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  1. Well let me go ahead and start off by saying LIBERTY AINT PLAYED NOBODY and HUFFMAN RUN RULES THEM TOMORROW NIGHT! Liberty's schedule is watered down so I hope you enjoyed the cake walk before tomorrow night. Huffman will be packed and should be a great environment for Tuesday night baseball.  LOL......... I am just messing.  Safe Travels Liberty and should be a great game tomorrow night. Weather will be gr8 too!!!!!!!
  2. Yup another loss. Huffman has no consistency at the plate. Dont make routine plays. Maybe 1 stolen base this season. I bet our pitchers lead the entire nation in walks and opponents have probably scored 90% of their runs with 2 outs. I mean 3-4 pitch 2 outs and then end up throwing 45 pitches in the inning type stuff.  All that being said, hopefully things will start falling into place after spring break and get into district and start rolling. Pretty descent 3-4 guys on the mound will get the bulk of the work in district and playoffs. 
  3. Cody Oliphant          So.         Huffman              1
  4. Ben Leisure          Sr         Huffman              2 Matthew Dorsey            Sr         Huffman             1
  5. Huffman basketball travels well.  Please update.
  6. Lumberton at Huffman

    Word on the street is Huffman gets it by next season. That being said, don't do squat for this year. More rain this week thru Monday then turning cold. Huffman hosting a tourney Thursday thru Saturday on grass fields! LOL 
  7. Lumberton at Huffman

    No biggie!   : )
  8. Lumberton at Huffman

    Huffman played Clear Lake/Creek or whoever it was and got beat 5-2.   
  9. Lumberton at Huffman

    Huffman did not play Laporte. 
  10. Lumberton at Huffman

    Huffman threw a lefty to start the game that is probably 5-6 starter. I wish coach would get the guys some work on the front end of the rotation. Huffman has now played a total of 6 innings in regular season. Rained out 1 scrimmage, played 1 scrimmage in sleet and that's it. 
  11. Liberty tournament

    LCM has played 6 games already? Huffman has played one game! ONE!