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  1. Does anyone have the address of where the Kountze Summer League Games are being played? Is it the High school?
  2. Good Luck Big Sandy lets keep the regional win within the 25-2A

    Just want to give a BIg congratulations to the Rebels. They were a young team and after last years grad class people felt that it would be a growing year. They proved to everyone that with heart and determination you can do what you want. They had fun and played ball. They proved doubters wrong and stayed focus on the prize. They may not have beat Refugio BUT they were in both games and never stopped pressuring until the final out. This TEAM went further than people figured; it’s been almost 10 years since Evadale made it this far. My hats off to each of you and the coaches for a GREAT season, nothing to be ashamed of. With this young team it looks like Evadale going to have a very successful season next year. Again congratulations to the 2019 Evadale Rebels Baseball Team and Coaches. Can’t wait till next season.
  4. Game Refugio 6 Evadale 3
  5. End of 5th  Refugio 5 Evadale 3
  6. Going into bottom 4th Refugio 5 Evadale 3
  7. Refugio 4 Evadale 2 going into bottom of 3rd
  8. You are so correct, yesterday was a bad game and Evadale should have not lost. They went into the game tense and playing as such. 3 past balls and 2 errors cost them 4 runs. Today is a new day and its 0-0, time to redeem what happened yesterday. 
  9. Should have never lost game gave up 4 unearned runs with errors and past balls.... Game 2 tomorrow.  
  10. Evadale loses Game 1 5-3
  11. End of 6th Evadale 2 Refugio 5
  12. End of 5th Evadale 2 Refugio 5
  13. End of 4th Evadale 2 Refugio 5
  14. End of 3rd  Evadale2 Refugio 2