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  1. Yes,he also can ball both are good kids.Wish them both the best
  2. Yes kid can ball.Better think real hard about going to wb 
  3. Anyone of them is fine by me
  4. They have like 2 or 3 back up receivier .They dont get in the game that can ball But want used them on d witch really needs all the help they can get
  5. Yes he's nice the fastest at the school.But over there the better player don't always get to play the way they should
  6. He was ranked 65 player in his class in tx last year with only 6 starts.This year not even ranked in tx top 100
  7. Deonte Simpson Wb .But he's at westbrook I've finally figured it out.Westbrook is a school that will hold you talent back
  8. Super Gold First and Second Teams

    What does it take to be a super gold
  9. Katy 44 Atascocita 0/FINAL

    My son played with him for his dad's lil league team.My son is class 2019 and he was a year behind him now he's 2021 you do the math
  10. Katy 44 Atascocita 0/FINAL

    I left after the first half it was already over with
  11. Man can you tell me how all of a sudden 22 5a is coming to become weaker.I been saying it was weak.My son plays at wb but they be acting like they don't play no body