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  1. What's that they say about paybacks?  Lol. 
  2. Taking the year off, sort of...

    AAW has spoiled all of us setx fans (especially Silsbee). Not many 4A programs have the kind of media dedication and exposure that he provides.  A big asset to all area high school teams of all sports.    
  3. 8th Grader

    I thought he looked a bit older. If he keeps progressing next few years he will be a stud. 
  4. Zion Harmon has been offered by SFA. He might be a high major though. Lol
  5. Parquet offers picking up

    Add Virginia Tech. Heating up. 
  6. Badsanta is BACK!!'

  7. Why would Kopp transfer to a place where he wouldn't get much playing time?  Lol
  8. That should be for the regional championship. Should be a good game. Yates's Hughes and Serialle will be a factor. But I think Silsbee will win it....Unless there's some "new faces" shows up for the Lions. Lol
  9. Former Ozen star transfers to Lamar

    Probably a decision that was well thought out by him and his family. This disturbs me because I'm a big SFA fan. Lol. Congrats!!!!
  10. Seen where both committed to SFA today. Serialle is moved up to a 4 star. 
  11. Congrats!  More should be coming.