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  1. Well, it looks like the Hardin Hornets will be hosting Warren for Homecoming. I do not know a lot about Warren aside from they lost to West Hardin. I've seen some predictions that say Hardin will be a 30 point favorite in this game.  This will be the last easy win for Hardin in the season. Everything gets tougher from here on out. Hopefully, the Hornets can stay healthy and compete for a playoff spot.
  2. Orangefield vs Buna

    I think this will be low scoring as well. Give me O-field by 10
  3. Diboll at Liberty

    RIVERSIDE is by far the best place to eat in Liberty county. Second is Simply Country and Jax is right behind them. Outside of those 3 places, LOS in Hardin or 10 de Mayo in Liberty for Tex/Mex But yes, Riverside and there's no competition. And I am originally from Louisiana before moving to Evadale, so I know my seafood   Now, I reside in good ole' Liberty Texas - 4 miles from Riverside Seafood.
  4. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    A close friend of mine who knows both of these programs very well says that Woodville will win this game by 18-22 points.   As for myself, I believe EC will keep it close and tight until a late score by Woodville in the 4th quarter to pull away. Woodville by 6 points or less.
  5. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    Believe I read somewhere a few months ago that Sutherland and Haynes are the highest paid 3A coaches in the state of Texas. 
  6. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 4

    1.    West Orange-Stark/Crosby 2.    Diboll/Liberty 3.    Evadale/Deweyville 4.    Vidor/Little Cypress-Mauriceville 5.    Splendora/Shepherd 6.    Hardin-Jefferson / Huffman 7.    Livingston/Jasper 8.    Concordia Lutheran 9.    Huntington/Hamshire-Fannett 10.  Silsbee / Bridge City 11.  Tarkington / Danbury 12.  Beckville/Hemphill 13.  Coldspring-Oakhurst/Mexia 14.  Corrigan-Camden/Joaquin 15.  Beaumont Kelly / Kountze 16.  Burkeville / Mt. Enterprise 17.  Hull-Daisetta / Cushing 18.  Colmesneil 19.  Lovelady / Jewett Leon 20.  San Augustine/Tenaha 21.  West Sabine/Timpson 22.  Oakwood/High Island 23.  Chester/Orange Community Christian 24.  Beaumont Legacy Christian/Houston Lutheran North 25.  Victoria Faith/Baytown Christian  Like this  
  7. Porter 48 Dayton 16/FINAL

    I think its interesting that people are calling for "better coaching" in the midst of these L's. Question: Is this not the same staff that existed during much of Stewart's tenure in Dayton? I looked back at the years Stewart was at Dayton and I find the names on the coaching staff today, to be ALOT of the same names that was on staff then for years. I'm sure there are 5-6 new faces and some have moved on, but I do know for a fact that Nations and Craus were both on the offensive side when JS was AD/HC.   Maybe, it's a lack of talent ? I dont know anybody in Dayton....but I did a little research and found many of the same names associated with the program. Can anyone answer this?
  8. yes, they played hard. scored a few times and got some confidence. had some athletes for sure.
  9. TCGA State Volleyball Poll

    i noticed buna who is in our district is ranked in the top 10 as well
  10. Houston KIPP Sunnyside at Hardin

    I dont know if he's injured or not. He did not play the 2nd half vs. New Waverly, so I assumed it was severe enough to keep him out for a week or two, if not longer.  I dont anticipate any of the starters to be playing in the 2nd half of this game anyhow, unless we come out flat and make a ton of mistakes.  
  11. Houston KIPP Sunnyside at Hardin

    To their defense, 58 of those came from a 4a DII ranked Sweeny who had no business playing them either. Ha!
  12. Houston KIPP Sunnyside at Hardin

    I think they are charter schools. I believe I counted 8 KIPP schools the other day when I did research, but not all play Football
  13. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    36-14 or 37-20 range is what I am thinking
  14. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Trust me, I understand your assessment of the 1983 team and agree for 1983 they were head and shoulders above their competition. However, comparing the 2018 athletes and the 1983 athletes is like comparing apples and oranges. We've all been around long enough to see the transfiguration. When I was in school in the early 80's - if you ran sub 4.8, you were pretty quick and occasionally you had guys in the 4.6 range with some wind at the back. We didn't really start seeing 4.5's until late 80's and early 90's on a regular basis. Now, fast forward to 2018 - Newton has SEVERAL sub 4.5 guys and built like machines. Match that with football iQ and vision, and I dont think its comparable. Maybe, I am wrong. I lived thru that era and what I am seeing today is not something I ever seen growing up in ANY part of the state at any level.
  15. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    I guess I am funny then. WO-S will take it on the chin Friday.