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  1. Per Manvel 65 Friendswood 33
  2. Top Coaches

    I guess the only way I could maybe see the question being answered in theory, is if somehow the old Bum Phillips quote could be utilized to see which coaches could pull it off. Updated for today's politically correct climate of course, the original quote was male gender only. “He/she can take his’n/her',n and beat your’n” . “Or he/she can take your’n and beat his’n/her'n.”
  3. Good season PNG, continue to build.
  4. Final Livingston 48 BC 39
  5. 3rd Livingston 37 BC 28
  6. Half  Livingston 26 BC 22 Box and one by BC on Livingston's #3 so far. Number if missed open shots from Livingston so far
  7. 1st Livingston 14 BC 11  
  8. Final Diboll 67 EC 53
  9. 3rd Qtr EC 39 Diboll 51
  10. Just  got here to watch Livingston  vs bc. 2:00 left in third East Chambers 39 Diboll 47 
  11. 21-5A predictions

    Most of this preseason prognostication by many of these "experts" is primarily done off of "what a team did last year" and "what their reputation as a program" is. Speculative at best, because most don't follow programs to know who is lost to graduation, "transfer",  "I am going to go play sport "X" and not play basketball, or "I am quitting all sports because it is hard work", etc. No real knowledge of each program to make truly informed decisions. In United's case, their really was no excuse for "experts" to have them rated as low as they were coming into that district, given the history of Ozen and their coach, and to a lesser extent, Central's success due to the coach that was there until Central was no more. But hey it's just girls basketball.....  
  12. Also want to say congrats to BC squad for making the playoffs. Lot of seniors on that roster that played hard.. Good Luck against Livingston I believe it is in the upcoming playoff match-up. Couple of top level shooters/scorers on that Livingston squad, BC's hard nose physical style of play will be an asset in matching up with them, imo.
  13. Game Lumberton 59 BC 62  Good season Raiders Hold ur heads up yall will be back strong next year. Seniors thanks for yalls effort for four years. Good luck down the road.  
  14. 3rd Lumberton 43 BC 47
  15. Half Lumberton 37 BC 31