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  1. Date Game Opponent Score Record 02/21 Regular Tidehaven Tigers 4-3(W) 1-0-0 02/25 Regular Weimar Wildcats 11-8(W) 2-0-0 03/05 District Agua Dulce Longhorns 16-0(W) 3-0-0 03/08 District Pettus War Eagles 14-3(W) 4-0-0 03/12 District Kenedy Lions 10-0(W) 5-0-0 03/14 District Port Aransas Marlins 10-0(W) 6-0-0 03/19 District Woodsboro Eagles 13-0(W) 7-0-0 03/22 District Three Rivers Bulldogs 11-0(W) 8-0-0 03/26 District Kenedy Lions 10-0(W) 9-0-0 03/29 District Agua Dulce Longhorns 15-0(W) 10-0-0 04/02 District Port Aransas Marlins 15-3(W) 11-0-0 04/05 District Pettus War Eagles 10-0(W) 12-0-0 04/06 Regular Sinton Pirates 1-4(L) 12-1-0 04/12 District Woodsboro Eagles 16-2(W) 13-1-0 04/16 District Nordheim Pirates 17-0(W) 14-1-0 04/18 Regular Goliad Tigers 1-11(W) 15-1-0 04/23 District Three Rivers Bulldogs 10-0(W) 16-1-0 04/26 Regular Anderson-Shiro Fighting Owls 4-0(W) 17-1-0 04/26 Regular Anderson-Shiro Fighting Owls 5-2(W) 18-1-0 05/02 Playoff Premont Cowboys 15-0(W) 19-1-0 05/03 Playoff Premont Cowboys 11-1(W) 20-1-0 05/10 Playoff Sabinal Yellow Jackets 16-0(W) 21-1-0 05/10 Playoff Sabinal Yellow Jackets 1-0(W) 22-1-0 05/16 Playoff Ben Bolt Badgers 9-0(W) 23-1-0 05/17 Playoff Ben Bolt Badgers 13-2(W) 24-1-0
  2. West Orange-Stark turf

    The only thing I would have liked to see is 112% on both 12 yard lines near the sideline.
  3. I have seen both this year and they look to be very similar. Close series. 
  4. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    Only thing I can think of is that he was out of the catchers box at the time of the throw. Both of your feet have to be out of the box for a balk to be called. i saw it only once in my time. 
  5. Kirbyville 8 Hardin 2/FINAL

    Kville 8-2
  6. It was for using a video device illegally . Watching film during a game.
  7. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    Geez I don't know my left from Right. Home plate guys call in two man
  8. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    If the base umpire was on the line and had a good look at it, they could get together and reverse call. The proper mechanic is if it looks like trouble, the base ump at first should go out and make call. If base umpire goes out then home plate home will have to get in position to make a call at second or third. That is if it was a 2 man crew. If this was a 3 man crew, it is the 1st base umps call all the way. The old days of the home plate ump has all the lines and all the fly balls is not correct in today's mechanics,
  9. Resume tomorrow at 2 pm  
  10. Baseball game is scheduled for tomorrow.  
  11. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    I do not agree that the runner should be called out. Delayed dead ball then runners awarded bases. Kind of unusual that a runner would pass someone that is that far ahead of them. Sometimes you have to use common sense. If there is a delayed dead ball then a runner gets thrown out trying to take extra bases that's a different thing. Doesn't sound like the case in your play.
  12. Daddy Ball

    I Agree, I have had a number of High School coaches say that select ball is hurting the sport.
  13. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

     Of all collisions that occur in the United States, approximately 52% occur within a 5-mile radius of home while an astounding 69% occur within 10 miles. Another survey by Progressive Insurance corroborates these numbers.
  14. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    WOS was visitors against Caldwell in 2015 @ Texan Drive. Just pulled up my old stats to see. Stangs won 69-13
  15. Since WOS plays on Friday I will be there to watch my old Bucs play.