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  1. Bridge City / Chuck Young Field

    That’s good for them. It’s a pretty terrible field considering the amount of history they have in their program. 
  2. Jasper vs Godley

    I bet argyle will win the whole thing but jasper, I think, will give them more of a run for their money than anyone else
  3. Coldspring open

    fast =/= athleticism 
  4. Coldspring open

  5. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    and argyle, who i bet will win 4a again
  6. Saratoga West Hardin

    you wont find payscales like anahuac's at much larger schools
  7. Huffman vrs lufkin Hudson

    hudson doesnt have arms they just play quality baseball
  8. he very well might have not been paying attention but the 3rd baseman had to have done something to get a fake tag call
  9. the last part is always true but i bet there was something that made the ump think there was a fake tag attempted. they dont just do stuff like that for no reason
  10. Huffman vrs lufkin Hudson

    huffman is definitely better this year but hudson still plays solid, fundamental baseball. you wont see them make many mistakes
  11. St Pius X is Open

    i bet its not the just the lesser kids they just talk and complain about it more because they don't get as much playing time
  12. LCM VS Huffman

    well thats embarassing next time i should try reading the post 
  13. LCM VS Huffman

    thats going to be very good matchup. hudson doesnt have any real strengths but they play really good, fundamentally sound baseball and sometimes thats all it takes
  14. Coldspring open

    in pretty much everything except maybe basketball
  15. I mean some kids just aren’t good at football and don’t enjoy it. That kid is also one of the best defensive catchers in the state at any level