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  1. Roschon is the real deal not only on the field but off as well! If Roschon had a team to play with like FBM it would be a different story! You can’t take anything away from that kid he just didn’t have the full package of a team! I look forward to watching RJ play and it has been great seeing such a role model grow up in our community! He is a very special talented kid! 
  2. Port Neches-Groves 50 Lindale 28/FINAL

    I thought the team Nederland played looked good! They could give us a challenge. well not roschon but we just need more players like RJ when we get further down in playoffs! 
  3. Port Neches-Groves 50 Lindale 28/FINAL

    Is that the team that beat Nederland tonight? 
  4. I felt like we had the better PNG team last year but it made the difference playing on our field not playing in a mud pit! Amazing last year the field was so muddy when he didn’t rain at all! Glad to have played at the Rez!  The coaches have to utilize RJ more this year not having the receivers that we had last year! You have to do what you have to do to win! I was very surprised our defense actually stepped up to the plate and played well these past two games! I hope they continue to play like they have been playing! 
  5. Shug

    Roschon works hard in every area of his life not only on the field such as God, grades, image, etc. He never bost as most kids his age would have the big head but he is the most humble kid I have met! He has a great family behind him and they don’t push him he pushes himself! He has a work ethic like no other kid I have ever seen! We are going to miss him but hoping for great things to come for Shug! He has been a great role model to the kids in our community! We need more kids like him for sure! Wishing him all the luck in his future as I know he doesn’t need luck because he creates his own destiny by work ethic! 
  6. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    The supt. at PNG has a daughter that is a indianette that’s a Senior. You would think he would realize how the kids love this game and the excitement they get it’s the one game they look forward to all year! It’s a shame they are taking the fun out of It! They have a competition every year who had the most spirit in the student section. 
  7. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    With them talking about sportsmanship the teams come together after the game and you will see Nederland players hug the Port Neches players and the same with the other students! I have really not ever seen the teams show bad sportsmanship after the game is done! They run  their mouths but when it’s all said and done when the game is over, they are back friends! Has been this way since I can remember! 
  8. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    So sad the kids have waited for this moment to play in the MCM game and no celebration! I guess they will eventually take away they can’t come with the body paint with no shirts off! There hasn’t been one safety issue that has happened in the last couple of years! Two years ago Port Neches Neches cheerleaders let off the confetti poppers after we won! So sad for the kids! They need to rethink! What is a little confetti and streamers??? I say the kids sneak it but they willl give the kids ISS by I think it will be worth it if I was them! It’s good clean fun!  I know it was the flare incident but that happened by accident the kid really did not know he was setting it off but that was in the stands not the field! 
  9. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    watch out when I said we get out coached every year from Nederland I got accused of hating on the coaches whenever it is just a fact that BF chokes on this game year after year! 
  10. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    We have the better players just a matter of getting out coached year after year and Coach Barrows followed in a Newman’s footsteps last year! Let’s go NDNs! Hope our coaches can keep it together this year! 
  11. The short passes eat us up everytime! We can’t stop them! Time has been on our side against Crosby and Dayton games! Anyone that watches films on our defense sees the weaknesses pretty quick! Thank God we have a QB like RJ that can out score them! He is our savior to win games! Without him we have nothing! I am not a bitter parent I do not have kids in school! They are grown and gone! 
  12. What I see you have a handful of kids that are excited! The majority of the team just aren’t clicking they have no chemistry as a team like the past three years! They seem flat! I wish we had more kids that shows the emotion and care about the game as RJ does! Our fan base has lost the spirit what PNG has been known for! Never thought I would see the stands not full! 
  13. Sometimes it is who contributes to the Booster club! Money talks and not always the best kids play and we are seeing that on our defense and it is is sad for the kids that should have a spot! Year after year we have some kids that have sat the bench that could make a difference on our defense! You would think they would want the best kids out on the field! Why do you have a team like last year that they slaughtered Nederland every year since they were in 7h grade they get to their senior year and loose! It was a shocker! The reason is some of the starters from the time they were in 7th grade were sitting the bench!
  14. Port Neches-Groves 44 Dayton 37/FINAL

    Great game! Dayton has some big kids! Pretty impressive they came back and gave us a fight! If they would have had more time I think they could have come up and possibly beat us! Momentum was on their side! Our kids just seem like they aren’t clicking they don’t even get excited! The last three years the teams had chemistry and they clicked! On close games they don’t get excited! They always look flat! 
  15. We got one of the best coaches we could utilize for D coach but he quit after FC came! Mike Arnaud is an excellent coach but he is there just supporting the kids! Last year I seen a text message from one of the D coaches telling one of the kids he could read the plays better he tackled better but the kid in his place was just little faster! That doesn’t make sense to me play the kids that can tackle and can read the plays what does speed do if they want to arm tackle! We need kids on D that is aggressive and will tackle! Nederland is gonna eat us up at the Reservation if something doesn’t change with our defense! Year after year is the same issues! No adjustments made week after week! Last year that’s why we lost to Nederland defense couldn’t hang with their passing game! Maybe we need to suit RJ both ways! Not really don’t want to risk him getting hurt but we could use a couple more kids with his passion for the game!