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  1. The advantage Silsbee has over city schools is chemistry. Most rural district players go to the same elementary middle and High schools. In large urban districts the players come from everywhere....way shorter mesh period...
  2. North shore has only two feeder schools. Cunningham and north shore middle ...Remember North Shore Its in the galena park district. 
  3. Im a North Shore fan / native  ....but Ummm yes I was at the Houston Christian game and it was a competitive game ..they have several D1’s is going to A&M and exceptional pg play beats Yates when they lose .and bro I keep up and watch a lot of High school basketball ...with the exception of their loss nobody has come close to beating them , and this is with their coach tinkering in and out different line ups ...their stating guards are 6’0 6’3&6’4 one of their guards from last year hit a crazy growth spurt the Rubin jones kid....have you seen them play ? 
  4. Senior  leadership is undervalued ..they’ appear to be  light inside this year and especially missing leadership from that little light skinned fiesty guard they had last year ...not sure but I think he came off the bench but he rarely got rattled or intimidated..when younger players See that their  leaders/seniors  are composed they keep their composure 
  5. As far as Silsbee vs Yates this year ...From what I’ve seen THUS FAR this year , and from what I’ve seen in the Cy fair tournament even with the football players added unless Yates is having a bad game Silsbee is gonna have to play over their heads to beat them...Yates are bigger ,  better and a more complete team   than North Shore ..i thought Silsbee pressed relentlessly they’ stayed in  zone  the whole game vs Cy springs 
  6. True ...but Tompkins and Cy Falls are exceptional teams...Cy Falls can compete and probably can beat in anybody in the country. Over the weekend I heard their head coach telling somebody at Episcopal that he put those teams on their schedule for a reason, and he knew that it would battle test his guys. Marshall may be their test in the area , but marshall Isnt good as they were last year, and Marshall barely beat them.
  7. PA memorial is a solid team they should be the favorite to win the region.
  8. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    The players that Silsbee  has on the floor now are solid. I think with what they have now minus the football players they are  capable of making it to the regional finals. More than likely with Yates who are a lot better than they were last year. With Silsbee’s current team minus the football players yates would be favored. I’m ready to see what Silsbee looks like full squad.
  9. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    No hate here fellas... I give props where they are due  ..Silsbee is tough year in and year out ..their chemistry and them buying in to what their coach wants is exceptional ..they’re one of the best teams in the enTire GHA when it comes to toughness chemistry and buying in ... 
  10. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    And Yates has accomplished a lot more in both sports ur mind bruh..quit wanting it both ways ...take ur losses , and asses what you can do better the next time around 
  11. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    You must’ve misunderstood what I was saying ...what  Im saying is that I never heard them blame attendance officiating or recruiting  after losses...and  did you say or think  that Silsbee would beat Atascocita with what they had?or did you not?  
  12. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    Homie reread my post I did not say I didn’t hear complaints of officiating...tell me where I said that at 
  13. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    Yes I Watched yates play Finley Prep one year ..a team with older players (5th year seniors) that team was stacked ...they had the number one draft pick and several other players on their roster that went to the nba...Yates lost..Yates best player was put in foul trouble early on questionable calls and never got his rhythm ..during and after the loss I never heard anybody in the crowd use recruiting or officiating as an excuse...
  14. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    How is this hate ..I said that Silsbee is an exceptional team ...Are you calling me a hater because I’m not on board with using enrollment or football players as an excuse...Maybe ur definition of hater is the new definition..   .hate/saltism is more like NOT acknowledging that the better team on that day won ...hate = the day before saying that ur gonna win the game with what you have then rescinding what u said and using the enrollment or football excuse...