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  1. Cutoff Numbers

    okay so district 21 6 A will still have to add Humble and possibly Westbrook. I think my wildcats are in for a tough time. After going 1-7 in 5A last year we basically just became the GCM of the district. if this is how they put it togather.  North shore Attascocita Summer Creek Kingwood C.E. King Channelview Baytown Sterling Humble Westbrook A 9 team district with two non district games. 
  2. Cutoff Numbers

    so after reading that, you think they will drag it out another year and then decide? what do they get from waiting on a decision?
  3. Cutoff Numbers

    I thought uil gave them till January to decide? wouldn't that put the new school into realignment for the next two years or did I get bad info? I could be wrong about it I live in Humble so not sure.
  4. Cutoff Numbers

    21-6A Humble Atascocita North Shore  Humble Summer Creek Humble Kingwood   C.E. King Channelview Baytown Sterling -- GCM Drops Add Humble (2279) Add Westbrook? (2520) Add Central/Ozen situation??    this will be interesting to see what uil does for all sports. but especially football a district of Atascocita, North Shore, and Westbrook? That would be some good football but tough on any of the other schools. it would basically be a 5 or 6  team playoff for one spot depending on who they add. I don't see how they cant add Humble. Yet where else would they send Westbrook and new Ozen/central Central/Ozen school? 

    That’s not even close to what’s was proposed. They suggested turning lee and GCM into 9th and tenth grade campuses and turning sterling into a 11 and 12th grade campus. You would still end up with schools about 1,800 and up so a large 5A or small 6A. It wouldn’t be close to 6,000