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  1. They have toned it down somewhat in the past few years. Lol
  2. Yes I’m conceding to that truth....Kids need to be working on their crip shots more. 
  3. Thought this one would be a lot closer. 
  4. Getty harder to get those home games. 
  5. Gotta love those kind of games. Especially if your team wins. Lol
  6. Broaddus plays some tough defense. 
  7. Game was moved to Kirbyville.  Huntington up 25-12  at half. 
  8. You’re showing your age Nash. 
  9. Coach Harrison is a stand up guy. 
  10. I thought HJ closed the doors to the public. Open only to coaches and parents? whsalum, you and I are a dying breed. Lol
  11. In the Diboll game I noticed they weren’t there. Someone said they were taking test? 
  12. Glad the got MM, EC and Grapeland in separate pools. Should be a good one. 
  13. # 11 and 10 lookes like the glue this year.