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  1. Our QB is Khalan Griffin (Class of 2020) who transferred in from Chapel Hill/John Tyler.  He was able to use his speed quite well last night in horrible conditions.  More than a handful of long runs for him last night.  Huntington is much more sound than I remember them being over the last however many years.  Hopefully they will allow the coach long enough to work it all out.  Those kids deserve a chance to be competitive, and I think they will get there if given time!
  2. It's going to be wet for sure.  Luckily we wear different colored helmets so we can notice who is who!  Huntington is looking better on film than I have seen them in quite some time.  As a coach I will not make a game prediction obviously, but we will just have to agree to disagree on your score prediction.  However, the turnover count in the mud is extremely critical tonight!
  3. I'm disappointed!!! No one cares that I get to bring my guys down to Huntington tonight to play??? I figured there would be some talk about this game on here!!! All joking aside, I'm glad the weather has remained at least decent enough for us to get to play tonight on that lovely grass field tonight in our brand new road whites!!! Good luck to everyone tonight!
  4. Surely you can bring @Lefty99 out of retirement for Lumberton games right?
  5. Todd, I get no love brother? Game 1 has a special play-by-play appearance from yours truly!
  6. Games Needed?

    If you know of schools looking for games, please post here.  Might be some coaches looking for one more game somewhere...
  7. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    Melissa wins 56-34
  8. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    Melissa scores on 4th down on a screen pass to go up 56-34
  9. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    Melissa puts another on the board, up 49-34 with 3:40 to play
  10. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    Melissa scores again, up 42-34 with 6:29 to play in the game
  11. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    Rusk turns it over for the fourth time inside the Melissa 35, 10 minutes to play
  12. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    End of the 3rd Quarter, Melissa 35-34 Winner gets Gilmer, who is whipping Caddo Mills
  13. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    Melissa takes the ball and scores on the next drive.... Melissa 35-34
  14. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    Rusk scores again after a punt, two point try, Rusk 34, Melissa 28
  15. Melissa 56 Rusk 34/FINAL

    Rusk scores on first play... two point try no good... Tied at 28-28