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  1. Baytown Sterling is Open

    I don’t know. One of the things the principal said they wanted was stability and then they hire someone who isn’t from Baytown. Has no ties to Baytown, and only lasted a year at his last job that went 1-9. Is that stability?? Three coaches in 4 years and it won’t shock me if this is open again soon. 
  2. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Coach Toomer from brookshire royal?
  3. Baytown Sterling is Open

  4. Baytown Sterling is Open

    I apologize for saying your name then coach, I was told your name by someone in gccisd but They were obviously wrong. Best of luck to you.
  5. Baytown Sterling is Open

    I don’t know you tell me 
  6. Baytown Sterling is Open

    On staff  Walter Fortune  Daniel Fitzmorris    a GCM coach (not sure which one)  JD Jordan - Deerpark Chad Taylor - Liberty  That’s all I know for sure I’ve heard other rumors but I do know they are interviewing today. Deciding Friday and announcing on Monday at board meeting. As long as they don’t go GCCISD and mess it up.  
  7. Baytown Sterling is Open

    It may be optimistic but isn’t that what fans are supposed to do? Be hopeful for their team? I think Sterling beats creek who is also going through a coaching change and it will be the battle of new coaches to open season. I’ll give you Austin I don’t know much about them. So 5-5. Sterlings next year senior class beat la ports next senior class when they were freshmen at la Porte. I know that was three years ago but unless la porte got moves ins it’s the same kids. That’s why I think Sterling has a chance. 
  8. Baytown Sterling is Open

    All this depends on who they hire but here are my 2 cents for the Rangers.  week 1 Clear Creek - Win Week 2 Nimitz-  Loss Week 3 Austin-  Win  Bye Week 4 @BeaumontUnited -  Win- not sure how timber wolves will have gelled at this point.  Week 5 Channelview- Home - Win- CV is never good early in district they always figure it out and end of district play.  Week 6 @laPorte - Win- Laport plays deer park week before this. Trap game for bulldogs.  Week 7 North Shore - Home - Loss - Its North Shore.  Week 8 @DeerPark Loss. Don't know how new coach will change system- traditionally ground and pound  could be a close one. run the ball run the clock game. Week 9 @ CEKing - Win - Sterling ruined their homecoming last year.  Week 10 Westbrook- Home - Loss been a while since they have played but 3 years ago I remember the game was close. however that was a while ago so ill go WB.  Rangers finish 6-4 (4-4) and make playoffs for first time since 2008- as long as you hand the ball to 11, and he stays healthy.   I do know if GCM was in this district they would have the same 1 win season- good luck in 5A. 
  9. Baytown Sterling is Open

    last four years at RSS, missed playoffs in 17, 16 by one game each year  2017 B. Sawyer 4-6-0  2016 B. Sawyer 6-4-0 2015 P. Gareri, 4-6-0 2014 P. Gareri 5-5-0   Last four at Lee - 5A 2017 Finn 1-8-0 2016 D. Wilkinson 1-9-0 2015 D. Wilkinson 0-10-0 2014 D. Wilkinson 0-10-0   and GCM - 14,15 5A 16,17- 6A 2017 B. Jones 1-8-0 2016 B. Jones 0-10-0 2015 B. Boyd 4-6-0 2014 B. Boyd 4-6-0   Out of all the Baytown schools I would choose Sterling, at least they are competitive at the 6A level.      
  10. everything has cancer in it. its the world we live in. 
  11. Clear Brook to Name New Head Coach Tonight

    Can you give a hint? School colors? Something? 
  12. Clear Brook to Name New Head Coach Tonight

    How far east of Houston? Channelview? Baytown? Anahuac? Further?  
  13. Baytown Mega Scool

  14. Baytown Mega Scool

    No one really cares, stallworth stadium will still be empty  its a fact the parents/adults of baytown simply don't care about athletics. this has been shown consistently throughout the years. don't get me wrong there are some individuals that care but with three high schools total enrollment is 6,000 some kids and you look in the stands there is maybe 100 people there. its a joke. 
  15. Baytown Mega Scool

    right this would probably go in effect for 19-20 year so the 2020 UIL Realignment will be the goal.