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  1. I feel like this game wont be as good as most people expect. Not knocking memorial or anything but they lost all their started from last year.. I feel like this is in favor of silsbee, by ALOT. But hey, if this was last year Memorial, I put it in favors of Memorial but its not. 
  2. What are the predictions on this game ?
  3. Do you know the name of the wing player who left ?
  4. Exactly, this team did really good despite losing all of them. Sabine has really improved their athletic program. Them kids out there playing their hearts out, I really wish the same team from last year just adding Dorsey back was still there. I wasn’t looking forward to watching Malbrue play this year for this squad.
  5. It’s not that they schedule un-winnable games, it was the surprise moves that happen this year. As I been hearing, three basketball players went back to memorial this year, and one left due to the hurricane harvey. Nobody expected that at all, I believe if everyone would’ve stayed then Sabine Pass would’ve gave evadale a run for its money for that top spot in that district. Daniel Sam developed into a great hooper, just imagine if he would’ve had the help from the players who left...