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  1. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Congrats and good luck Tigee!
  2. SFA Team Camp 6/13 and 6/14

    Thanks.  Royce City too.  5A team that went 31-4 last year.   
  3. SFA Team Camp 6/13 and 6/14

    Our girls swept the camp - winning the 2:00 tournament and the overall camp tournament. Beat Royse City in the semi-finals and MP Chapel Hill in the finals. Excited for 2019-2020!   oh yeah - we beat Hudson in there somewhere too.  
  4. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Lumberton doesn't pay much more than HF - so I doubt this move was about $$ - just my opinion.  As Pace said - three sports was too much.  
  5. Jasper girls are in the SFA Team camp tomorrow and Friday.  Games start at 5:00 Thursday.  Will be fun to watch some team basketball again. Other area teams competing: Hudson Nacogdoches Timpson Chireno Shelbyville Woden Braswell Royse City MP Chapel Hill Groveton Douglas and several AAU teams
  6. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Good kids - decent talent - just need a coach that will stay a few years and be consistent with the program.   I think they can compete in that district with they right system and consistency.  The board and AD need to figure out why coaches leave or why good coaches decide to take other jobs over this one.  I know it was kinda strange a couple years ago when they had some solid applicants and then decided to move Jacks over instead of interviewing.
  7. New Kountze HC

    Congrats and good luck Coach Byars
  8. Congrats and good luck Coach Harris.
  9. Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Hamshire-Fannett HC open   every year... 
  10. U.S. U16 National Team Tryouts

    Congrats to these girls! 
  11. Congratulations to Tenaha’s Christasha Suell and Amaya Giles on signing to play basketball at Barclay College!  Barclay College in Kansas is doing a good job recruiting East Texas - The Head Coach is Marcus Mitchell and is originally from Henderson so he knows the area pretty well.  He is also talking with two of our girls.   Too bad we are letting these talented players get out of East Texas.   Where is ETBU, UT Tyler, Jacksonville College, or any of the NAIA or D3 schools in Texas? 
  12. State Tournament new location?

    We have one more year at the Alamo Dome     Wouldn't mind seeing it back in Austin, new facility being built there and will be open in 2021  or rotate it between Houston/Dallas/SA
  13. Barbers Hill open?

    No - they backed up on that - I know she finished the season.  
  14. Barbers Hill open?

    I think she is still there.   I know she finished the season and year. 
  15. Barbers Hill open?

    Great job opening!