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  1. Westfield and manvel 
  2. Faith Family vs Yates

    Great season yates y’all will be back and better  next year ...let’s go stangs!!!
  3. Faith Family vs Yates

    Ummmh the same could be said for  the yates vs silsbee game last year .. yates was up for most of the game last year with their best player being restricted.  And yates played in a national tournament they beat powerhouse Christ the king out of New York. They broke a record in that tournament for points being scored.They also beat a powerhouse school out of St. Louis. And the argument for inner city  public schools goes both ways. A lot of kids that are zoned to yates , Wheatley , kashmere etc.. don’t go there. A lot of the elite players that are zoned to those schools attend charter , home and private schools. That’s why those schools are now better than the public schools.     
  4. Hey I was minding my business living my blessed life and enjoying this season then all of sudden  my left eye started to twitch. So I decided to check this message board and low and behold I see the bayou name being brought up in a  negative way ...shame on you bro!! Smh 
  5. Lol ...Two different people... and why so extra ???

    Yates will for sure. But I also  think they’ll shadow #4 like they used to do josh gray from Wheatley who now plays for the Phoenix suns. 
  7. The first game yates he played  ..
  8. foul count is 7-9 in favor of silsbee 
  9. 65-54 end 3rd silsbee 
  10. 60-50 silsbee 1. 57 3rd qtr
  11. Scarborough came to play 41-37 half    super nice gym 
  12. Different positions but  don’t think he’s as good  .but 23 is about 6’7 and plays like a throwback big man on the defensive end .. he can shoot if he’s open .. # 23 does everything well ... he  is super aggressive on both ends of the floor    #2 is their primary scorer..he has hit over fifty a couple of times...but  the last two games he hasn’t played as much ..he was in foul trouble last nite ..
  13. Oh ok didn’t know that but he’s pretty good..I watched him hit A buzzer beater  last year vs Kashmere ....his dad was much taller 
  14. Is that Omar Sneed who played at west brook in the 90’s son ?