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  1. TASO All-Star Game

    Coaches had the opportunity to provide a list of their players. I am pretty sure all that were nominated were on a team. Some coaches do not provide TASO Beaumont Umpires with a list. It is more of a fun raiser for the scholarship fund.   
  2. THSBCA All State Teams

    For a team to reach the region finals, there should be someone worthy. Just Sayin
  3. THSBCA All State Teams

    On the 3A state team, no Kirbyville players and No Grayson Rodriguez who only went in the first round of the MLB draft????
  4. He coached at Ozen before when it first opened as assistant baseball coach. His dad was a long time trainer at Central before retirement. I wouldn't call him an outsider. 
  5. The problem I have with it is the fact that the home plate umpire overruled the third base umpire without consulting him. I talked to the ump at third to understand what the facts were. We always talk in our pregame that if something happens out of the ordinary and there is any question, all four of us will come together and discuss and make a call. In the series I was calling in last night we actually did that and they play was reversed since the ump that maid a call was blocked from seeing the ball that had come out of the first baseman's glove. 
  6. I agree with your interpretation of the rule. Since I was not there I can not comment on what was ruled. 
  7. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    I am with you on that it will take a couple of years to get things on track. 
  8. Livingston hires new Head Coach/AD

    The man has a plan. Sounds like they hired someone who will install a system if the kids buy into will be successful. Would not be surprised if this leads to a new football stadium. 
  9. Regional Quarterfinal Matchups

    Kirbyville vs New Waverly Thursday 6pm Kirbyville Friday 6 pm New Waverly Saturday 3 pm Lufkin Morris Frank  (if needed)
  10. Umpire vs. umpire disagreement

    If it is not a split crew, schools either agree on a neutral chapter to assign umpires or they contact the uil who will then contact a chapter to assign umpires. The cost of neutral crews is much more because of travel.   
  11. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    Charged Conference, you get three mound visits per 7 innings, it does not count as a charged conference when you make a pitching change. 
  12. Stopped in Nederland Colorado once, was snowing good that day. Nice place up on a mountain. 
  13. WOS beating Kennedale in OT