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  1. lot of the "journalism" by area media, including broadcast and social, involves hitting "control C" (ie copy) to gets scores from here and then "control V" to on their media to qualify as "coverage" for the sport. Not hating, just saying...... Orange Leader and Lumberton Ledger do post box scores and stats in somewhat real time, I will give them a thumbs up.  Again, jmo on the matter....
  2. Lumberon vs Silsbee

    4th Silsbee 92 Lumberton 51 Good game by silsbee. Lumberton did not make enough shots obviously. Got playing too fast which is what silsbee wants to happen
  3. Lumberon vs Silsbee

    2nd Silsbee 42 Lumberton 27 Hard fought half by both teams. Lots of intensity
  4. Lumberon vs Silsbee

    Varsity 1st Qtr Silsbee 19 Lumberton 10
  5. JV Silsbee 38 Lumberton 32    
  6. Lumberton @ Silsbee Time Change

    She texted back and said those are the times. That's all I know about it.
  7. Lumberton @ Silsbee Time Change

    The text I got with the REMIND app said JV 2pm, Varsity 345pm. I will double check with my daughter to confirm
  8. Got a message this morning on the team group messenger from Coach that game times are now JV @ 2:00pm and Varsity @ 3:45pm, instead of evening game time. Nice move to give Silsbee girls basketball players and parents/fans a better chance to get to attend both games. Good luck Silsbee in the football game and safe travels.
  9. 4th  Lumberton 70 WOS 39 Solid team effort by the Lady Raders. Tough defense and balance scoring. WOS ladies played very hard, but shots weren"t falling for them. Good effort from them  
  10. 3rd Lumberton 51 WOS 29
  11. Varsity only tonight.  WOS no JV. Game started at 6pm.
  12. 2nd Qtr Lumberton 35 WOS 20
  13. 1st Qtr Lumberton 22 WOS 8
  14. Dec. 6-8 Tournament Brackets

    Lot of teams seem to link growth of team to overall success of overall record of early season games, irregardless of who the opponent is.  My take is how is how  is everyone gonna end up after district play in that scenario?. Pre-district play, tournament and individual games, can go a long way to the development of a team's potential, if a coach decides to put their team in a situation where their early record may suffer, but their quality of play will benefit from the difficult conditions they are exposed to. Interesting contrast of styles, not sure what best answer is.
  15. Dec. 6-8 Tournament Brackets

    Any time you have a chance to gain experience and have to deal with questionable officiating, and it doesn't punish you in terms of district play, I guess maybe take the bitter with the sweet and hopefully the team learns from it. I find tournament play away from home removes the girls from facing foes they see most of the time, which makes potential iffy officiating and different style of play a bit easier to deal with, cuz there is not the additional pressure of having to deal with what is expected out of local matchups give you.