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  1. Yes, I mean't "Showcase". Had seats saved for me behind the bench and I gotta miss. Bummer.  
  2. Does anyone know if there is a live video broadcast for this Tournament? May not be able to make it.
  3. Will be attending many United games as well as West Brook and some Nederland games. United to me is by far the most talented team in the area. If they don't make a run at state this year they will definitely be in the mix next year.
  4. Beaumont West Brook 57 Channelview 21/FINAL

    Yeah I thought you said moved from Flannigan I didn’t think about that being the coach over there.   
  5. Beaumont West Brook 57 Channelview 21/FINAL

    No I’m talking about Ja’Kobi Holland. From Tomball. Coached him awhile in basketball but he just moved back. 1600+ yards rushing last year as a Sophomore.
  6. Beaumont West Brook 57 Channelview 21/FINAL

    For all of you West Brook fans out there, you will be very excited for y’alls latest addition. I don’t think he can play this year, but y’all have a real shot at state next year.
  7. No one considers it drama, I said possibly with another kid, it COULD turn into drama. Again, just posting some facts. My guys don’t get to associate with my “training regimens” if they’re not mentally tough or if their grades aren’t right. You do realize the Alabama Football players aren’t allowed to read the paper/message boards right? There’s a reason coaches from all over keep outside noise away from the field/court. I appreciate the advice though man. 
  8.  So you think the kids don't read these boards? How do you think I found out about the post? I rarely get on here. It can cause unnecessary drama and could be problematic if you're talking about the wrong kid. Kasen is a very mature one though, so it's not going to be an issue but someone else it could be. That's why I just laid out the facts, and now I'm going to go about my business.
  9. It's not serious, but it's also not accurate. No big deal. 
  10. Unless you provide facts, people should stay away from commenting about a 16 year old kid. I didn't create a membership to complain about anything, I posted to make people aware of the misinformation. As someone thats worked with most of the great basketball players from that class since they were 12 years old, you're damn right I'm going to protect them.
  11. I've trained/coached/mentored Kasen Harrison since 2013 . He's staying at Beaumont United. Pretty sad grown men take information posted on social media and make posts like this.
  12. Oh yeah, literally happened overnight seemed like. He should throwing down some windmills soon, not kidding. I’m not saying these kids won’t stay or who will be there and who won’t but I talk to a lot of these parents at least 2020 parents and not many of them are thrilled at all about United. I imagine a lot will end up staying but some may go to WB or even Legacy.
  13. I coach/train Harrison. Went to most of his games. He had a dunk vs Livingston and the Ozen game at their place. I wouldn't be so quick to say which kids will be at United. I know of several that won't be playing there next year.
  14. Great kid who has made major strides with his attitude since I last coached him. Very cool to see.
  15. Very below average team without Holifield