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  1. How many brook games have you watched.They have some it player on that team also
  2. Where ever he goes he's going to be fine
  3. What are these rushing scores
  4. I dont think Johnson will.But as far as elia goes he can play anything
  5. Didnt play a full game.
  6. Big bro call me 347 9226
  7. Big bro just football talk.Everyone going have an opinion
  8. That game was elias 1st full game.Haven't played pass haft time but one other game
  9. Both had sum good numbersĀ 
  10. I liked ur assessment .They both are used in two different was
  11. You only talking about PA .So the only team i ever here yal talk about is Pa so do he plays any other team
  12. And elia would for sure do his thang in 22 5a