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  1. Big Sandy HC open

    The original post was funnier
  2. Colmesneil hires new coach

    Good hire  don’t know about the basketball program but that’s two really good hcs in the football and baseball programs
  3. UIL Baseball State Tournament

    Congrats to big sandy and argyle In winning back to back
  4. Anahuac hires new HC!

    Improvement can be more than just wins and losses
  5. Anahuac hires new HC!

    I believe so. 
  6. Anahuac hires new HC!

    With some coaches yes but not with a hc who has done everything right and is even improving the program 
  7. Anahuac hires new HC!

    Lol doing their best to get rid of him. 
  8. i didnt realize being against rape enabling and rampant corruption was a liberal thing kind of disappointed to hear that
  9. West Hardin

    ok let me say it plainly public education is not capitalist
  10. West Hardin

  11. West Hardin

    you cant apply capitalist ideals to socialist ideas like public education but the salary is part of the reason WH struggles to find teachers
  12. West Hardin

    i dont think so either, but that's really just both our opinions just making the point though
  13. West Hardin

    you could make the argument teachers are the most valuable profession given they provide all other areas of the workforce with their talent
  14. West Hardin

    Lol at weekends off