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  1. good luck to the broncos..they have great leadership.
  2. Barbers Hill 28 Dayton 26/FINAL

    most on here don't even know what a gasser is.  eagle 82 probably does.
  3. Jasper 3&2 vrs Rusk 5&1

    hancock will have rusk ready to play.  they may need a break or two but they can put up points. I will take rusk by 6 pts.
  4. Dayton @ New Caney predictions

    if the broncos play 4 quarters and tackle effectively, we will win by 21.
  5. Dayton 28 Humble 20/FINAL

    KP especially
  6. Dayton 28 Humble 20/FINAL

     go broncos.. yall played well.
  7. Dayton@Splendora

    Dayton will be ready to play  young team, but has talent.