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  1. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    That just shows you how ignorant decisions backfire.  Has to be the most southeast Texas thing ever.  So glad that happened to WOS.
  2. Hey......this aged well apparently  Looks like I nailed it 
  3. Who has the Gold Bracket match-ups today / and times ????
  4. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    He's mistaken.   The stadium is in New Caney.  Porter is 4.7 miles South on Hwy. 59
  5. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    Let's hear your argument. Who would beat them in 3AD1 or 4AD2 ?  I'm waiting to hear this.
  6. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Game is at Texan Drive Stadium, 21360 Valley Ranch Parkway, New Caney Texas 77357
  7. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    They would win 4aDII by 20+  They would win 3aD1 by 30+ They will win 3aD2 by 45+ And there is only 3 teams in 4aD1 that could potentially/probably beat them.
  8. Hardin over Deweyville by 6 in the 1pm game.  And Hardin over Sabine Pass by 25 this evening.   Hardin is 12-0 on the season.
  9. Looks like a Spring Hill vs Hardin Jefferson final set for Saturday, unless HJ loses to Nederland in the semiFinal ? Correct me if I am wrong.  For the record, where is Spring Hill ?
  10. Bad weather

    Poor decision making from administrations of both school districts. Just very poor.
  11. This game will be close until it starts.  No, but seriously, I have Newton pulling ahead by mid 2nd quarter.  Newton wins by 30+
  12. Bad weather

    The stadium is built in New Caney near 99 Loop, across from New Caney ISD HS.  Porter is 4.7 miles South on Hwy. 59 from the Stadium. The address is 21360 Valley Ranch Parkway, New Caney TX 77357.   The only thing PORTER about this venue is, Porter HS uses the stadium as well. 
  13. Center Coach resigns

    Just not financially 
  14. Bad weather

    The game is scheduled to be played in New Caney.   Not Porter 
  15. Bad weather

    According to Chita - KHOU 11 news out of Houston says that things will decline rapidly between 8 - 10 pm on Friday night in the Houston area. So, just about 2nd quarter and the poop will hit the roof.