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  1. North Shore 59, Beaumont United 69/FINAL

      They obviously have the talent to beat top ranked teams, so who’s to be held accountable for the bad losses? Because they’ve had them. Westbrook? NS beat them by 30. Lol good win, yes. It should open your eyes a little bit more though to what this team is actually capable of. Can you explain to me why Pleasant spent most of the year playing very few minutes coming off the bench? I can’t either. Half way into the year and he’s just now figuring out who his guys are. You gotta hold these coaches accountable man don’t let a great win wipe away some bad losses.    I hope he is successful for these kids sake, they really deserve a deep run in the playoffs.
  2. What was said earlier was exactly my point about Green.
  3. You're right this isn't summer basketball. Competition is alot different in AAU, with unfortunately alot less organization and structure.
  4. I'm not going to take away anything from Green, he's obviously has had a ton of success. I'm just saying the game of basketball now is far different than it was 10 years ago. I'm sure this team will be much much better when Dotson comes back, but they should be rolling teams right now as is. From what I've seen, you can't beat great teams with a good press and a stagnant offense, just doesn't work. I do know that he doesn't like shooting the 3 much. Just doesn't seem like hes adapted to the style of play of today.
  5. Well, most of the United kids, pretty much every Junior on that team I’ve helped develop since the summer of their 6th grade year and I can tell you from experience a simple modern system and utilizing their strengths brought us a ton of success. I’ve prided myself on doing that so that when they get to a more structured game(high school) they’ll be equipped with the fundamentals of the game. It’s an easy game. It’s just frustrating when you have a coach not willing to evolve to the era. Boutte has. It’s not just coming from me either, the kids see it too.
  6. Man.....where do I begin lol   First off, there have been coaches that win state championships from being given a bunch of talent, and there are coaches that develop maybe less talented players into a system and execute to perfection.   Green has got to go. Period. You’re telling me a guy that’s won a state championship doesn’t know how to attack the gaps on a zone defense? Kasen is gonna have to Coach this offense himself, it’s horrible. The backside lob was there all night he could’ve put Baker there in the corner and had himself a field day. They switched to a box and 1 and United doesn’t have shooters in. So much wrong with this game makes me really question his knowledge of the game. He may be a good in other areas, but Xs and Os he’s not. Why do you have 15 different plays in high school LOL and can’t execute one of them? This team is top to bottom talent wise the best team I’ve ever seen put together. I just don’t feel like Green was the answer. Nothing at all against him as a person but as a basketball coach I’m not impressed at all.   Boutte is the best coach in the area. Followed by Southerland and then English. Green ain’t even in the top 20. All this yelling and cussing at these kids with no solutions and got them standing around on offense holding the ball to try not to lose. Embarrassing. 
  7. To me he's hands down the best player in the area.
  8. FWIW, I saw Nederland Twitter correct the stat line for Hefner, he had 30 not 26.   Does anyone in here still think he's not a major D1 prospect? 
  9. Barbe Holiday Hoops I believe Barbe is also an NFHS school, so the tournament may be available to watch online.
  10. He does. I think he’s finally starting to get it. At Texas he was dropping close to 20 a game his final year before declaring and got invited to the combine. He had the most body fat of any player there, went undrafted. Think he got picked up by the Heat for a short time and they cut him. Now he’s over seas, looks healthy. I hope he makes it to the NBA the talent level is definitely there. Hefner is on the same level though. The stuff I see him do is on another level, even against some of the better kids in the country. He’s only going to get better when he starts filling out and the get some size on him.
  11. He will never come close to Weisbrod? I mean, this is a team game. The Nederland TEAM was far far better those years than every year leading up to this year. Individually, it's not even close. Like I said, no knock on Weisbrod but its unfair to compare the two. Acting like that man beat a #1 team by himself LOL...come on man.  J'Covan got thrown out of several games and had tantrums all through high school. Zero work ethic but his talent was the best ive ever seen, best player I've ever guarded by far...but with an attitude like the one he has/had only gets you so far. I do hope he's faced his demons and makes it to the League.
  12. Are we really comparing Hefner vs Weisbrod?? Is that because of the skin color or what? LOL that's a slap in the face to Hefner as far as I'm concerned. To me, he's up there with the likes of J'Covan Brown as far as guards. One of the greatest guards to ever lace them up in SETX. He's pushing 6'5...his head almost comes even with the rim, he can shoot, he can finish with either hand at an elite level, he's very basketball smart and he can handle the rock. He's also VERY coach-able and has leadership qualities...and thats something Brown didn't have. Sometimes he's too Unselfish. Again, Nothing on Weisbrod but that man didn't even have that skill set 4 years into his career at Lamar. He was an undersized post player. After the small sample size this kid has given us this year, there should be zero hatred on him, he's taking over every big game as a Junior.
  13. I'm sure he does by now, not sure. Like I said, according to Ja'kobi as of Saturday, he's not playing. That could change though I'm sure.
  14. Subject is nice, but maybe its me being bias again..No one is touching Kasen. I do agree though, there isnt much of an offense over there and they have the talent to blow out Silsbee by 15-20 if they had a system in place. Think Green is having to learn as he goes because Im not sure he knows what he has yet. Justin was with me a few years we ran him at PG some because of his handle and footwork so I know all about that. Tyrese can be very lazy. He was with me too, incredible talent just not sure he has alot of confidence yet. All these kids have to be coached a certain way because with all this talent you have alot of people with expectations of being "the guy"
  15. Man...... I agree with a lot of this but Subject is not the best player on BU lol. He doesn't play much defense, that's what got him in the dog house to begin with. Baker and JP I agree with though, maybe because Im a little bias. Tyrese can be lazy though, and Green is old school so that'll get you a first class ticket to the bench. You're not going to trap Kasen like that especially when hes not the only handler.