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  1. Katy 44 Atascocita 0/FINAL

    My son played with him for his dad's lil league team.My son is class 2019 and he was a year behind him now he's 2021 you do the math
  2. Katy 44 Atascocita 0/FINAL

    I left after the first half it was already over with
  3. Man can you tell me how all of a sudden 22 5a is coming to become weaker.I been saying it was weak.My son plays at wb but they be acting like they don't play no body

  4. Katy 44 Atascocita 0/FINAL

    Just watched katy this Friday.Didn't see him none of the first haft  
  5. My son is best friends with the twins.Me and Derrick there dad played at blocker and tc high together
  6. Bet.They don't know about that Front Door
  7. Meet you at the Front Door .lol 
  8. Katy 44 Atascocita 0/FINAL

    He's not the starter but he's on that team #12  
  9. Katy 44 Atascocita 0/FINAL

    They have a freshman qb .He's from beaumont but really isn't a freshman my son played for his dad little league football team.The black diamonds
  10. Katy 44 Atascocita 0/FINAL

      The freshman that there talking about isn't really a freshman  
  11. Bro thats what I've been saying all year look at the competition

  12. Roschons Final Stat line

    Forgot about that
  13. Roschons Final Stat line

    He got that hands down