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  1. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    Jasper/Robinson All games at Montgomery HS Game 1 Thursday 7:00  Game 2 Friday 5:00  Game 3 30 minutes after (if nec)
  2.   And your season. Best of luck next year 
  3. 1st off the size of a person doesn’t have anything to do with bat. I played with guys in the high school and college that swung the same size bat as me and was much smaller. Some guys can generate more whip with their bat speed and make up the ground of “someone way bigger then them”. Some guys prefer to be choked up a little bit at all times.. so go ahead and throw the size of someone out. 
  4. Well let’s be honest.. if you say they got a loaded bat.. WHY would they just start using it late in the game? At the end of the day Jasper has dominated BC in the playoffs over the years and yet we hear the excuses every time. Jasper has always been known for hitting so well and nothing has changed! Sadly people like you give BC people a bad name
  5. They might have a game bat and BP bat. With the BBCOR bats losing pop so quick... have a bat just for games! I mean we even did that before the BBCOR Era. 
  6. Typical BC comment here. With the BBCOR era it’s not shocking. These bats aren’t made as consistent as they used to be. It’s all about preference and feel.. maybe they only got 1 size they like and only have 1? You did so good congratulating the bulldogs on a great series and then had to put something on the end like this.. 
  7. Jasper owns Bridge City in the playoffs! Both very talented teams. BC will be very fun to watch over the next couple years! Good luck Dawgs
  8. Sounded like some great defensive plays in this game! Friday night should be another good one 
  9. Jasper vs Bridge City

    Who’s pitching for BC tonight? 
  10. Huffman vrs lufkin Hudson

    Huffman in 3. Hudson will win 1 close game. Huffman wins one close game and then 1 in a blowout 
  11. Nederland VS Barbers Hill

    Well said! I’ve watched both play this year and this series should go 3. Gonna be a fun one to watch! 
  12. Jasper vs Bridge City

    Also a big difference between tournament and pre district games.. this is round 3 of the playoffs. History in the playoffs says take Jasper but I think it’s BC in 3. Should be some good games. 
  13. Jasper vs Bridge City

    Make sense! I was thinking they were done but guess I’m a few weeks ahead of myself.   Anyone know why they skipped Thursday? Maybe pitch count purposes??
  14. Jasper vs Bridge City

    Always fun to watch these two teams match up in the playoffs. Wish they would’ve played all of them at Lamar! 
  15. Well In my opinion I seen it this weekend. I’m taking nothing away from Kolek at all but as far as having a feel to pitch with 4 pitches... rodriguez is better. I heard one scout say he was best HS pitcher he’s seen in last 15 years.    And i wouldn’t go as far as saying he “lived” in the triple digits. I set behind scouts and GMs (including Nolan Ryan) in Jasper the year he got drafted and he set 95-97. He touched 99 and even 100 a few times but he’s a mid to upper 90s guy. Not much difference in 3 mph fastbal when it comes to talking about these 2 guys. It’s what comes with it and the    Rodriguez kid showed me more then Kolek. But both are fantastic. Everyone has an opinion.