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  1. Local College Commits

    I think Jordyn Adams was just offered by Austin Peay. Also has offers by SFA and Lamar I believe. 
  2. Diboll

    Diboll moving down to 3A is huge. They should be very good this year. They have a RB that can go!  Top four team. 
  3. Local College Commits

    Verbal Commits and Texas Top 100 could shed some light on it. There are several local players that have offers. 
  4. Spot has been filled. 
  5. The Huntington Integra Holiday Classic needs one more team. Dec 27-29... NO ENTRY FEE, 5 games, T-shirts for players, polos for coaches and one meal a day at coach Jones at HISD 
  6. I'M HOME!

    Great news!  Take it easy and heal. 
  7. Hopefully everyone involved can learn from this. 
  8. Best 8th graders 2018

    What school does he attend?
  9. Any local tourneys in the area this summer? 
  10. Praying all goes well with him. 
  11. TBC. Tourney

    Lol.  We may be short but we’re slow. 
  12. Coach Knowles was always a Kelly trademark. Always thought he did a good job. Talent level was down last year at Kelly. 
  13. I see where we are in the pool with Brock, Abernathy and Dallas Carter this week end. Anyone have a 6’10” we could borrow for the weekend?  
  14. Ours is Friday the 13th. What’s up with that?  Lol