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  1. All District Picks?

      Copied this from Van Wade's article in the Orange Leader from today. 22-4A ALL DISTRICT   MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Tunisha Strong, Hardin-Jefferson OFFENSIVE MVP: Dakota Matthews, Silsbee DEFENSIVE MVP: Delberta Guillory-Smith, Hardin-Jefferson NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: Ashlon Jackson, Hardin-Jefferson COACH OF THE YEAR: Mike Fogo, Hardin-Jefferson   FIRST TEAM Chelsea Perry, LC-M Madison Fischer, Bridge City Brandis Bass, Silsbee Makenna Henry, Hardin-Jefferson Emery Maze, Silsbee Asia Wheeler, Hardin-Jefferson   SECOND TEAM Karly Rogers, LC-M Alissa Brown, WO-S Audrey Postula, Lumberton Jaden Dollins, Hamshire-Fannett T’nya Irvin, Silsbee Rylee Wirth, Hardin-Jefferson   He had no Honorable Mentions listed in this article, although I know there are some....
  2. Until Next Season

    Indeed it has been a fun season drawing positive attention to these hard working young ladies. It really seems the needle is pointing "upward" in terms of the amount of talent in the area as it relates to girls basketball. A number of programs have solid middle school programs that will be adding players to the high school ranks next season as well. Good luck to all the ladies this summer. Hopefully a large number will play aau ball and/or maintain their dedication to working out and developing as players in the off season.  Thanks to all who have spent time posting on this board this season.....
  3. If one was at the game and knew HJ and their roster, they would have observed HJ operating without it's 6' freshman phenom that whole game. Kind of different feel when all the pieces were not available. HJ has a fantastic overall roster, with the two-time defending SuperGold player of the year, one of the best 3-Pt shooters makes wise in the state, and two way defensive minded guard who can knock down shots at a good clip. Plus they have a SOLID bench with players who stay in their lane and do their job. It was a very "explicable" margin when you take into account a superpower team that was missing a VITAL piece and appeared to be a bit over confident that the scrub team they were fixing to play was going to just lay down. That did not happen, and to the credit of the great coaching staff HJ has, they got their ladies focused in on game and HJ held Lumberton off. Lumberton girls did not play scared and they pushed as hard as they could with a not very deep team. My point is at this point of the playoffs, there are only good teams left now, and all it takes is foul trouble or some other glitch to throw things out of wack. I think this game actually kind of helped HJ, especially the coaches, drive the point home that nothing will be given it must be earned. Good Luck the rest of the way HJ ladies, bring it home. Fantastic group of young ladies.
  4. Per Manvel 65 Friendswood 33
  5. Top Coaches

    I guess the only way I could maybe see the question being answered in theory, is if somehow the old Bum Phillips quote could be utilized to see which coaches could pull it off. Updated for today's politically correct climate of course, the original quote was male gender only. “He/she can take his’n/her',n and beat your’n” . “Or he/she can take your’n and beat his’n/her'n.”
  6. Good season PNG, continue to build.
  7. Final Livingston 48 BC 39
  8. 3rd Livingston 37 BC 28
  9. Half  Livingston 26 BC 22 Box and one by BC on Livingston's #3 so far. Number if missed open shots from Livingston so far
  10. 1st Livingston 14 BC 11  
  11. Final Diboll 67 EC 53
  12. 3rd Qtr EC 39 Diboll 51
  13. Just  got here to watch Livingston  vs bc. 2:00 left in third East Chambers 39 Diboll 47