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  1. Liberty 49 Jasper 40/FINAL

    Liberty wins 49-40
  2. Hollyfield reaches 500

    Congrats Coach - Job well done!  
  3. Building a dynasty

    I agree - very well said and all true!
  4. I think Orangefield is dropping to 3A..? I assume they will leave us in 21 4A with Diboll, Hudson, Shepherd, Huntington - maybe they will put Livingston in with us too.    I think more teams would be good. 22 4A - Lumberton, BC, WOS, LCM, Silsbee, HF 23 4A - HJ, Liberty, Huffman, Tarkington, maybe Livingston.?
  5. Not sure of scores other than ours but these are games I know Buna will play west Sabine at 2:40 for the Championship Buna beat Chireno, and San Augustine West Sabine beat Leggett and Hull Daisetta   San Augustine will play Chireno for Consolation SA beat Shelbyville and Jasper (48-46) Chireno beat Jasper (52-37) Shelbyville and HD   Jasper beat Leggett (35-14) and Spurger (51-41) but lost first round to Chireno and this morning to SA    
  6. Jasper 67  Sabine Pass 13
  7. Buna 52 Jasper 37/FINAL

    Buna has a solid team - we were a little short handed today but they out played us.   Junior Mikayla Bailey for Jasper led the team with 17 points.
  8. Jasper 56  SA 50      Junior Mikayla Bailey 21 pts Sophomore Asia Mitchell - 16 pts 
  9. Nederland Tournament

    Anyone know score and who won PNG vs Hamshire Fannet?
  10. Nederland Tournament

    Any updates on this tourney?  
  11. Game moved to Saturday - 12:30   due to football playoffs!   GO DAWGS!