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  1. School Shooting

    Preach it JV-coach!  A lot  goes back to the break down of the home. 
  2. Lufkin Hudson

    First day Hudson job was posted got over thirty apps. Over 800 enrollment and no football. 
  3. Lufkin Hudson

    Don’t know yet but heard setx. 
  4. Saw where Hudson’s Head coach Rob Peterson has moved on.  He did a good job there over the years. 
  5. Next Year

    Beaumont U 6A?
  6. Probably a little early but what area teams (besides Silsbee, lol) should be good or better next season?  
  7. Don’t they lose the Evans kid too?
  8. Center will be decent but not near as good as this year.  Neat tourney for Silsbee. 
  9. My parade gets rained on a lot. Lol
  10. How many starters does Leggett have coming back next year?   
  11. Kendrick Perkins signs with

    Always rooted for KP. 
  12. Best 8th graders 2018

  13. Best 8th graders 2018

    I’m a legend in my own mind. Bo-hack was good back when. The older we get the better we were. Lol