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  1. New Baseball/Basketball and track should see improvement across the board.
  2. GCM is Open

    GCM needs to clean house and start fresh. Should have done it last time. Bring in a coach who is a proven winner and give Baytown a winner. It’s a shame 3 schools continue to produce losing teams. 
  3. Anahuac Open?

    It’s open. Good luck to coach Speights. Coach Barbay and Murr left and have both won a lot of games I’m sure Speights will do the same. We will never learn.
  4. Closer than I thought it would be. 
  5. what has happened to Anahuac Basketball? Is Ben Rivon still the boys coach?
  6. Can anyone name the last good coach sterling had? I can't remember it has been so many years. The sad part is the cycle keeps repeating. Lets get some quality and integrity with our next hire. The culture has got to change for success to follow and that is the adults role in this process. Lets get a coach that demands athletes and coaches go to off-season/work weekends/build relationships with the athletes etc... There are plenty of successful programs in the area, go visit and see how its done the right way.
  7. Proven Loser

    The big problem is everyone is a coordinator now days. We have run game/pass game/secondary/front and special teams coordinator. You still have an asst head coach and a discipline coordinator and recruiting coordinator. My favorite is the OC or DC that is in title only. Seems all coaches have titles now. I'm sure hiring committees, sups, and school boards have a hard time with this issue. I do see where coaches with losing records get jobs and that is a head scratcher. I do believe what your supt and former AD's say about you matters in this process. 
  8. They should look at Coach Abshier. He wants to be there and is a good coach. I know 3 AD's he has worked for and all speak highly of him as a coach and a person. Give the man his shot, he is ready. 
  9. Buna needs games. Call Coach Morgan he is ready to fill some slots.
  10. West Sabine head coach steps down

    I hope Coach Wallace gets a chance to run the program. He knows his stuff and can get the kids out. Rumor is the Alum guy is liked by the supt. was friends with his son growing up. Just rumor. Does WS have a timeline for the hire?
  11. West Sabine head coach steps down

    I saw a current OL coach and former WS alumnus on campus yesterday. Has ties to the community.
  12. Well boys, in the era of copy,paste, send even small jobs get between 60-110 applicants when they open. Large jobs have averaged over 50 applicants in our state. WB had a total of 8 applicants I believe. That is a statement in itself. Few good or successful head coaches wanted to touch this situation. I see the BISD admin as the major reason not WB athletics for this lack of interest in the job. I do think WB is still a great football job, it's the STUFF that goes with the job that seems to be the problem. This boy Peevey seems to have first hand knowledge of the situation and still accepted the challenge. Peevey is considered a good young coach in the coaching circles. I have not heard one negative comment on this young man. He will bring energy and enthusiasm to this program that Flan never could. There are coaches Peevey will bring in that will breath fire into the program. He is a coach that will work with the school to promote the coaches and athletes. He will produce an organized program that will put athletes in a position to be successful. He will be demanding yet fair. The one thing I always hear is that he gets the best out of his kids. Lets see what happens. I've heard it said he couldn't stop a lawn mower. Maybe we shouldn't try to run the new coach over with a lawn mower. After all when you get what you want (a new coach). WHy  complain.
  13. West Brook Open

    I'd say give Coach Peevey a shot. He is a great young coach and kids respond well to him. He will bring energy to the program. I believe he could bring in a great staff also.
  14. I think Flanigan is doing just fine. With all the poop in BISD he has managed to stay focused and keep WB in the playoffs. I realize he has had his negative fans during his tenure, but he doesn't lose focus. Message board clowns will always be just that, Clowns! Let the coach coach and support the kids. WB has a shot.
  15. Let me say this, Hardin deserves Larry Haynes. Lumberton will forever be better with Babin. I challenge anyone to show me a program that Larry Haynes has built.