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  1. Next Year

    Broaddus loses only one player. The MVP and offensive MVP and defensive MVP all return. Should be a good year for the Bulldogs. 
  2. Huntington’s Makenzie Hale set a new record in the 4A 100 Hurdles. In 2001 her mother also won state in the same event. 
  3. Next Year

    What will Silsbee’s schedule look like next year? I assume they will not play the same? 
  4. Next Year

    Very good chance. Athletes and solid coaching. 
  5. Next Year

    I read that in an older post but had forgotten about it. My age I guess. Lol 
  6. Next Year

    Didn’t know that. Removed or moved?
  7. Next Year

    Coldspring should be strong. Most everyone back I think. Had a strong JV 
  8. Next Year

    Isn’t Hefner returning for Ned or did he graduate?
  9. Teams to watch and  teams that return a solid group? 
  10. I too have scaled back. Me and nash peaked with those Jasper/ Huntington games a few years back. Lol
  11. Just Passing Through

    Guess I spoke too soon about the move ins. I should waited on that....
  12. Just Passing Through

    Even with those two move ins?  I would think better  than moderate. 
  13. Just Passing Through

    Nash, what’s  the outlook for the HJ basketball program next year?  
  14. Just Passing Through

    Lot of locals complaining about the flashing lights when going through town. But at Christmas it provides automatic Christmas lighting. 
  15. Not even a cricket anywhere. Lol.