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  1. Crosby is open

    isnt that the date of the next board meeting at ch?
  2. Stephenville open - Houston area related

    rio resigns the day ch opens up idk
  3. Kountze 37, East Chambers 126/FINAL

    is there even anyone left in Kountze?
  4. Nice windmill

    Micah Peavy is 6-7
  5. LP Job opening

    well he's the campus coordinator too but that could make sense as well.
  6. LP Job opening

    no but they would probably have baseball periods maybe soccer as well
  7. LP Job opening

    first its common sense second, i bet a school like La Porte has more athletic periods than that
  8. Bridge City / Chuck Young Field

    That’s good for them. It’s a pretty terrible field considering the amount of history they have in their program. 
  9. Jasper vs Godley

    I bet argyle will win the whole thing but jasper, I think, will give them more of a run for their money than anyone else
  10. Coldspring open

    fast =/= athleticism 
  11. Coldspring open

  12. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    and argyle, who i bet will win 4a again
  13. Saratoga West Hardin

    you wont find payscales like anahuac's at much larger schools
  14. Huffman vrs lufkin Hudson

    hudson doesnt have arms they just play quality baseball
  15. he very well might have not been paying attention but the 3rd baseman had to have done something to get a fake tag call