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  1. Bro yates district is harder , and silsbee lost 8 games ....get on with the strength of schedule because if u look at the common opposition yates beat them worse Cleveland ..Sam Houston problems??? just like Wagner putn almost a 50 piece on them , and just like ducanville shredding silsbees press ..and losing to my north shore mustangs whom are super inconsistent...bro at this point both teams are elite ..strength of schedule won’t have anything to do with it ..just my opinion from watching them both teams play yates has a slight edge ..
  2. Bro Hughes and Adams are neck  and way silsbee has two four star point  gaurds on their team ..Adams may be one and that’s it 
  3. Boy y’all can hype some stuff up ..a team with two 3 star point guards on it Won’t lose  Bro ESPN has him rated as a four star ... 
  4. So you’re telling me that silsbee has two point guards  on their team now that can and will play at baylor or a&m right now? 
  5. A team with two high major point guards don’t and won’t lose 8 games unless they’re playing a national schedule 
  6. No way bro ..wheeler can Go to any high major he wants 
  7. Yates and silsbee are pretty much the same team .. yates is taller and deeper and scores easier ..their second and third string won that game ..their starting line up may have played 10-12 minutes at the most ..that’s why I say going into that game they are favored ... they could’ve easily put up 130 points tonite 
  8. **Urgent prayer request in Woodville**

    Praying for a healthy and speedy recovery for the kid 
  9. 48-41 north shore 1.41 left 4th qtr
  10. 40-35 north shore ..5:41 left 4th qtr 
  11. North Forest vs Silsbee

    North forest is nice ..silsbee should win by 15-20 ..they have a big man that is ultra physical and jumps through the roof ..they have solid wings (10) is a dog play can be shaky at times 
  12. North Forest vs Silsbee

    Yates big man (23)didn’t play vs north forest or Scarborough 
  13. Silsbee 98 Huntington 63/FINAL

    I’ll agree with that 
  14. Silsbee 98 Huntington 63/FINAL

    I’ve watched both teams bro.. this year and watched them play to head to head in the past  ..and this has nothing to do with Houston people..I call it like I see it..have you seen  yates play this year ? 
  15. Silsbee 98 Huntington 63/FINAL

    More like the other way around..yates is favored in thAt game although it’s close to being even .. yates has a slight edge ....silsbee can beat them tho ..if both play their A game yates wins...but if yates slacks silsbee wins’s a winnable game for both teams