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  1. I think that district will be a little more balanced this year. No clear favorite as of now in IMHO. Still think it will be between HJ and Silsbee but there could be an upset or two. 
  2. I’m assuming that the two Louisiana move ins (brothers) will definitely start. Heard that the younger one is even better than the older. 
  3. Bo Hack follows my lead. He still has repercussions from Robert Parrish’s elbow bruising his head.  Parrish gave him that name. Lol
  4. Connally is my sleeper as of now. 
  5. Sig has a good resume. A pay raise could be in order if he desired? 
  7. Red Devils return a solid group from last year. Also a 6’6” freshman has been having a good summer.   
  8. Yates lost a lot but will probably have a few move-ins. Silsbee could make some noise if Bush stays(heard rumblings he could leave). One of the teams to beat IMHO will be Waco Connally.  HJ should be in the mix. They will be young but I’ve heard good things. The Sears kid will be one of the better sophomores around. 
  9. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Can’t argue with his decision. Wish him the best. 
  10. Next Year

    United have a lot of starters coming back? 
  11. Next Year

    Who will win that district?
  12. Next Year

    Saw BC at the Central Heights tourney  and they looked decent. Shot the ball well. 
  13. Next Year

    They could make another appearance at the state tourney.  I believe we picked up a home and away with Shelbyville for this coming year and the next. 
  14. Next Year

    Gestapo busy giving traffic citations...a 6’ 9” post move in. Parent got a job at the school... Democratic presidential field is full...Red Devils return a solid group especially with the move in. Gestapo would lose too much money if accompanied team for out of town games.