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  1. Hardin hosts Kirbyville tonight 
  2. I like how everyone freaks out because either a) newton did not prepare and execute like they "normally" do vs East Bernard or 2) EB was better than what everyone thought and played out their butts last night and made a game out of something that should have not been all that close on paper....last i checked, these are HS kids and aren't perfect, so playing bad is not out of the equation ONCE in their HS lives.  Correct me if I am wrong
  3. Allen EXPOSED

    I dont care why they moved....they moved and like I stated. EC gets more transfers than ANY small public school in southeast Texas. Has been that way for many many years.  So, know your facts before you deny the facts. 
  4. Not sure.   I only know him from his time at Kountze
  5. Hardin lost to Baytown Christian but do not know score.
  6. Your opinion of his coaching ability does not sway my opinion. We will agree to disagree. All I am saying is if Joubert was at West Hardin all these years, would he still be considered a great/good coach? No, he would not. Yes, I know its a hypothetical situation, but I guarantee you a pee-wee wanna be ( I was an all-american until i blew out my knee type dad) could coach at Kountze from 05-2016 and have a pretty respectable coaching record - enough so to be considered a "good coach".  Now, on the same token.....if you ask me "Do you think Joubert is a good football coach" ? I'd answer absolutely.  But.....ya know...Kountze is what Kountze is.  
  7. you disagree? come on man! 
  8. Allen EXPOSED

    You are from East Chambers. The small school transfer/move in capital of southeast Texas.  See: your backfield 
  9. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    I was watching the game live on texanlive and I was actually feeling sorry for Daingerfield a few times during the game for how much punishment those kids were taking.  I've never seen a more physical team at the small school level than this Newton team.  And that was a good DF team for anyone who didn't believe so, just look at the athletes they had on the field.  What are they feeding the kids in Newton these days?
  10. Well, I guess I am out of my mind then.
  11. You mean move backs?  A few kids over the last couple years have moved to Silsbee and other places, but from what I hear they are not coming "back" to Kountze.
  12. any more move-ins or just the same couple move-ins yall have had since last year or 2 years ago technically....
  13. One practice?  Don't you guys have 4-5 guys that do NOT play Football ? And I am willing to bet some of those football guys have been getting some "reps" in on the court as well....to some degree.