its true!! Agreed, NCAA is on borrowed time from a legal standpoint. Tick Tock.  And likewise sipster, I know you are quite versed in everything "aggy" and UT, that's why I made the wise crack. I appreciate your knowledge and good takes as well.     
  4. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    On your first thought, I am simply talking about re-distribution of wealth, same concept, but point taken and kudo's for educated analogies, not something I see here a whole lot. Second, no doubt Bama gets hosed, but if the entire system were based on performance on the field, then obviously 1/2 the schools would not exist, every winner produces a loser. I cant argue the "arms length" because it's tough to win 8 games, let alone 9-10 in the SEC West, but with that comes higher expectations and a draining of the swamp in Aggieland. For WAY too long, TAMU has been an underachieving bird nest on the ground. I like what Jimbo has brought to town though. Only time will tell, but for now, Jimbo gets a solid B+ from me. He wins a bowl game and he gets an A- in his first year.  Three, cant argue that. It was just a jab. Even Charlie beat OU. Poor Charlie, I still feel sorry for that dude.   
  5. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    I can halfway see your point with Vandy, but Vandy is "old money". The cash cash ridden alums keep Vandy in the mix, throw in Nashville and the TV market and the SEC lets them ride the coat-tails,  but Kentucky more than holds its share with revenue in the SEC when it comes to basketball and a football program playing on New Years Day this year. I do have to give you credit though with the socialism analogy because I do believe that theory holds water. Myself, I am a capitalist pig (See my thoughts in original post when I said tu does not have to answer to anyone!!!) All I was trying to get across is that way of thinking does not make for the most loyal of neighbors..... ie A&M, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado.  And by the way, how do you think the women's field hockey (or pick any title IX sport) at tu gets to travel and buy those nice new uniforms every year? We all know Saturdays at DKR pay for that and much more. Is that not socialism? As for Bama doing the heavy lifting, I see that as well. Kinda like OU in the Big 12...poke poke..
  6. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    Or if others would have been like Nebraska.....Or Colorado.......Or Missouri........There is a reason why the Big 12 has had these major DEPARTURES, that reason is in the mirror. TRUTH.
  7. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    At least a credible response, but seriously, where exactly did I compare A&M to tu? My entire passage was about LOYALTY to conferences and how that manifests itself differently in each conference. If anything, I put tu above A&M right? Did I not? Why in the hell would I root for UCF to beat LSU and make for a "weaker" conference?  Where did I say anything about winning a NC before tu? One thing we can agree on, I hope Bama beats OU as well!! Roll Tide.......................................SEC...SEC...SEC.. Gig Em
  8. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    Typical snowflake tu responses. Truth does tend to lend itself to brevity. 
  9. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    All these SEC conspiracy theories you have. You are always very quick to judge, but never one to "understand" why this is. So lets read "between the lines" as you so eloquently stated.. because sometimes, you just need to look into the mirror to find the answers...... Perhaps some lessons to be learned here in loyalty. Something tu knows little about, hence the flight of schools and reluctance of others to join big 12-2-2+1+1 or whatever it is this week and the reluctance of the PAC 12 or any other major conference to ever send an official invite to tu when all the shuffling was happening 4-5 years ago and the conference looked to be imploding. tu is in it for tu and that is all fine and dandy because they are only 1 of about 5 or 6 schools in this country who can do what they have done and basically get what they want all the time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, get what you can get (ie, their own network) , just don't expect others around you to like it, that is just human nature. The Texas Tech's and Baylor's of the world had no choice but to ride the coat tails of tu and hope for the best. In the end, you have a conference, but one of inequality and unfairness when it comes to $$$$ and tv contracts, thus resulting in petty jealousy throughout.  On the other hand, everything's equal in the SEC when it comes to $$ and TV deals. No one is being treated differently than the other. That same model is used by the Big 10 and Pac 12 as well (Not sure about the ACC) Decisions are made in the best interest of the entire conference, not one "mother ship" institution. Loyalty to a conference is not something that just happens. It happens when there is a level playing field and just like everything, that starts with MONEY!!  In closing, perhaps it is not the abundance of loyalty in the SEC that ruffles your feathers as much as it is the lack of loyalty inside your own conference that moves you to poke and jest at the superior model set forth by the SEC and other conferences. Or is it superior? For tu, maybe not, but for others in the Big 12, I cant help but think that they would love to bite off some of that tu pie and we all know that is not happening in Austin as long as tu is calling the shots for the conference and honestly, as an Aggie fan, I cant say as I blame them because tu has the ultimate trump card in that they DO NOT need a conference. So to all tu fans, don't hate on conference loyalties, because loyalty is a bi-product of equality throughout, not a King and peasantry hierarchy. Sometimes you not not look any further than a mirror to find your answer........   Luke has Spoken    
  10. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Sorry to pee in your pinot buddy, but NOTHING in Austin Texas makes me jealous, NOTHING. 
  11. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    as so does teasip ignorance
  12. College Football Playoff

    There is nothing wrong with the way it is now, bottom line. No matter the #, you will ALWAYS have #5 or #9 or #17 griping that they were left's who we are as sports fans. The way I look at it, the playoff actually begins in early November. The only 3 teams in question this year were Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Georgia and Ohio State had "ugly" losses. OU had no ugly loss, won their conf. champ. game and ended the season with 1 loss. As for UCF, they have now earned my respect after 2 undefeated seasons, power 5 or not. If memory serves me right, it took Boise State a couple of years to gain the pollsters respect before they broke through and proved they belonged by beating OU in the Fiesta Bowl. UCF did beat an "unmotivated" Auburn team last season, so I will give them that. If they beat LSU to end this season, I gotta have them in the top 8 or so to begin next year so they have a LEGIT shot at the top 4 next year. 
  13. Championship Week

    Yeah, quite similar to a certain central Texas city, hence the comfort level. 
  14. Strength of Schedule for Texas Teams

    Not exactly an everyday word so I may or may not have checked SP on that one.