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  1. Do they have a real chance???

    Hj and Woodville without a doubt should be there. Love my Bobcats but not yet on same level with Woodville. Woodville press one of the best around with a killer instinct and the coach always looking at ways to improve. Lots of weapons on the floor. OF has to get past the first round which we have not been able to do despite being one of the top seeds last few years. Not the best at making adjustments in close games. 
  2. Buna 30 Orangefield 14/FINAL

    Keep listening to broadcast but guys never says score. Can someone please update?
  3. SETX Elite

    We are looking for a few 6-7 grade girls for the summer.  Tournaments are primarily in Houston.  DM me if interested.
  4. Can’t say enough how proud I am of this group. You will never find a better group of kids both on and off the floor. 
  5. Keep me posted hoops, I’m on a plane
  6. Why would you not have all of the info at the time of hearing?  Just seems crazy that the info comes after the fact and has such an impact. It’s kindnof like after the hearing and pressure on the person that made a mistake it suddenly changes. If it was a mistake then so be it but just seems very odd.  
  7. You think they forfeit the games? still make playoffs though.

    1. ST413


      Probably so.


    2. Wildcatter


      5 games? Pitty Diboll lol

  8. Spring/summer basketball team here

    When are looking to play?
  9. AAU Teams

    Boys or girls?
  10. I have an 8th grade team. Players from all over the area. Lay most Houston. My number is 4095940931 if you want to discuss more. 

  11. AAU Basketball Girls 6th grade team

    What grade?
  12. Girls Little Dribblers / League Games Needed

    Do either of you have sr girls?
  13. Looking for Little Dribbler Tournament

    Looking for scrimmages for girls 13-14 year olds. We will travel as well.