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  1. Congrats!  More should be coming. 
  2. Coaching Carousel/Coaches Hot Seat

    Lol! He's drawing up a play 
  3. Coaching Carousel/Coaches Hot Seat

    Leland Hand will be the head coach at West Sabine. The scramble press will be in order. 
  4. Saw where Mitchell Seriaille is in at #32 and Jock Hughes is i#38 in Texas. Both from Yates.  Didn't realize they were ranked that high. SFA has offered both.  Have these guys been under the radar?  
  5. Sports injuries

  6. A public plea to the SETX board

    Reb, if you get stopped coming through Huntington, whatever you do just don't mention the name Stevenash. Things could deteriorate quickly.  
  7. Probably too late for that. 
  8. Saveat Out at Ozen.

    Sounds like PACA (Parents Against Coaches Association) is at it again. 
  9. A public plea to the SETX board

    Guys, y'all need to realize how blessed you are to have a site like this. The work that goes into getting scores, schedules, providing game threads etc. Not to mention the time spent keeping it going. This is the best site in Texas. Smoaky and the Old Coach (even though good sites) can't hold a candle to setx. What if this site didn't exist?  It seems that people get their feelings hurt to easy these days. Just enjoy the ride. 
  10. That's three ten run wins in a row.  We squeaked by them in game one in extra innings but they ten runed us the next two. 
  11. All the players you mentioned are very good. But it wouldn't surprise me if Bush was to become the better of the group. He was a little raw last year but I saw tremendous potential last year.