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  1. PA Memorial QB

    Spring starts today, I think Brian Milton #19 the backup last season will get 1st crack at landing the position. 
  2. I agree, their front 4 is something else. I went to the FBM vs PNG game and I was surprised at how small they were. I think Huntsville will control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, but it will be like trying to catch lightning at times.
  3. Interesting question I heard

    Wouldn't change a thing, played and started for Lincoln. If it was today, it would be PA Memorial. 
  4. Houston wisdom @ Port Arthur Memorial

    I don't know what went on with K. Williams and why he quit. He was getting good reps, but that Soph #16 Ty Augusta is very similar to Williams. He was a nice addition from JV, and should fit into the rotation nicely. 
  5. Houston wisdom @ Port Arthur Memorial

    From what I hear, he quit the program. 
  6. Houston wisdom @ Port Arthur Memorial

    I think Foster and Hightower is about the same as NC. Angelton and SC are really good but very beatable imo. We would have to play a clean game with not turnovers with low penalties, but we matchup well.
  7. Houston wisdom @ Port Arthur Memorial

    It would be FB Hightower or Foster as of right now. Friendswood is currently in 5th place.
  8. Houston wisdom @ Port Arthur Memorial

    1 and 2 do get home field in the 1st round as far as I know. When the implemented the big and small 5A divisions, they also adopted the home field 6A advantage. 
  9. Port Arthur

    I will say NC won the game, but if you was there, you would've saw just like everyone else did. Memorial beat themselves. No slight to NC but Memorial would win 9 out of 10 vs them. Some said Porter was more discipline than NC and would have a chance. Titans with 3 defensive starters who didn't play until the 2nd half of the game, and the starting tailback didn't play at all, Memorial still dominated them boys. They didn't have a snowballs chance in you know where!! Now KP has a chance, technically they do,  but that chance will run out quickly Saturday. 
  10. Yeah, I'm glad that morethan just the coaches was holding them responsible. They responded well, I'm proud of them boys man. All we gotta do is ride this momentum, and continue to build. 
  11. It always seems like it always take a bad loss to wake these boys up!! I'm very pleased with the 3 quarters of good football, the backup corner #18 can play, he has a lil dog in him.
  12. While I agree with almost everything you've said. The 1st and this game was bad. #9 has calmed down on his stuff. Kenny had a longer time to get his program together. Coach Morgan is at what, 6 months? If you go to Washington at QB, what are you gonna do at FS? We have 2 midgets ar corner, and you'll be talking away height and a playmaker out of the secondary. Sometimes you have to do the best with what you have. As far as the play calling goes, how can you open it up if it's not clicking? You gotta get people comfortable with what you're doing now before you can implement more. We still have 4 district games left. You can't run Chaney into the ground because he's not the biggest dude in the world, you have to save some of his legs for the postseason. #25 has be missing  for 2 or 3 weeks, they have no backup tailback. I still, like this team and how it's constructed. If the QB can clean up a few things, we will be ok. The playoffs will be a challenge, even if we play mistake free football. 
  13. That's that double edged sword that you have to deal with. That's a tough decision to make. To me it comes down to how much of a drop off you have in talent at that position. If he did that, fans would kill the coaches for that too. I can hear it now, "he took 3 of the best players out of the game when they needed them the most!" Do I think the refs had an agenda? Yup, but I also feel we need to show more restraint and self control as a team. Only 2  flags really bothered me. Ned dropped a pass and might have cursed, no defender was around him, they throw a flag. Crook, pushes a guy out of bounds, he may have said something I don't know but he wasn't facing anyone, flag. I can almost guarantee that on Friday Porter is gonna try their best to get under our skin. We have that reputation for taking the bait now.
  14. Was the coach or the kid was getting the flags? If the coaches are telling you that they are going to try to get at you, just walk away from that bs, what more can he do? Bro you still responsible for your own actions regardless of what level of football your playing. It wasn't the whole team, just 3 or 4 who kept getting flagged, Seniors at that. The facemask calls, stuff like that can't be helped at times. Man in my 9th and 10th grade year I was an unsportsmanlike conduct king. Wasn't listing to coaches, because I wanted to do what I wanted to do. It took a situation like what happed last week for me to wake up and see that by me getting my payback, was hurting the team. Never got another one after that game. Those are young men, not toddlers hold them accountable when its on them. Coaches can only tell you what you need to do, you as a player have to decide if you gonna listen.