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  1. 162 kids.  The only reason Hardin competes with these teams is the history of Hardin girls basketball.  One hell of a tradition
  2. With it being in Buna, it should not be very close, but you just never know.  I'm guessing Buna should cruise to a 37 point victory at home.
  3. 1) OF 2) BUNA 3) EAST CHAMBERS 4) HARDIN   Playoff teams from 22-3A
  4. Hardin wins 56-41
  5. Hardin up 46-36 end of 3rd 
  6. Hardin up 31-27 at Half 
  7. Anahuac 14 Hardin 11 end of 1
  8. Boys just started 
  9. 50 - 28 Hardin Wins 
  10. Coaching Carousel

  11. Well...ya know  Let’s talk about that Kirbyville-Warren game.  -8 after I told ya not to pick Warren...good grief Mike 
  12. A win Tuesday vs. Anahuac and Hardin grabs a playoff spot.  Would be great for coach Collins, the community and these kids.  
  13. Curious...Why did Sutherland put the starters back in up 45 in the 4th ?