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  1. Huffman took it on the chin. Robisnon bats came alive and stayed hot. Better team won the series. Plain and simple. See ya next year. Huffman only losing 2 starters. Gr8 season and thank you senior's for the memories. Good luck to ya. 
  2. Tough loss. Robinson had traffic all night long and Huffman couldn't get it going against a tough lefty.  Try it again tomorrow. If the bats dont wake up tomorrow we will be hanging up the cleats. Let's go boys. Man up 
  3. Ok fellas. Lots of teams off the board and we are down to 4 in our region. Huffman coming off a 13 or 14 game winning streak,  6 in a row in playoffs, beat two solid teams In Silsbee and Hardin Jefferson. (Imo Silsbee was the better team)Huffman came back against both teams late in the games. Never quit in these boys. So with the few still on the board who you got?  Of course i am taking Huffman. That being said not because of a homer pick, but because they completely got hot as a team at the right time and pitching and defense has been good enough to stay in games and give that offense a chance to roll. Told you guys blink and Huffman will have a 2 or 3 spot on you in a hurry. Go Huffman 
  4. Wait til we get this Huffman vs Robinson thang kicked off. 
  5. Eweee Monday ain't even got here and we already got these predictions rolling. Get past this round Big Sandy gonna have this post in the wall throwing darts at it. Lol  
  6. Huffman baseball and softball

    Yup. Been there a few times. Seating is tight but will be fine. 
  7. Huffman baseball and softball teams are both deep into the playoffs. How cool is it that both teams are to play Robinson in the next round and at the same place in Madisonville on Thursday?  Huffman travels extremely well for both teams. That place is about to be rocking. 
  8. Wow. This will be one to watch. 
  9. 4A - Region 3

    Now is this sincere?  Lol just watched the Lufkin Hudson Robsinson game. Huffman has really pulled together as a team. Silsbee and HJ threw quality pitchers and they found away. Take a breath, let your guard down, Huffman will have already put up a 3 spot on ya look for this series to be no different. I like the Robinson crowd. They talk it  
  10. 4A - Region 3

    Not sure why a double header on a Thursday night instead of doing a game 3 days in a row. But ill take the sweep. Keep on flying under the radar Huffman. Beat 2 solids teams with Silsbee, LEMME GUESS DOWN YEAR, and Hardin Jefferson, LEMME GUESS UMPIRES SCREWED YA. May a mention in 2 games each series! Keep working hard Huffman and good luck next round!
  11. Hey were you at the Huffman/HJ game last night? Curious if this was broadcasted? If so is it recorded? 

    1. WOSgrad


      No, I followed the games on Game Changer.

  12. Just as expected..  chippy from pitch 1. Huffman handled business and handled it well. Clutch hitting clutch pitching solid defensive game. Next.